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Publication Order of St. Kilda Books

Always Time to Die (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wrong Hostage (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Innocent as Sin (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blue Smoke and Murder (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Echo (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

St. Kilda Consulting series is one of those series that just makes you want to read the whole books in the split of a second. There is so much juice to it that you never want to put the books down until you are on the last one on the last page. With incredible writing as well as enough content to just make you want to always read this, Elizabeth Lowell is just great. The series is filled with some genres that will make you want to be on it for as long as it takes all the time. With romance and family drama that threatens the careers of many characters in the series, this is just your ultimate guide out of boredom. You will be taken on a journey that explores some drama that is filled with romance and dark family secrets that are just on a scale of their own.

The first book in this series is called Always Time to Die. A former senator of the US is dead and his son is running for the biggest office in the US. Though dark family secrets threaten his ambitions as well as his well being and this is what this first book mainly focuses on. A Quintrell aunt of his invites a genealogist to their home to make a compilation of their family history. But this threatens the unity of the family as well as the political ambitions of the son as dark secrets from the past are unearthed. Like how his drug addicted sister lost her life. The genealogist by the name of Carolina “Carly” May finds a dark world that is just unbelievable.

This world is filled with a lot of passions and depravity gradually comes up. There is no one to trust even one Dan Duran who is also tied to this illustrious family as she finds out. She seriously needs an ally if she is to survive the grisly history that the father left behind as he went to the grave. She knows that following deeply into the bloodlines of the rich as well as powerful can be a dangerous affair and people mostly always often end up dead or disappear. She is very much aware of the fact there are secrets that if dug deep enough into, will be the end of your life and she must find an ally if she is to survive what she has gotten herself into. The way this book has been so intricately arranged is precisely what puts it in a class of its own and you will love every minute that you get to spend reading this novel. It is a master piece that you will find really endearing and it will live in your memory for many a years to come.

The way that Elizabeth Lowell delves into this series is just unbelievable and remarkable at the same time. We get to see the picture as is painted by the main character as well as the other characters and especially the family that has contracted her to do the genealogy for them. It just makes this book the more interesting and this series really on a class of its won. The first book has been received well by critics as well as fans and you will love the fact that Elizabeth is just a genius when it comes to this genre of writing which is romance. The book gives you so very accurate detail that you feel a part of it. She is really great and once you get down to seeing how great her novels are, you will realize that a movie or TV series should have been made from this series a long time ago.

Book number two in this amazing series is titled The Wrong Hostage. This book is just totally amazing to say the least. It opens up with a federal judge by the name of Grace Silva whose son has been kidnapped by a Mexican dug lord by the name of Hector Rivas Osuna who goes by the nickname Butcher of Tijuana. Lane Franklin is the son and he is being held hostage at a Catholic church in Mexico. Grace has no one else to turn to for help except her 16 year ago lover who is a former kidnap specialist and who she helped send to jail. The kidnapper wants money stolen from him by Grace’s ex-husband, Ted Franklin who Grace hasn’t heard from in 3 weeks. As time ticks out for Lane Franklin, Grace is forced to make a decision whether to contact Joe Faroe, the very same man that she helped put to prison. A lot of questions here come into perspective and the book just escalates into pure bliss. You will have to get a copy to know what else went on the book and if Lane was rescued or even if Faroe agreed to the rescue mission. What happens next? You got to find that out by yourself.

This series by Elizabeth Lowell is a series that has received a lot of praise from both sides. It is a series that is to be reckoned with and you will love every bit of page that you open in this novel. Just incredible to read and the books have been so perfectly arranged and from one book to the other, it just keeps getting better and better. This is one of those series that you wish would have been turned into a TV series or movie a long time ago. It has everything that qualifies it to be on a readers top ten list with all the amazing things that go on in this series. The writer took all her time and really did a perfect job with this series and you will love every bit of it as you read through. I would recommend this series to anyone who loves romance coupled with a bit of drama and intense moments of waiting on what will happen next which is just the cream of this series putting it on a class of its own.

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