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Publication Order of Souls Chapel Revenants MC Books

Lani was born in Longview, United States and had the dream of becoming a successful author of romance novels right from her childhood days. During her growing years, she used to read a number of romance novels. Her hobby helped her to fall in love with the characters and this allowed her to think about her own favorite characters based on romantic plots. Lani says that she loves all those things which are related to romance. This attitude has helped her to write down a number of excellent novels and eventually become a well established novelist.

Lani Lynn Vale is married to her high school sweetheart. For her, when she saw him wearing baseball pants, she feel in love with him. Now, ten years later, she’s still married to the love of her life, has three wonderfully crazy kids and a cat named “Demon,” the group of them living in the state of Texas.

Ms. Vale, like most writers, is a voracious reader and goes through books like they’re candy bars. She’s particularly fond of romance books and she is always reading something.

She’s usually found at her computer, writing her fictional world, until her husband and kids demand food and drink.

Ms. Vale is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her novels of Contemporary and Romantic Suspense are the stories that make her a highly popular novelist.

Ms. Vale has written several series of stories, many of them about the hot men who ride big Harleys and belong to motorcycle clubs. Her series Souls Chapel Revenants has the hot men and the women who lust for them. Sometimes those hot men are dangerous. A women could easily be led, without a clue of a warning, into danger with those hot men.

The first story in the Souls Chapel Revenants MC Series is Repeat Offender. From the beginning we are pulled in with “Six” Ines Broussard. She’s a strong willed woman, absolutely fearless flying in the face convention. She has no hesitation doing whatever she pleases, and enjoys it more in front of her father who is continually exasperated by her behavior.

When “Six” is forced by her father, the mayor of Dallas, Texas, to attend a black tie banquet, the inauguration of the mayor of Kilgore, Texas. She’s seated across from a man she took one look at and decided he was a total bore. A thorough stick in the mud. Boring with a capital B. She had no interest in the goings on.

Six ordered a beer, which she drank from the bottle. She looked up and realized that same stick in the mud was sitting across the table from her, snickering at her.

When dinner was served she waved off her plate and pulled a bag of Classic Lay’s Chips out of her purse and started munching on them. Predictably, her father was apoplectic. The bore across the table just laughed at her.

Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor, incoming mayor of Kilgore, Texas, is intrigued with the colorful young woman across the table. He’s a bit surprised when he’s told she’s the daughter of the mayor of Dallas.

Six is dressed in black and dark purples with lavender colors in her hair, black net stockings and shoes with four-inch heels. When she pulls the bag of Lay’s from her purse, his very favorite, he is smitten.

Six needs to get away. She wants a break, lose herself with a walk away from everything, out of the middle of nowhere, look at the birds, enjoy the son. Relaxing plans have a way of changing.

When Six Ines Broussard met Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor, it became the worst day other life. She has no idea that she’s messed up badly and has roused a beast.

She wanders in the open and her wanderings take her into the center of hell. At the center is the mayor, the stick in the mud, Lynnwood Thatcher Windsor.

Lynwood’s out in the middle of nowhere, and shirtless. Less boring to her now. But what he’s doing is very illegal. She’s appalled but nevertheless her interest is piqued.

Lynwood’s hot, he has tattoos, and she’s interested. Then he hauls off and kidnaps her. She’s thinking no one’s at hot as you thought until they hold you hostage.

Souls Chapel Revenants MC Series Book #2 is Conjugal Visits. “That boy is Bad with a capital B.” That’s my dad. “Don’t ever, ever, ever go near that boy. Not unless you want to be a single mother at seventeen.”

My dad was trying to scare me off from dating Trouper Aoki. I’m thinking now I should have listened to him.

There was no resisting fate when it came to Troup. We went our separate ways when we were eighteen, chasing our dreams of careers. He’s back now and I am excited to pick up where we left off.

It’s been eight years and we are reunited. Except now we are acting as one. Trouper, call sign “State” is a military liaison and I, Beckham Spurlock, am an FBI officer in an undercover operation.

Troup has always had trouble finding him. If you’re around him you need to run away. As a kid, Troup was always in some sorta trouble.

So it’s not a surprise he shows up in the midst of her investigation. Troup knows something is bound to go wrong.

He doesn’t realize how really bad things are about to go. He could end up on the inside of a jail cell. He would spend fifteen years in prison and his son will grow up without him. The woman he loves will move on to a guy who doesn’t cause so much trouble.

Their connection started back in high school when both were seniors. They met when they became neighbors.

Beckham’s dad, a policeman, warned her away from Troup. Actually he forbade her from seeing him. Said Troup was huge trouble. Now Beckham may have a chance to see if he’s changed.

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