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Publication Order of South Beach Bodyguards Books

South Beach Bodyguards is a series of novels written by Erin McCarthy. The series follows the escapades of the men working in security in Miami and the sexual elements of the job they encounter

+The Story

The name ‘South Beach Bodyguards’ aptly explains the nature of this Erin McCarthy series of novels. The protagonists of the series are men working in a security capacity in areas that neighbor the beach.

Along the way, either in their personal lives or while pursuing their careers, they encounter women who challenge their ability to maintain control over their lustful thoughts and actions.

The series hasn’t done Erin any favors; the best reviews have been mixed while the worst have completely trashed the South Beach Bodyguards books. The novels have been accused of being a little too angst-ridden for some people’s tastes.

Additionally, Erin delves into the arena of reflection one two many times, with almost all her characters in all the books in the South Beach Bodyguard series wasting too many pages reflecting on every aspect of every situation.

That level of obsession with the minutiae of things, the words being said, the actions being taken by the protagonists as they wonder whether they are drawing or pushing the other person away, hasn’t attracted Erin many fans.

Erin has also been accused of trying to make this series a little more complicated than it needs to be, with convoluted plots that either go nowhere or make absolutely no logical sense.

The South Beach Bodyguards has been repeatedly compared to Erin’s other work, True Believer’s and been found wanting. As such, it isn’t surprising that, while the first book in the South Beach Bodyguards series received a notable amount of interest because of the popularity surrounding Erin’s work, few of even those readers that are considered to be Erin McCarthy fans bothered to read the sequel.

+The Author

Erin McCarthy has written a lot of books in a lot of genres, though they have all revolved around the romance arena. Most prominently known for her work in the Young Adult and New Adult fields, Erin’s love for writing began in first grade.

She wrote a story about a young witch trying to enchant her classmate for a Young Novelist contest and won; and ever since then, she has given her all to writing.

Erin’s first novel was published in the early 2000s; she went on to deliver a surprising number of novels over a very short time span, becoming a bestseller and winning a number of accolades in the process.


Bodyguard Ryan Harris expects the very worst when he gets home to find that there is an intruder in his apartment. However, that fear turns to shock when the intruder turns out to be Isabel Rodriguez, his former step-sister.

More shocking is the fact that Ryan finds her in the shower, naked, no more than a few meters from him. Ryan has been estranged from his father for quite some time, and he only ever met Isabel a few times.

Seeing her naked, and gorgeous as she is, Ryan is left speechless. However, Isabel drags him back to the present when she denies the name Isabel, instead claiming to be Julia. Ryan is left to wonder whether there is a con in play or if Isabel is truly dealing with a serious case of amnesia.

Regardless of the reason, Ryan knows that he cannot lay his hands on his step-sister; though, he has spent his life ignoring the rules.

Isabel is truly lost. She doesn’t know how she came to be in Ryan’s apartment. She doesn’t even know that they are related. But she stays because she feels safe with him, and that doesn’t even account for how sexy he is, and the smoldering looks he keeps throwing her way.

Confounded by her attraction for him, Isabel cannot seem to keep her clothes on around Ryan. It is only a matter of time before Ryan give in to the sexual tension between them, and once that happens, Isabel is looking forward to a steamy night of passion.

It is unknown how she lost her memories; but she knows that she needs Ryan to protect her until she can figure things out.

Once her memories come crashing back, can Ryan’s feelings for her survive the resulting chaos?

This story about alpha heroes is bound to draw the attention of a lot of people, especially readers that love the romance genre. However, the book has also tended to repudiate people who are not comfortable with the whole incestuous aspect of things.

It has been suggested that the fact that Ryan and Isabel are step siblings adds a sense of forbidden love that only accentuates the story as a whole, but that argument hasn’t gone over well for a lot of readers.

The angst-ridden, agonizing inner monologs didn’t help this book’s case, with many readers complaining that Erin made the 230 pages of the novel feel far longer than necessary.

Isabel doesn’t seem to win any fans over with her penchant for getting naked at a moment’s notice in an attempt to win Ryan over; and the whining and self-pity that ensues every time Ryan rejects her is even more annoying.


Wester Lewiston loves working as a Miami Bodyguard. It allows him to keep his past a secret. While he has always avoided emotional attachments, the sexy wife of an eccentric client responsible for getting him shot tests his resolve in this area, especially when she starts hitting on him.

Olivia Richland is the twin no one ever notices, primarily because her sister lives such a glamorous life; and Olivia loves the anonymity. In meeting her brother-in-law’s bodyguard, a wave of unbridled passion is unleashed in Olivia, passion that is quickly extinguished when he humiliates her by mistaking her for her twin.

And in escaping out the window, Olivia finds herself in the midst of an illegal business deal; now she must seek out Wester’s protection, soon realizing that while Wester only claims to want her body, secretly, he also desires her heart.

This book is a little different from the first in the South Beach Bodyguards series because it has a little more action than usual. The first part of the book tends to receive generally positive reviews.

However, most readers agree that things become less impressive as the story progresses, with Erin struggling to tie all her elements together even while failing to inject any intrigue into the equation.

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