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Publication Order of A Blossom Valley Mystery Books

Going Organic Can Kill You (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Natural Murder (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Green Living Can Be Deadly (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Healthy Homicide (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Most Wholesome (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marriage Is Pure Murder (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Staci McLaughlin stays in San Francisco with her husband, two children and lots of pets, she traded her rather mundane life of being a tough technical writer in a small stale cubicle alongside many other co-workers, for relatively a number of computer software companies, for the exciting and exasperating job of being a full time mother and wife to her husband. Staci attended and graduated from the California State University in east Bay before she became a technical writer. Staci worked for 8 long years as a technical writer before giving up her work. Staci now does freelance writing and is also a member of the Mystery Writers of America and sisters in crime, she can be found online at Staci is also a member of the very popular and well-read site called “” where she along with many other famous and not so famous fellow mystery writers come together to write all their thoughts on topics such as writing, reading and life in general, it is basically a blog site for writers. Staci loves writing in her free time about just as much as she loves spending time playing board games with her family or watching horror movies with her husband.
Staci writes the Blossom Valley of books about the main character a young woman called Dana Lewis who is very indolent and loves to eat unhealthy fast foods, who becomes an engaging heroine and mystery solving adventurer when she is put in a rather difficult position. The story follows on from the first to last book in the series and becomes more and more inviting and curious as you go along and become more familiar with the characters, you cannot wait for the plot to play out.
Going Organic can Kill you is one of the books in the Blossom Valley series, a tranquil clandestine that starts of in blossom valley on an organic farm and spa, where the main character used to live, Dana is now the new marketing expert of the Organic farm and spa. Dana has to deal with murder, a cook serving the strangest foreign and inedible dishes, crazy farm animals and organic foods that she simply cannot stomach.
Dana moved back to blossom valley and took the job as a marketing manager, in order for her to be close to her mother who has just recently become a widow. Dana is not used to organ and vegan foods at all and struggles to get accustomed to it, and if that is not bad enough she stumbles across the dead body of a famous Hollywood producer and opening weekend guest, Maxwell Mendelsohn. Poor Dana struggles to keep up with everything as she now not only has her escalating job duties, the Spa’s blog on her hands but also the attention of the local police and a reporter Jason Forrester that are all seeking the truth. Dana includes on her lists of job duties to solve the mystery herself as she sets out to find clues, motives and suspects, and she must act fast because she does not know how much longer she can keep up the new lifestyle and healthy living.
The story carries on to the next book “All Natural Murder” with Dana eventually settling in and becoming more relaxed and in routine with her new lifestyle and all her duties, but murder still haunts make matters even worse, there is yet another mysterious death, this time it is the death of her sister’s boyfriend a womanising Monster truck driver Bobby Joe Jones. Dana unfortunately has to get involved when she learns that her sister is a suspect, her sister Ashlee was last seen by a few witnesses with Bobby when they had a huge argument at the grill in the fairground, where Ashlee left furious. Dana’s life is once again completely out of control and she is in an absolute flat spin. The only thing that Dana can do to save her innocent sister is to go after the killer herself and stop him.
The series of books is an energetic and mystery filled comedy about homicide with a wonderfully charming heroine and exciting plot that reaches and astonishing climax.
It is truly a fun filled and gripping read from start to finish, so make sure to read the entire series, you would not want to miss a single detail.
Besides the books and blogs that Staci writes, following on the theme of her Blossom Valley series she also gives some wonderful tips on healthy living on her website.
Here are just a few of those tips:
The tips are about being positive and moving away from negativity, not taking offense when others hurt you and to start creating happy thoughts in your mind.
Exercising being an important part of your life, finding a sport or exercise that you love and putting it on your agenda.
Healthy eating habits, adding more vegetable sand fruits to your diet, especially green vegetables, as well as learning to breathe and relax more.
Getting enough rest, as in sleep, and recreational time is also one of her tips.
Then a very important tip for a happy and healthy life is to never try and keep up with other people, and what they have, instead enjoy and appreciate what you have to the fullest.
Staci also goes on and explains how to choose and buy the right organic foods, as well as how to grow wand keep your own organic garden.
Overall Staci’s aim is also to make us realise, through her books as well, how with such busy lifestyles we easily forget how important it is to be healthy and happy.
We are busy with so many things and have so much on our plates that we forget to look after ourselves and our loved ones, Staci is a good example in her own life of how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle and how to make time for everything and everyone.
The books in her series are not only an entertaining read but also teach us some great values and life lessons.

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