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Publication Order of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Books

By: Peter Telep, James Swallow, David Michaels

This series by one of the New York times best selling author, Tom Clancy’s, Splinter cell is quite a series of its own. This plot of this novels takes place in precisely the year 2004 and a main emphasis on an Iranian terror group that goes by the name The Shadows. This group is led by a very wicked guy by the name of Nasir Tarighian who’s main aim is to use a mass destruction weapon that that can wipe out an entire city. This weapon is to be used on Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, as revenge for the invasion of Iraq on Iran in th e80’s where Nasir’s child as well as his wife were victims of that Iraq invasion on Iran’s soil. Just like its name, The Shadows, the group had subsequently skunked back into the shadows and they see this revenge mission of no benefit at all to them but Nasir is determined to convince them. Nasir tells his comrades that this plot will not only create further disorder and chaos than there already are in Iraq as well as the Middle East but it will also fuel the already existing hate for the West with more reference to the United States becaus wit already has its eye on Iraq. Nasir (also known by the name Namik Basaran who is the head of an Enterprise called Akdabar stationed in a turkey ande is believed to be a CIA snitch for many a years now), who in the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq dispute and subsequent war is hailed as a hero and in his thirst for vengeance, he hopes that the people of Iran will join him in his charade and invade Iraq as the United States has been forced out of the region. But Nasir is faced with extreme opposition from his fellow comrades in the group who see the plot as too ambitious to deliver the intended results and it’s just a 20 year old grudge that Nasir has been harboring to finally revenge on Iraq for the death of his wife and child. They would rather have the group attack some other country like Israel and this will create the effect of distabilization that they hope to get in the region.

The Shop is also another terror organisation that mainly deals in illegal arms trade and is run by Andrei Zdrok who has no other ambition than to make money. This guy has also done deals with Namik Basaran. Though Andrei immediately feels cheated by ate Shadows as they refuse to pay for a shipment of arms that has been impounded by the Iraq Police. He also feels like one of his warehouses that has been burnt down, was work of The Shadows. So he sells these arms to the highest bidder regardless of his ethnicity, race, religion and whatnot, all he just wants is money and that’s it. Strictly business as illegal as his dealings might be. This “The Shop” organisation is one of the few illegal dealing groups in the world that are aware of a special branch of the NSA black-ops that is called Third Echelon that mainly focuses on sending special ops agents to the world called Splinter Cells charged with the mandate to make use of the “fifth freedom”. This freedom means that they are charged with keeping peace and preserving national security on whatever point in the world with regards to the United States’ benefits. In the second novel of this great Tom Clancy series called Operation Barracuda, The Shop is revealed to having used its immense intelligence knowledge which is believed to be coming from a source within the Third Echelon group.

Utilizing also it’s great resources, The a shop has managed to get rid of Splinter Cells wherever necessary with regards to improving their profits by maintaining the shipment of the arms and making sure that they never fall into the wrong hands which will ultimately translate to huge losses for The Shop. Sam Fisher, who is the protagonist in the series working as a secret field operative agent for Third Echelon as a Splinter cell is brought in to investigate and possibly unravel the mystery behind the death of one of the Splinter cells known as Rick Benton who had been initially stationed in Belgium and is the one killed by The Shop’s hitmen Vlad and Yuri. While working undercover, Fisher learns a lot as pertains to the arms race and the seizure of a shipment full of illegal firearms by the Iraq Police and while in the process of this, he dives into various places that are related to The Shop as well as The Shadows. While doing all this undercover work for The Echelon, Fisher is unaware of the fact that The Shop has already learnt of his presence and is working on a plan to get rid of him as well as his little daughter, Sarah. Sarah is kidnapped by two Shop hit men known as Vlad and Yuri who use her as bait to lure Fisher to his demise but this plan doesn’t eventually succeed as they had planned. Sarah defiantly goes to vacation on Israel with a friend, Rivka Cohen and her boyfriend named Eli Horowitz who has all the time been secretly in contact with The Shop and he participates in the actual kidnapping of Sarah inorder to serve as bait to draw in her father who eventually rescues her.

This stealth novel genre series is fast paced and has a lot of action packed to it and it will keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment you open the first page of the first book up to the last one. It has an awesome story line and every scene is clearly vindicated by he great writing prowess of Tom Clancy that has always been witnessed over the years. There is a host of other characters that shape up this story to make it as excellent and addictive as it can be for you.

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