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Anita Grace Howard is the renowned author of some of the best top selling love and mystery novels. Her passion for writing is a rare find as evident in her unique romance books and will introduce you to a world of first-class fantasy romance. She gets inspiration from Her outstanding scenes are created from a blend of complex loveliness of humanity with raw emotions to come out with characters and later complicating the life of the character to create suspense for the readers. The expected turns into unexpected and one can only read more. The married mother of two and surrogate mother enjoys includes dirt-biking, gardening, family vacations and snow skiing. Though fantasy some sections of the stories are easy to relate to while other sections open your imagination to a world unknown. This brief overview summarizes Anita Grace Howard’s best-selling novel Splintered including some of the main characters, their roles and significance of the novels.

This story covers a mystical under-land and a girl’s quest of first love. In this balanced yet unpredictable novel splintered a little who is cursed with the quire ability to talk to plants and insects just like other females in her family. The intense suspense from the un-expected events holds a degree of interest making the story even more interesting. This curse is the reason her mother is in a mental hospital. Her mother’s condition is deteriorating and Alyssa discovers the curse she thought was fiction is actually real. She fears she would suffer the same tragedy. In the quest to find an answer, Alyssa discovers that there is a connection between Wonderland and Alice. Apparently Alyssa has to go through a rabbit hole to unravel the family secrets and save her ailing mother. Being a teenage girl who her grandmother and mother are institutionalized for talking to insects and plants, Alyssa must keep this a secret or be subjected to the same treatment as her relatives. The blend of actions creates the spark of interest for the reader and one can only peruse more of the story.

Jeb makes it his mission to protect the helpless Alyssa. At the same time Alyssa takes great measures in trying not to look like her mother. Alyssa is wild and curious in nature. She one day injures herself and is surprised by Jeb’s concern for her. During Alyssa’s normal visits to her mother she accidentally spills out the secret that she too hears voices. The voices came from the bouquet of flowers on the table. This caused havoc and she is sedated. Her fears are finally confirmed and the secret is out. With every major progression in the story, more unexpected events take place, and the reader gets more hooked in the story.

Brilliant speculation and unpredictable scenes emerge when during her research; Alyssa now starts to hear a very familiar voice. The voice is from her childhood and it instructs her on the steps she is supposed to take to on her trip to the rabbit-hole. Apparently the rabbit-hole is in London and she has to take a fake passport. When Jeb learns about Alyssa’s plan he tries to stop her but their argument escalates in to a fight. Alyssa is unable to reveal her true intentions to Jeb. . Every section of the story is filled with unique actions that will simply leave you asking for more of this action-packed original story.

According to the familiar voice Alyssa has all the tools, information she will require in the rabbit-hole. She is told to use a mirror in opening a portal that will take her to Wonderland. The voice instructs her that for her to get to Wonderland she has to envision the Wonderland with her whole heart. She wishes she would take the trip with Jeb, a wish that is surprisingly granted as she finds herself in Wonderland with Jeb.
Alyssa and Jeb are determined to fix the havoc that Alyssa’s great grandmother Alice caused decades back. In their misadventures they meet not so kind characters. Exiting turn of events happen and the two are now ready to kiss each other. Alyssa now encounters the familiar voice from Morpheus. Morpheus is charming handsome and suspicious in nature and his presence brings back childhood memories. Jeb is not so pleased to meet Morpheus. Unknown relentless enemies create intense experiences throughout the whole story.

Alyssa comes to a realization that Morpheus had been teaching her about Wonderland her whole childhood. A sequence of stunning actions in the story’s violent fantasy will leave you asking for more.

The complications escalate as the story proceeds to further levels. Alyssa has to choose between affection and trust trait presented by Jeb and Morpheus. The stakes are high the scope broad and nothing can be left to chance in the epic love and mystery scenes.She follows Morpheus’s instructions in fixing issues. Alyssa makes has to use a special sword from frozen Mad Hatter to free a Cheshire cat that is trapped in the stomach of a Wonderland creature. Alyssa loses trust in Morpheus as the sword was not exactly where he had described. Alyssa and Jeb get closer a situation that does not please Morpheus and hence he gets Jeb arrested in an attempt to dissuade them. With Jeb imprisoned Alyssa has to follow everything Morpheus tells her. The suspense is beyond words and the plotting in this book is certainly outstanding.

Using critical evidence based approach to warfare tactics A. G Howard explores the world of mystery from the perspectives of different characters including the people in Wonderland and common people.

Splintered is definitely action packed and original story. A blend of astonishing secrets, despicable enemies, to make the matters more intriguing a dark Wonderland all into astonishing dark territory make the action based book one of a kind. This book stands out significantly in uniqueness. Relentless enemies create intense adventure in this epic story. Inhuman monsters, ancient mysteries, dangerous villains and jealousy build intense moments throughout this brilliant adventure of a story. Make an informed decision to read Splintered and enjoy an unforgettable experience of your life.

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