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Spice Shop Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Spice Shop Mysteries Books

Rosemary and Crime (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kill 'Em with Cayenne (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cinnamon Toasted (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curried Away (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ginger Snapped (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gail Oust is a great author who has done several books in her career as a writer. She was born on 1st January 1943 and up to date she has done a marvelous job in her career. Her nickname is known as Elizabeth Turner. She does book on thriller and mystery. Most of her books like the latest which is entitled as “Cinnamon Toasted” is based on her passion. She is a woman who loves kitchen shops, food magazines and even giving some new recipes a try to see what she will come out with. She has done several books besides the “Spice Shop Mystery” series like “A Bunco Babes Mystery and “Kate McCall mysteries among others. She began writing back in 2010, when she published her first book which was entitled as “Til Dice Do Us Part”. In the Spice Shop Mystery, she has done three novels with the first book being published in 2013 while the latest in 2015. The first and last books are known as “Rosemary and Crime” and “Cinnamon Toasted” respectively. Due to her excellent work, most of her readers have always loved her work and she is one of the best writers to be admired. She provides very smart and educational stories in her books, hence you will always find them very fantastic.

The Spice Shop Mystery (Series by Gail Oust) is one of her best work that has been greatly loved by most of her readers. In just a span of two years, she has managed to publish three books in the series that have greatly been liked by the readers. The genesis book of the series is known as Rosemary and Crime while the last book is known as Cinnamon Toasted which were published in 2013 and 2015 respectively. The first book has got five different editions while the last one has only two editions.

Rosemary and Crime

This is the genesis book of the Spice Shop Mystery (Series by Gail Oust). It was published in 2013 and has a total of five editions. The novel has its setting based in a small town known as Georgia and the protagonist character is known as Piper Prescott, who manages a small spice shop in the town. She is a Yankee who resides in the South. Despite Piper Prescott being down just after getting her sass back, she doesn’t count her out. She currently divorced and now wants to take this chance to pursue her dream in life. She is very excited as she prepares to officially open her new spice shop in the city. All arrangements are up to place and everyone is anxiously waiting for the day to come. Unfortunately, Piper Prescott is very disappointed on the day of the occasion. This is because the chef she had hired is found assassinated by being stabbed. The murderer stubbed the chef and decided to leave the weapon at the scene of murder. This therefore implies that Piper cannot not find the justification of murder. This is a very slam dunk case to Chief Wyatt McBride, who is the new police chief in the town.

Since Piper finds it quite difficult to prove her innocence, she decides to ask aid from BFF Reba Mae Johnson to assist in the search of the murderer of the local chef. The team of investigators have a long list of the suspects and wants to eliminate them one by one until they find the murderer using their own techniques. Despite the list being very long, Piper Prescott was missing in the list, something that gives her the courage that she will soon find justice for the local chef. As the investigation goes on, Piper Prescott is very worried because she thinks she may be the next victim before the killer is caught. This is something that makes her very disturbed and fears for her life.

This is just but a summary of the thrilling story in the book that you will greatly enjoy reading. To continue reading the novel, you can always find the books online or at the local libraries where you will enjoy the smart story. With only three books currently in the series, you will get it very elementary to read the entire series just in a couple of days.

Kill Em with Cayenne

This is the second book of the Spice Shop Mystery (Series by Gail Oust) that was published on 16th December 2014. It has about 320 pages and has been highly rated by the readers. The book has its setting in Georgia, which is a small town and the main character is Piper Prescott, hence a continuation of the first book in the series. Piper is not happy with the upcoming situation in the city as she sees spices flying off the shelves of Spice It Up. The yearly Brandywine Creek Barbecue Festival is approaching and this implies that the BBQ aficionados and the contestants from the Southeast will soon travel into the small town.

Due to this, most of the Creek’s citizens are already concocting the say sauces and savory rubs. As the time comes near, something happens in the town that surprises everyone. This is because the body of Becca Dapkins, one of the contestants from the city has been found murdered just next to the festival booths. Her rival contestant Maybelle Humphries, who had a personal beef with Becca Dapkins because of love affairs with her ex-husband is the immediate suspect. The police chief, Wyatt McBride lists her in the suspects list, but her friend Piper thinks otherwise. She therefore wants to aid her clear her name before the festival starts. The problem is how will they find the real killer of Becca? This leaves them is a state of coma and on the other hand, they are also eager about who will become the winner of the BBQ cook off.

Continue reading the story by getting a copy of the novel today and you will find it very fantastic. The books are readily available both locally and online. All you need is to either visit your local library or go online and make your order for the novel. This is one of the best series by Gail Oust you don’t want to miss reading.

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