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Split Worlds Books In Order

Publication Order of Split Worlds Books

Between Two Thorns (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Any Other Name (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
All Is Fair (2013) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A Little Knowledge (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
All Good Things (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Split Worlds series is an urban fantasy series written by one of the reputed novelists from The United Kingdom named Emma Newman. It is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2013 and 2017. The 5th is yet to be published and is expected to come out any time soon in the coming days. Author Newman has written the books of this series with a dash of fantastic magic, noir, and evil faeries. The people depicted by her appear to live peacefully, or at least they try to do so. The central theme of the series shows dynastic families indulging in feuds through the ages. By doing so, they tend to further increase the agendas related to the supernatural patrons. As per the descriptions of author Newman, the beautiful people do not turn out to be what show themselves to be and the innocent ones are protected by the monsters. The overall series is filled with fae magic, sorcery, and the feuding families who try to outplay the others and become the power holders. The series’ every next book continues from where the previous book ends.

The debut book of the Split Worlds series written by author Emma Newman was released under the title of ‘Between Two Thorns’. This book was released in the year 2013 by the Angry Robot publication. Author Newman has this book’s plot in Aquae Sulis, a fictional mirror city located secretly in Bath. She has introduced the main characters in the role of Max and Catherine Rhoes-Papaver. In the opening lines of the book, it is depicted that something wrong is happening in the secret city of Aquae Sulis. Just when the new season is about to begin, the Ceremonies’s Master goes missing. In order to find the Master, the task is given to an Arbiter from the Split Worlds named Max. To accompany him on the mission, he has a mad sorcerer and a dislocated soul. Max comes across a witness, but it appears that his memories are bound by some sort of a magical chain, which could only be broken by the enemy. Max comes across an ally to help him in this situation in the form of a rebellious woman who tries to escape from her own family. But, Max wonders whether she could be trusted. Before letting her help him, he tries to know why she wants to give up her privileged life and eternal youth that she has been born with. Author Newman has described two different worlds in the plot of the book. One is dwelled by humans and is called Mundanus, and the other is called Exilium and is filled with Faes.

In between these two worlds lies a mirror world known as Nether. In the world, England’s 19th century social structure is preserved by the families touched by the Faes. These families always remain loyal towards their master, who do not undergo aging. Catherine Papaver is depicted to have been born into such a world. But, she does not like it at all and wants to escape with the hope of living a normal life among the humans of Mundanus. She desperately wants to be free strictures of the Fae touched society and her parents. For preventing her from doing so, her parents drag her into a forceful arranged marriage that entails all the trappings of the high society. When Catherine finally manages to escape, she crosses her paths with Max. She finds him policing the boundaries between the worlds of humans and Faes. His primary and important task is to keep the innocent people safe and sound from the faes. Soon, a series of kidnappings take place. Also, one of the Arbiters of Max gets murdered while he proceeds ahead for the important task given to him. When Max sees that he has no other option but to take the help of Cathy, he agrees. Cathy too shows willingness to help him unravel a high profile disappearance from within the boundaries of Nether. However, Max does not seem to realize the fact that getting involved in the Fae machinations may turn out to be fatal for him as well as his companions.

The next book to have been published in the series is titled ‘Any Other Name’. The Angry Robot publishers released this book too in 2013. This book appears to have a wonderful, inventive, thought provoking story and filled with mystery and treachery. In the book, Max, Cathy, Will, and Sam are pulled deep into the unusual world of the society touched by Fae. At the start of the book, Newman has shown that Cathy gets married reluctantly into the high class Iris family. She shifts to Londinium, which is London’s magical reflection of Nether. After her marriage, Cathy is set on a course to witness and experience the social circles of the high pressure society that demand obedience and propriety from her. But, the free spirited and vocal Cathy seems unable to abide by such things. Seeing her discomfort, her husband, Will, tries to look for a compromise. However, he comes to hear some whispers that urge him to go towards the darker deeds. On the other hand, Sam is depicted as being determined to return back to the world of the Exilium in order to rescue the innocents. While attempting to do this, he crosses paths with Max and Cathy one more time.

Teaming up with Sam, Max finds out much more information related to a mysterious Agency as well as the event chain that caused the wiping out of the Bath Chapter. This mysterious organization called Agency is known to play the rule of its own. And none of the actions taken by this organization prove to be favorable to the society. Back in Mundanus, Sam seems to have discovered something very peculiar about the employer of his wife. This discovery could very well cause a huge change in the lives of everyone living in both the worlds. The further plot of the book is marked by terrible deals, dreadful revelations, and sacrifices. Just like the debut book, this book too was well appreciated for its depiction of urban fantasy. The readers all over the world seemed impressed by the story and the unique setting developed by author Newman. She was praised a lot by the critics for her determined efforts. This gave her a huge boost before attempting to write the series’ next book. And riding on the success of both the initial books, author Newman went on to pen down three other interesting urban fantasy books as a part of this series.


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