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Stacey Halls
Stacey Halls was born in the year 1989 and grew up in Rossendale, Lancashire. She is the daughter of market traders. She has always been fascinated by the Pendle witches, which she learned about from a young age.

She studied journalism at the University of Central Lancashire and when she was 21 years old, she moved to London.

Stacey was media editor at The Bookseller and books editor at She has written for the Independent, Psychologies, and Fabulous magazine, where she works as Deputy Sub Editor.

Stacey has always been a reader. She would get home from school, go right up to her bedroom, at teatime she would still have her shoes and blazer on, and be sitting on her bed reading.

She had no idea being a writer was a job, despite writing stories from such a young age. Stacey had never met any writers, since that is not what the people where she grew up did for a living. Members of her family were hairdressers, shopkeepers, or nurses. At some point she believed that all writers were dead, because she would go to the library and would think every book was an old one.

When the chance arose for her to go to college came up, she thought long and hard about it. Her parents, nor anybody else in her family, went to university, so it was a big choice for her. She figured she would go, do something vocational, and hopefully just a get a job out of it by the end. She decided to do journalism, and learned how to produce a radio show and shorthand. All sorts of practical things.

While Stacey worked at the industry bible The Bookseller, she got immersed in the publishing world and it made her want to give writing a novel a serious go.

So she did, however the book was not accepted by the agents she sent it off to. She wasn’t all that downhearted about this, though. She thought she would just pen something else. Working at The Bookseller made her see firsthand that it was a business decision, basically. It isn’t a personal rejection, but a practical one.

She started writing “The Familiars” in the year 2016, and kept getting stuck on the first three chapters of it, so she asked her work if she was able to take an unpaid sabbatical. She took two months off, and wrote the first draft in a total of seven weeks. Stacey didn’t get paid during this time, using her savings, and she was unable to afford to do anything else. She worked out that in order to write the ninety thousand words, she would have to write two thousand words per day, five days a week.

It was a punishing schedule for somebody who is a self-proclaimed procrastinator. She would do anything: put in a load of laundry, watch a ton of TV. It would be into the evening before she got her words in. She barely left her house during this time.

It wasn’t until Stacey came to write her second novel, the first of which went unpublished, that she came to consider the Pendle Witches anything more than just a colorful piece of local history. At which time, so many pieces of the final jigsaw fell into place with such ease she began thinking about how weirdly serendipitous it all was.

She met Andy, who is also a journalist and her husband, while at university. They married late in 2017, and have been together since she was 21 years old.

Stacey’s debut novel, called “The Familiars”, was released in the year 2019. Her novels are from the historical fiction genre.

“The Familiars” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. In Lancaster, England in 1612, and the hunt for witches is now rampant during a time of accusation and suspicion, to be a woman is but the greatest risk of all.

Young Fleetwood Shuttleworth is pregnant again. The mistress of Gawthorpe Hall, she is anxious to provide her husband with an heir. However, none of her prior pregnancies have made it to term. Then she finds a hidden letter from her doctor that warns her husband that she is not going to survive another pregnancy.

Fleetwood, who is distraught over this frightening revelation, wanders around in the woods of Pendle Hill, where she meets Alice Gray, a young local woman. Alice, who is a midwife, promises Fleetwood that she is able to help deliver her healthy baby. Alice gets quickly drawn into all the frenzied accusations of witchcraft that have been sweeping the countryside. Even the “familiars”, the woodland creatures, are under suspicion of practicing the dark arts. Is Fleetwood able to trust that Alice truly is who she claims?

While the two women’s lives get intertwined, Fleetwood has to risk it all in order to prove Alice’s innocence to save her unborn child. The hunt to find witches hits fever pitch. Time is running short. The trials are close to beginning. Both of their lives are in danger. Only they really know the truth. Only they are able to save one another.

“The Lost Orphan” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2020. Two women, who are bound by a secret that is going to change everything and a child.

London in the year 1754. Bess Bright, six years after she left her illegitimate daughter Clara at London’s Foundling Hospital, goes back to reclaim the kid that she has never known. Dreading the absolute worst, that Clara died while in care, she is stunned to learn that somebody already claimed her. Bess’ life is turned right upside down while she attempts to figure out who took her little girl and why.

Less than a mile from where Bess lies, in a gloomy and quiet townhouse on the edge of London, there is a young widow that hasn’t left her house in a decade. A close friend of her’s, an ambitious young doctor working at the Foundling Hospital, persuades her to hire a nursemaid for her daughter, she is reluctant to welcome anybody new into her life and her home. Her past threatens to catch up with her and destroy her carefully constructed world.

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    Three marvellous books. I love books based on true history and all three of these were great reads.

    Cannot wait for the next one Stacey.


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