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Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries Books

Sew Deadly (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Threads (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pinned for Murder (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Notions (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Alterations (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reap What You Sew (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let It Sew (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Remnants of Murder (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken In (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding Duress (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Needle and Dread (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Patterned After Death (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Elizabeth Lynn Casey is a national best-selling author of the Mystery series named Southern Sewing Circle and she in association with Penguin Random House published this series. Her authentic name is Laura Bradford and her series named The Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries is going to be included with the mix this year.

About the series

Sew Deadly (Book #1)

Ever since she gone to Sweet Briar of South Carolina, Tori was the center of attraction of the town. But she’s been so hectic including a children’s play corner to the library, profitable over the ladies the society named sewing circle, and seeking to forget about her unfaithful ex that she hasn’t had the perfect time to even coat along with a pillow leaving behind take notice of the neighbourhood gossips. After that she discovers the town partner found dead at the rear door and anything else drops by the wayside. To distinct herself from this murder, Tori need to count on her sewing sisters and sew together the truth or otherwise she’ will be darned.

Death Threads (Book #2)

Tori Sinclair is enjoying the warmness of her completely new friends circle. That’s till local writer Colby Calhoun discloses an unflattering top secret concerning the town’s historical past. When he vanishes, leaving behind a trail of blood but couple of clues to his probable murder, Tori seems to her sewing circle to assist her reduce through Sweet Briar’s restricted weave of old feuds and alliances to get him. So when Tori begin to view a model of town’s folk’s traditional Southern delight waiting in the clear justice, Tori understands it is time to unravel and reveal the mystery.

Pinned for Murder (Book #3)

The members of the Ladies sewing circle society of South Carolina are as faithful and close knit as being the day is very long. However when the wealthiest and meanest lady in town appears murdered, the completely new librarian named Tori Sinclair discovers that a few threads can join precariously tight.

Deadly Notions (Book #4)

Tori Sinclair , the Yankee librarian consider using any means for her brand new friend circle such as throwing a birthday celebration bash for the fellow sewer’s little girl. While party is a reach, self critical pageant mom, named Ashley Lawson simply leaves the women attempting to completely close her high upkeep mouth. However when Ashley appears lifeless, Tori and her ladies need to determine who really killed the monster mommy, prior to the finger-pointing brings about their friendly relationship to unravel.

Dangerous Alterations (Book # 5)

When Tori Sinclair’s ex appears lifeless, the police chief officer considers it was a murder and which Tori might is indulged. Presently, just the sewing circle women are capable of helping her in keeping her life from forthcoming apart in the stitches.

When Tori is connected with the circle’s matriarch feisty to the nearby health center, the final person she can expect running into is her ex-fiancé is the wonderful aunty . This old lady is so surprised at finding Tori that she promptly has a cardiac arrest and passes away. Now that Tori’s ex Jeff, the person she has promised to remain clear of shows up the Sweet Briar and insinuating as ready for the next shot with Tori.

Then Jeff appears dead, evidently from a cardiac arrest at the same time. Besides the police officer thinks it was a murder and that Tori is indulged in this murder. Tori ought to depend upon her women from the ladies of society to assist her patch together the hints while she maintains her life from forthcoming apart .

Reap what sew (Book#6)

Sweet Briar is picked for the setting up of a new film, and most people are looking to be acting as an additional and fortunate. Tori Sinclair gets the event. But popularity has its cost, as the town understands once the film’s foremost actress is found killed. When doubt falls on a person in the sewing circle society , Librarian Tori must get the killer to maintain the tight knit group from forthcoming apart in the seams.

Let It Sew (Book #7)

The holiday season means the loved ones and for Tori, the family and the loved ones is the ladies at the sewing circle society of Sweet Briar. It might not be a white and lovely Christmas, but it is one she will never neglect or forget about, no matter how tough she tries to the same. Preferably of shelling out a nice, calming and relaxing Christmas along with her fiancé, Tori Sinclair continues to be drawn up into holiday Designing Committee at Sweet Briar. And the Christmas season has had sad tidings at the same time, a Founder associatewith the society named Charlotte Devereaux,unraveled after her story book relationship fell apart, has transpired away.

Charlotte’s final days were distressed, foggy, and feverish, aside from the drawings she created. One fine detail particularly leaps out at Tori and creates a stunning thought. Charlotte’s husband didn’t leave her behind, but he was killed. And as she gets nearer to the truth, Tori will quickly realize that virtually everyone around seems to have notches on the freakish list this year.

Remnants of Murder (Book #8)

When a Sweet Briar resident who is cantankerous eventually ends up six feet under, the sewing circle women have to endure a town filled with suspects. With the library’s spending budget diminishing, Tori Sinclair needs to forget about her precursor, and many other sewing circle members named Dixie Dunn. After losing her work a second time, Dixie chooses to volunteer for Residence Fare, offering meals to the home-bound.

Taken In (Book #9)

Anxious to try out Manhattan together alogwith friends, Librarain Tori is a lot less than energized when associate Dixie Dunn decides to make use of the holiday as a chance to be crucious with a person she met on the internet.

Laura Bradford, writing as Elizabeth Lynn Casey was a Agatha Award nominee previously and also the recipient of the RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for her romantic series. She looks forward to creating memories together with her loved ones, playing games, baking and catching up with her friends.

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