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Publication Order of Robin Hudson Books

What's a Girl Gotta Do? (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nice Girls Finish Last (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Revenge of the Cootie Girls (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Manly Man (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chelsea Girl Murders (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Naked Brunch (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bandit Queen Boogie (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Deus Ex Machina (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Goddamned Christmas Miracle (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Sparkle Hayter is a Canadian author and a retired journalist. Her middle name is Lynnette.

Sparkle was born on January 1, 1958 in British Columbia, Canada in Pouce Coupe. She grew up in Alberta in Edmonton and graduated in 1986 from N.Y.U., where she studied television and film production. She has written for such publications as the Nation and New York Times. She has also been a participant on the CNN & Company talk show on CNN and has appeared on NPR, BBC, CBC, Paris Premiere, Good Day New York, and more.

Before Hayter was an author, she worked in journalism. She has been employed at New York’s WABC station, Toronto for Global Television, and Atlanta for CNN. Hayter reported on the war in Afghanistan. She relocated to Pakistan and then went to Afghanistan. This experience was her last in this career as she chose to retire and returned to the United States and New York.

Sparkle also tried her hand at doing stand-up comedy and still performs. She would also get married. She also took the time to take on a mystery story that was first composed back in 1986 and rewrote it while traveling around India on trains. This would become the first book in her original Robin Hudson series of novels. The book would be published eight years later.

Sparkle also went to Tokyo to live for a while. She moved back and came to New York, deciding to divorce when she returned. She decided that for some time she would reside in the Chelsea Hotel, a famous New York establishment. She would later move to the city of Paris.

Hayter’s debut novel would be followed by two more paperback novels published by the American division of Penguin. These were the second and third novel in the series. The author then encountered some serious temptation in the form of an advance offered to her that consisted of six figures from Morrow. This would be the offer that she took up for her book that would be called “One of the Boys” and came out in 1998.

The writer is also a big fan of Indian movies. She wants to travel to India with her friend and make a film about the process of breaking into the Bollywood Indian film business. The rights to several of her books have been fought over, but No Exit beat out many of them in order to get the rights to Hayter’s first three books.

Sparkle Hayter is the author and the creator of the Robin Hudson fictional series of novels. This fun series first became available for readers to enjoy when it was published in 1994. Two years later, the sequel came out, titled Nice Girls Finish Last. A few more stories would be released in this series, with the fifth installment coming out in 2000 (The Chelsea Girl Murders). This is a cool and unique new mystery series, so if you are really into fun mysteries then check these stories out!

The first book in the Robin Hudson series is titled “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?”. This is where readers get the chance to meet the main character and star of the story Robin Hudson for the first time.

When it comes to her personal life, Robin’s finding that hers just keeps getting more complicated. She’s not being overly dramatic, either. It’s really that bad. She is estranged from her husband, and they once were so in love. That’s been over for a while now, and he’s moved on pretty quickly with a new girlfriend.

The girl on her former spouse’s arm now is pretty much her worst nightmare. She is pretty, younger, and even more successful than Robin at this point. To top it all off, the new girl in town is pregnant. There’s a baby on the way, making this humiliating and painful debacle complete. Her husband has left her and now things will never be the same ever again. Their marriage is dead.

She is trying to forget about the entire thing and pour herself into her work, but it’s difficult. Robin works on the All News Network’s trash crew, but even that is not providing her with the source of stability that she would like. The job is rocky and she is in danger of losing it. Things aren’t being helped by the fact that Robin cannot stop making mistakes when on the air.

Things are getting even more difficult as her boss has a horrible task for her and wants Robin to look into a shady sperm bank. Meanwhile, her elderly neighbor next door continues to think that she’s a call girl and this fact somehow makes her available for vilification and even assault! Things get even worse when she finds out that she is being targeted through blackmail and they’re trying to do a shakedown on her.

She has a cat named Louise Bryant who is not helping. The feline is disdainful and will not eat unless her owner will put her food in the stir fry and present it that way. This is just another day in the works for this working professional.

Things are about to go down the tubes, however, when she finds out that she’s been suspected of murder. Can Robin get out of this one? And is Eric Slansky, the charismatic supervising producer the true culprit? Find out who the killer is by picking up this story for yourself!

The second story in the Robin Hudson series is titled “Nice Girls Finish Last”. Robin works as a reporter for All News Network, and things are not going well this time around.

Her love interest has been found dead, shot in his own office. Now that Herman’s been murdered on the ANN building’s 27th floor, things are about to get worse. A matchbook discovered in the office will take Robin all the way to Mistress Anya’s dungeon.

She’s the head of a sexual society that is as mysterious as it appears. Meanwhile, other workers at the network are getting shot at! With her righteous Aunt Maureen on her tail, Robin’s in trouble. Can she find the killer? Read this book to find out!

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