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The Spoils of Time book series is a wonderful series of historical fiction, romance, chick lit, drama, and women’s fiction stories. It is written by a reputed author from The United Kingdom named Penny Vincenzi. This series consists of just three books, released between 2000 and 2002. The books of this series depict irresistible and a sweeping saga of family politics, passion, and power. Penny Vincenzi has set the novels revolving around the members of the Lyttn family. The main characters created by her are also the members of this family. Some of the most important characters depicted in the novels include Celia Lytton, Sylvia Miller, Sebastian Brooke, Oliver Lytton, Venetia Lytton, Adele Lytton, Barty Miller, and several others.

The time period of the stories are shown as that of the early 20th century. Penny Vincenzi has set the plots in New York and London during the World War I and its aftermath. All the three novels of this historical fiction series are widely popular in England and abroad. They are particularly followed by readers in English speaking countries. Some of the die-hard fans of Penny Vincenzi consider this series close to their hearts in her memory as she is not with them anymore. Many fellow writers of Penny have talked fondly about this novel series and have particularly given their opinions on her excellent writing skills. They have also said great things about the characters created by Penny as well as the settings. Several noteworthy critics have reviewed the books genuinely and given positive reviews. They have pointed out the great storytelling abilities of Penny Vincenzi, which is quite evident in these novels.

Many of them have labeled this series as an epic, intriguing, and un-put-downable series. All such reviews and positive criticisms have helped the books to achieve great successes and, thereby, make the whole series popular worldwide. Penny Vincenzi was able to achieve great heights of success as author with this series’ success. She was able to establish herself in the ranks of the prominent authors of her time and get noticed by the popular names of the publishing world. Following the series’ immense success, Penny wrote several more mind-blowing books in the later years and succeeded in becoming a more successful author.

The debut book of The Spoils of Time series written by author Penny Vincenzi is entitled ‘No Angel’. It was released in 2000 by the Harry N. Abrams publication. The lead characters that appear in this novel include Janet Gould, Jeremy Bateson, James Sharpe, Ted Miller, Cheyne Walk, Edgar Green, Bunty Winnington, Miss Prentice, Anthony Buchanan, Edgar Lytton, Jenny Paget, Master Giles, and a few others. Initially, Celia Lytton is introduced as the strong-willed and beautiful daughter of rich aristocrats. She is known for owning whatever she likes and uses whatever means possible. Celia moves through her life making dangerous and difficult decisions.

Often, her decisions affect the ones around her and herself, including her children, her husband named Oliver, Silvia Miller, and the elder sister of Oliver, who is not what she seems to be; and Sebastian Brooke. The life of Sylvia Miller has been transformed because of the intrusion of Celia. The most dangerous decisions that Celia takes are for Sebastian. This novel is set against the backdrop of the First World War in London & New York. It is an intriguing page-turner and is full of believable characters, extreme villains, manipulators, and ecccentrics. It is expected that the readers of Barbara Taylor Bradford, Anita Shreve, and Maeve Binchy will like this book very much. The second volume of this series is called ‘Something Dangerous’. It was also published by the publishing house of Harry N. Abrams in 2001. The primary characters featured in this novel include Venetia Lytton, Maud Lytton, Oliver Lytton, Jack Lytton, Jay Lytton, Kit Lytton, Abigail Clarence, Adele Lytton, Jamie Elliott, Lily Lytton, Biller Miller, Joh Brewer, Robert Lytton, etc.

This book opens by showing that Venetia and Adele are born as twins in the wealthy and prosperous Lytton family. When they turn eighteen in 1928, they become heirs of their family’s wealth and are admired by everyone around. Both the girls seem too confident and begin to show an element of arrogance in their character. But, with Nazi Germany’s growing specter, the priviledged world of the Lytton twins starts to darken in ways that they had never imagined. It is not just the life of the girls that changed irrevocably, but Barty Miller’s as well. She was rescued by Celia Lytton from the slums of London in babyhood. Now, she has grown into an ambitious, clever girl and has a completely opposite personality to that of the Lytton girls. Barty faces temptations that she never expected and feels like givin in to them. Celia wants her to follow her ambitions and become what she dreams to be. She provides whatever help she can to her and always guides her to follow the right path.

Penny Vincenzi was a renowned author, who hailed from The United Kingdom and liked to write women’s fiction stories. She was particularly popular for writing the Spoils of Time novels. In all, she has penned 19 books which are now available in multiple languages throughout the world. Penny was born on April 10, 1939 and she breathed her last on February 25, 2018. When she was about to launch her last book, she declared that if it is not bought by anyone, then it will be her last book. But, she hoped that her fans won’t let her retire at that point because she loved writing and wanted to tell many more stories.

Penny enjoyed the writing process a lot and wanted to cherish it for very long. Today, she is listed among the most popular and best-loved authors of the UK. Her first novel, Old Sins, had come out in 1989. After that, Penny wrote sixteen bestselling books and a couple of short-story collections. Before becoming a writer, Penny Vincenzi worked at Vogue magazine as a junior secretary. She has also worked for Tatler, The Daily Mirror, Nova and Honey, Cosmopolitan, and Woman’s Own. Her books have sold more than 7 million printed copies worldwide, which is a great achievement for any author. Today, Penny is remembered through her work and her publishing world misses her very much.

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