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Publication Order of Spellbound Ever After Books

Crazy For Brew (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost That Coven Feeling (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wands Upon A Time (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Charmed Offense (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Poetry in Potion (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cloaks and Daggers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghoul's Paradise (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Halo Effect (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eat Prey Spell (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Spellbound Ever After novel series is an exciting series of cozy mystery, paranormal, fantasy, adult fiction, supernatural, adult fantasy, and urban fantasy stories. It is written by a reputed American writer named Keeley Bates under the pseudonym of Annabel Chase. The series started in 2018 with its first three titles released in the same year. Annabel Chase is still working on new stories featuring the characters of this series and is expected to add them as the next installment of the series soon. In the books, the author has described a paranormal world known as Spellbound. It is filled with magic and non-human beings throughout. Humans have to deal with these things and sort out ways to come out of the intriguing mysteries surrounding them. Some of the exciting characters created by Annabel Chase for this paranormal series include Emma Hart, Sheriff Astrid, Gareth, Daniel, Ember Rose, Diana, and several others.

Emma Hart is depicted as a local lawyer, who is newly married and leads a successful life. Shortly after the series begins, Emma Hart is seen indulging in all sorts of mysteries involving witches and wizards. All of a sudden, her life is filled with chaos and she is forced to find peace by trying to unravel each of the mysteries. Emma Hart gets the assistance of her close friends and Sheriff Astrid is all her investigations of paranormal beings. This series achieved great fan-following after the publishing of the initial few titles.

Annabel Chase received praise for her dedicated work and it motivated her to keep writing more interesting stories surrounding Emma Hart. Her storytelling abilities and writing skills were appreciated by many noteworthy critics and some of her fellow writers as well. Annabel Chase has received many starred reviews in various literary journals for the novels of this series, which has helped to spread her work throughout the globe. Readers from across the world have come out in her support and shown love for her stories. Annabel Chase hopes to continue this series for several more novels and help it become more successful than it already is. Until then, she wants her fans to keep reading the books available in bookstores and online and keep loving them.

The debut book of the Spellbound Ever After series written by author Annabel Chase is entitled ‘Crazy For Brew’. It was released by the Red Palm Press, LLC. in 2018. The book opens with the introduction of Spellbound as a place where paranormal is considered normal. On the occasion of the upcoming Spellbound Day, the first annual celebration of its kind, the people of the community have decided to come together and celebrate the seismic changes that have taken place recently. Emma Hart, a top-rated local lawyer, is cherishing the early days of her new marriage. Her happiness has also increased greatly due to her recent promotion at the academy. Soon after, the residents of Spellbound begin to act strangely. This puts the whole town into a mysterious loop. When Emma Hart senses that the strange happenings are not going to stop anytime soon, she decides to take the help of her friends and find the root cause.

Emma approaches Sheriff Astrid to take the help of her department in this regard. Astrid provides her all the help she can. Together, they set out to investigate why the town’s people have started behaving strangely all of a sudden. Emma Hart thinks that the reason is either the negative response of people to the recent influx of a large number of new paranormal residents or some magic is at work. She intends to investigate both the factors and try to eliminate them to bring back peace in Spellbound.

The second installment of this wonderful series is called ‘Lost That Coven Feeling’. It was also published in 2018 by the Red Palm Press publication. This novel opens by mentioning that Spellbound has seen rapid changes in recent times and people are finding it quite difficult to adapt to them. One of its residents is Daniel, who has a new wife and a halo. No matter what he does, he ends up annoying Gareth. So, Daniel desperately seeks some purpose that does not make him annoy Gareth again. In the meantime, Emma Hart has an overflow of purposes in her life and wishes for nothing but calm and peace.

When it is learned that the national headquarter has decided to coven officials to carry out an inspection of Spellbound’s academy and the local chapter, the wizards and witches of the town realize that they have quite lax standards. There is a dead body hidden somewhere in the town and they don’t want it to be found by the officials during their inspection. The situation becomes even worse when the residents come to know that reporters from the nearby paranormal town named Starry Hollow have come to Spellbound to report its liberation and develop a story on it. It appears to be a worrisome situation as the reporters could find the body first and make it breaking news. Emma strives to do the investigation on her own and reveal the identity of the killer before the situation goes out of hand and there is nothing she can do to help save the beloved academy of her town.

Annabel Chase is a renowned American writer of urban fantasy and cozy mystery stories. Her real name is Keeley Bates and she likes to write both contemporary and paranormal cozy mysteries. Formerly, Annabel Chase has worked as a lawyer and now holds dual citizenship of the UK and the US. She is happily married and has two adorable children. Annabel Chase has expressed her desire to live the rest of her life in a magical town and flirt with the hot vampires and angels. Other than writing stories under her pen name, she also uses her original name to write some of her books. They mainly include the fiction novels of her Saints & Strangers series. Annabel considers herself blessed to have found her writing talents. She likes to give credit for all her success to her fans who have supported her throughout her career and shown faith in her work. The author looks forward to writing numerous other wonderful stories in the coming years. Until then, she wishes her fans to keep reading her published novels and help them in becoming more popular. Annabel likes to interact with her followers on social media platforms as well as her website. Very often, she gives out updates regarding the recent happenings in her life and career, especially the release dates of her upcoming books. Annabel also tries to answer their queries as far as possible.

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