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Publication Order of Springwater Seasons Books

The ‘Springwater Seasons’ consists of four national bestselling novels under ‘Springwater Seasons Series’ and a total of seven novels under the title of ‘Springwater Series’ which were first published in 1999. The novels were written by Linda Lael Miller based on the Western Romance genre and depict the warmth and passion of Springwater situated in the town of Montana. The Springwater is a tiny stagecoach stop. All the four novels of the series show different sets of characters. The initial novels of the series are titled, ‘Springwater Seasons: Rachael’ and ‘Springwater Seasons: Savannah’ respectively. In the first installment Rachael is shown as the first school teacher of Springwater. The character of Rachael is seen crossing paths with Trey Hargreaves, who is rough and owns a saloon partly. Trey and Rachael try to away from each other in the whole plot of the novel.

The second novel deals with the character of Savannah. She is a soft and kind heart and works as a dance hall girl. Savannah wears rouge and bangles shows gentle love towards Dr. Prescott. The entire plot of the second novel revolves around these two characters where Savannah tries to heal the wounded spirits of Dr. Prescott. Other characters in the series include Miranda, who is an unwed mother. Miranda is in search of a home and her search stops when she reaches Springwater. When in Springwater, she is taken care of by a rancher named Landry Kildare. Another character named Jessica is seen in the later parts of the series. She comes to Springwater to take charge of a bankrupt newspaper which was previously run by her late brother. Jessica falls in love with the mayor of the town, Gage Calloway. Their life and love story unfolds in the romantic plot of the Springwater Seasons series. The first two novels of the series are described as follows:

The first novel titled, ‘Springwater Seasons: Rachael’ was published in the year 1999. In this novel, an unexpected turn of events take place in the life of Rachael English, who comes to Springwater as a new schoolteacher. She finds herself in love with a man with whom she used to fight initially. The plot of the novel starts with Rachael coming to the Springwater stagecoach stop, dreaming of a beautiful school house and well disciplined pupils. But exactly the opposite happens and she is shocked to see half-wild pupils. Rachael somehow manages to make the best of the new surroundings. In an event of taking a stand against a saloon near the school, she gets attracted its part-owner, Trey Hargreaves.

Trey is a widower and the part-owner of the saloon. He has a beautiful daughter. The overall appearance of Trey is something that Rachael feels to avoid due to her Eastern upbringing. After the death of her fiance in the Civil War, Rachael took to teaching as the only passion in her life did not allow anyone to find a place in her heart. But, when she meets Trey, who himself has a troubled past, she begins to think that he is the only one who can soothe her sorrows and give her another chance to experience the love of a lifetime. Hence, in spite of initial heated arguments both Rachael and Trey fall in love with each other. This is how their love unfolds in the novel. The readers appreciated the beautiful depiction of love. The romance from the old times and classical loves story was very well described by the author Linda Lael Miller. She has penned down beautiful character sketches, small town events and delightful plot. She was praised for the way she has evolved the characters and events revolving around them. Her style of depicting love stories of women brought great appreciations for her. Linda Lael Miller got enough motivation and inspiration from he feedback of the readers to write few more novels in the series. Other well known authors praised her for her efforts. The novel went on to sell a number of copies worldwide and helped to increase the popularity of Linda Lael Miller as a writer of the romance genre.

The second novel, Springwater Seasons: Savannah was also published in the year 1999. This novel too depicts a love story in the blossoming stagecoach stop in the town of Montana, Springwater. The delightful plot shows Savannah Rigbey, who is full of happiness in her heart. She had been serving whisky in a bar and singing in saloons from the young age of sixteen years. Although she did not have much luck with her dreams, she believes that Springwater has something special for her. Savannah moves to Springwater to take up the half-ownership of a local bar. She meets a young girl on her way to Springwater, who goes into labor. She helps the girl with her steady hands and takes her to a doctor in the crisis situation. Savannah meets Dr. Prescott Parish. He hides his painful memories in his heart from his haunted past. The memories of the Civil War keep him disturbing every now and then. The only cure for him is love. He needs a person who can fulfil his life with love and affection. The stubborn behavior of Savannah infuriates him and makes him makes him very angry.

But slowly and steadily, he begins to see the softer and more virtuous side of Savannah. They both start seeing each other with passion and love starts blossoming in their hearts. Savannah and Dr. Prescott listen to the call of their hearts and fall in love with each other. This beautiful love story revolves in the entire plot of the novel. Savannah ‘s character was very well developed by the author. She was shown as a mature girl while helping the young girl in delivering her baby. The readers found the novel to be nice and fit for fast and easy reading. Some others have described it to be perfect for forgetting the materialistic world and move into the beautiful world of Springwater while reading. The author’s style of writing short novels in the series is appreciated many readers as they can finish in reading in an afternoon. All these appreciations gave a lot of motivation to Linda Lael Miller and as a result, she was successful in establishing herself as a well known author.

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