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Publication Order of St. Cyr & Kohler Books

The St. Cyr & Kohler series is a popular book series written by a famous author from Canada named J. Robert Janes. This series is based on the suspense, mystery, and thriller genres. It is comprised of 16 books in total, which were released between the years 1992 and 2015. Each and every novel of this series features the chief protagonists in the role of the detectives Jean Louis St Cyr and Hermann Kohler. The events in this series are primarily set in the city of Paris. However, there are some sequences that happen in other famous cities of the world. Author Janes has set the storyline during the 1940s. As the series progresses further, Kohler and Cyr are shown trying to chase down and solve a number of mysteries that keep happening around them. The beginning of the series depicts the month of December of the year 1942 in which a bicyclist is discovered dead near a deserted road in Fontainebleau Forest. The local police suspects that this killing is the result of an execution by the Resistance. When the German comes to know about this sad tragedy, they declare that they want the murderer found within a period of 2 days. They also warn that if this does not happen, the outcome is not going to be a healthy one for the French. This is when St Cyr and Kohler announce their arrival in the series. They meet each other for the first time on this case and become partners. The two go on their debut adventure and solve the murder mystery of the bicyclist by hunting down the killer. Jean Louis St Cyr is introduced at the series’ beginning as a detective from France, while Hermann Kohler is shown as a Gestapo officer from Germany. Prior to his teaming up with St Cyr, Kohler used to work as a German detective. Because of this unusual teaming of the two main characters, their partnership appears very strange. This feeling is also shared by them as they accept each other up to the level that they respect one another’s presence. However, none of them seems to trust the other when it comes to the safety of their lives. Also, they have different loyalties and each one of them wants the other to work according to his working style. So, they end up quarreling and fighting within themselves throughout the course of the series. Their fighting resembles the one going on between their particular countries.

An interesting novel of the St Cyr & kohler book series written by the Canadian author J. Robert Janes is entitled ‘Carousel’. It was released by the Soho Press in the year 2003, following its first release in 1992. Author Janes has set this book’s story in Paris in December 1942. The central characters described in this novel include Hermann kohler and Jean-Louis-St. Cyr. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that the naked corpse of a girl is found in the city. It looks that she was strangled to death by the killer. And not very far from the girl’s body, a young boy’s dead body is also found. It looks like this killing was carried out by the slashing of the throat. When the police discovered the man’s body, it was tied with ropes to a carousel animal’s back. Another victim’s dead body comes to the notice of the police authorities in the form of that of a Wehrmacht corporal. All these three killings appear to have a common connection in the form of scattered old coins from Rome. As the investigators are not able to arrive at any conclusion in these murder cases, they wonder whether the Resistance has resurfaced to commit such brutal murders? They also do not let go the possibility that the killings might have been motivated by greed and sex. As the series progresses further, Hermann Kohler & St. Cyr are asked to move to Provence for investigating the murder of a local citizen there. Upon their arrival in Provence they come to know that a woman’s body has been discovered near the hillside. What catches the notice of the two detectives even more than the brutal killing is that the woman was bolted with an iron tipped rod across her heart. Kohler and Cyr expect that they will receive the required help from the Proventals in solving this unusual mystery. But, they are shocked to find that the Proventals remain rather uncooperative out of the fear of the Nazi reprisals. In spite of being all alone in the investigation, the detectives take the decision of going ahead without thinking twice about the safety of their won lives. Before they are able to solve the murder mystery, they get drawn into a deep web of conspiracy, collusion, and corruption, which seem highly shifting and intricate.

Another very exciting book written in this mystery series by Robert Janes is called ‘Tapestry’. This book was published in 2013 by the Mysterious Press. Once again, the story takes place in Paris. But this time, the time period is of that of February 1943. The book’s plot shows Herman and Jean Louis Cyr been sent into the Parisian underworld’s heart to solve some interlocking crimes. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a form of blackout is spread all across France. Cyr & Hermann were involved in investigating the mundane and gruesome violence of the Nazi-ruled France for the past 3 years. But, they never experienced a sleeting and cold as they were experiencing this time in particular. When they are at the shop of a stamp collector to investigate a burglary that had taken place there, the investigators receive a call informing them that they have arrived at a wrong scene of crime. They are also informed that they should have gone to comfort a frightened a woman, who was believed to have been attacked by a rapist for being with the collaborators of the Nazis and supporting them. The timing of the rapist to commit the crime looked very perfect as the detectives think that they were made to go to a different place deliberately. Later, they get a tip about a dead body dumped nearby and go to follow up the proceedings. This new victim was murdered savagely, and was stripped naked and left away to rot by the killer. The detectives try to figure out whether the victim was a pimp, a homosexual, or a fighter for the Resistance. Another night of murder, rape, conspiracy, and theft appears to have gone by in the Nazi-occupied Paris and the authorities were not able to anything about it as always. But, Kohler and Jean Cyr don’t seem to have backed down yet. They know that they have a lot of fight still left in them and are ready to use it until they hunt down the murderer and help bring peace in the city.

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