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How Few Remain (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Blood & Iron (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Center Cannot Hold (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Victorious Opposition (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Return Engagement (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drive to the East (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grapple (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
In at the Death (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Southern Victory series or the Timeline-191 are names given by fans to the eleven books written by Harry Turtledove about an alternate history of the war and the United States. In the book, the main evens begin unfolding during the American Civil war and he series spans a period of nine decades all the way up to the mid 1940s. The series follows the imagination that the confederate states of America did defeat the United States in the war in 1962 there by making its succession attempts valid and thus making itself an independent nation. This imagination of the alternate history of the United States is the logic followed by other books in the series.

In the actual history of he United Sates of America, three soldiers found the letter with the details to General Robert Lee’s plans on how he would invade the North. This find is believe to have been the means used by George McClellan in his efforts to stop the Amy of Northern Virginia at the battle of Antietam. The finding of this plan was also of great help in the preparation of the confrontation between McClellan and Lee. It is believed that had it not been for he find of these letters, the great war would have either lasted longer or would never have been won by the united states.

In his series Southern Victory / Timeline-191, Harry Turtledove, imagines what would have happened if these three soldiers had not found those secret plans that General Lee had. He follows a sequence of events and the lives of many different people showing his reader just how different the America known today would have been. He goes further to show the reader how many of the leaders that ruled the country would have lost the elections and would not have been able to make as many changes as they need in the leadership and as presidents. This is a great series as it invokes the reader to imagine a parallel world where the luck that happened in the war did not. It gets the reader to imagine with the writer through chronological events how just one part of life can change the course of everything. It also gets the reader to imagine a different world, a different war, and to feel what the characters are feeling, experience their emotions, fears and lives as though they are right there with them.

The main divergence of the Southern Victory / Timeline-191 series occurs in September 10, 1862. Instead of being found by the union soldiers, the lost plans are found by a trailing consolidate soldier. As a result the war happens that McClellan is caught by surprise and defeated. This allows Lee and the Amy of Northern Virginia to move towards Philadelphia. At the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, Lee forces McClellan into a war in which he destroys the Amy of Potomac. In the war of Secession on October 1, Lee moves ahead to capture Philadelphia and earns the confederate states of America’s diplomatic recognition from both France and the United Kingdom and this marks his winning of the war and the independence of the United Sates on 4thh November, 1862.

Kentucky being conquered by the confederate forces after the battle of Camp hill goes ahead to join the eleven original confederate states when the war is concluded. The status of confederacy is also given to the Indian Territory. In the late 1870’s for $ 3, 000, 000 the Spanish island of Cuba is bought by the confederate states and therefore they become part of the confederate territory. In the 1864 general elections, Abraham Lincoln losses the general elections in a landslide to a person who remains unnamed all throughout the book.

In 1860s Russia, in a bid to help the United States become stronger offers to sell Alaska to the hem. However, after the war, the united states remain weakened and their economy diminished and thus the$7, 000, 000 price tag becomes too much and they are unable to buy. In 1863, the economy of the United Sates collapses and thus Alaska remains part of the territory of Russia.

The confederate states makes treaties with the Indians and in particular treaties to help them safe guard the Indian territories and this ensures their support for the new nation. The fact that the war ended so quickly makes it such that the Union Amy is conveniently freed and thus able to accelerate the steam and tension in the Indian wars and thus suppressing all tribes that were disloyal. As a result of this, the battle of little big horn does not occur. This becomes yet another part of Harry’s imagination while writing this book whose consequences resonate throughout the book and the series as well.

The fact that both the United States and the confederate States had suctioned part of the Indian wars into their side creates even more tension between the two countries. This tension peaks even higher when the confederate states president James Longstreet in his desire to gain the pacific coast so that the transcontinental railroad can belong to the south only buys the North western provinces of Chihuahua and Sonora from the Mexican second empire that is now financially stripped and thus weak. He purchases the two provinces at $ 3, 000, 000. This form of purchase is seen as a coerced one and one where the confederate state is looking to take advantage of the second Mexicana Empire. This leads to a war known as the Second Mexicana war. How will the church use this war to set up a church? Will the United States be able, through this war to gain the equality it is so looking for? Does the confederate states keep wining each war?

The Southern Victory / Timeline-191 series are intriguing and the sequence of events very mind boggling. This is a series for those who love to see what would have happened in a parallel universe. It is for everyone who has enjoyed reading about the events of the America History as it brings a whole new light to the history and help you appreciate how the Amy works even more.

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