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Southern Grace Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Southern Grace Books

Sweet Tea and Southern Grace (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lighting The Way (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
High Tide at Pelican Pointe (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Melancholy Moon (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweet Tea Quilting Bee (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miss Marple's B&B (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Maisy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home to Park Place (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Redbird Sings (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Caretaker's Cottage (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Southern Grace Series

Southern Grace is a series of southern mystery books by American author Glenda Manus. Glenda began her Southern Grace series in 2013 when Sweet Tea and Southern Grace was published, and since then more than five sequel books have been published.

Sweet Tea and Southern Grace

Sweet Tea and Southern Grace is the first book in Southern Grace series by Glenda Manus.

Park Place, South Carolina is a picturesque and quiet little town inhabited by people full of charm and southern hospitality. Swinging on the porch, drinking iced tea in historical jars and being swept away by innocent gossip is a way of life in this southern city. Reverend Rock Clark is the lead preacher of the Presbyterian Church in the city and made peace with the fact that he is “unhappy in love” and will still be single. He settled down quite comfortably in his life, but suddenly he is put into the role of the detective in a fatal car crash involving a strange young woman and her child. She tries to find the father of the five-year-old girl while her mother is in a coma, and asks her for help from her neighbor Liz, a pretty widow. Looking for the child’s parents, Rock’s comfortable lifestyle becomes rather uncomfortable when he encounters a network of intricate delusions and a case of false intentions.

When things finally settle down, Liz pulls back to her mountain cabin, when she discovers that her love feelings for Rock have exceeded the level of friendship. Absence causes the heart to be charged and confused by everything that is missing. Will he slip between your fingers again?

Lighting the Way

The author of Sweet Tea and Southern Grace, Glenda Manus, provides another fictitious fiction. Lighting the Way is the second of five novels in the Southern Grace series, and once again focuses on Rev Rock, the Presbyterian minister of the picturesque town of Park Place, South Carolina, and his new friend Liz.
Its Christmas time and the shop fronts, sparkling Christmas trees and busy customers cheering on Main Street as the city prepares for the most exciting season of the year. Christmas parades, candle lights, and Christmas parades encourage the spirit of Christmas, but not everyone in the city celebrates it.
Maria goes to Park Place to escape a violent husband. Her main goal is to survive the body and mind and protect the baby that carries it. However, as it is presented to the brave people of this small town in the south of the country, he believes that kindness and compassion can come from living the darkness of his previous life. The moment she seems to overcome obstacles, she is frightened again when she sees her husband’s car in the city. How did you find it and what will it do to protect yourself?

The Reverend Rock and his loyal crush of Presbyterians in the small church help with a steeple to make this Christmas story that Mary will never forget.
The other characters that readers have come to know and love since the first novel in Lighting the Way. Again, these people will make you laugh, and sometimes you will cry with them, while their hearts of gold show themselves open in this thoughtful and charming Southern novel.

High Tide at Pelican Pointe

Rock Clark and his wife Liz are making a well-deserved break on the coast, away from their hustle and bustle, as pastors of a special and picturesque community in Park Place Presbyterian Church. After all, spend some time alone with your new girlfriend, without everyone knowing your stuff! It starts as an idyllic honeymoon, but after a few days, there are problems in paradise. There are rumors that dark and scary things happen at the end of the island and Liz is stuck in the middle. Will faith, grace and a change of heart be enough to save your life?

The Melancholy Moon

Cassandra Phillips, a witty and witty woman, has reason to be cynical. Life gave him many blows, so he put an impenetrable wall around his own heart. Left by her husband for another woman, she now faces the so-called “Grand C” diagnosis, sufficient proof that even God has left her. Independent and determined, she is determined to lead this battle alone, but as the kilos begin to disappear due to Chemos, her older sister intervenes on the pretext of summer vacations. He spoiled her and cared for her like a hen that wanted to recover. The bustling seaport revives its soul and body, and everything goes well until a mysterious man with blue eyes moves to the side of the small house they have rented.

The sparks start flying when they are together, and she is fascinated and suspicious when she suspects he has links to a drug smuggling operation. Is it true, or is the writer’s imagination working overtime, making her think that way? No matter who this man is, his blue eyes cast a spell over his heart. Just when he seems just as in love with her, things go horribly wrong when drugs, greed and bad decisions destroy their worlds. Finding God is perhaps the last thing that concerns you, but maybe it’s the only thing that can save you.

The Sweet Tea Quilting Bee

The murder of a stranger in the dark streets just behind May’s flower shop forces natives of Park Place, South Carolina, to leave their children indoors and close the doors at night. Sam and Valerie Owens, owners of Banty Hen’s antique shop, are arrested in the middle when they see the victim last. Valerie’s new adventure, Sweet Tea Quilting Bee, is an eclectic mix of women who call themselves “novices” and “oldies” in the art of quilting. Her weekly meetings help keep Valérie from murder, but it’s hard to keep the ladies a secret by killing the victim, in short, a blanket! The murder suspect is described as tall, thin, a description that is unfortunately vague, but chief Jess Hamilton and his new detective, Columbo himself, contacted the case and questioned everyone. the tall, thin people of the city. Even Sister Margaret, who has just begun her sacred mission in the Catholic Church of San Gabriel, does not go undiscovered. But it’s hard to notice a nun dancing and singing with country music when she thinks nobody is watching.

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