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Stacia Tolman is a popular American freelance editor and writer of contemporary, realistic fiction, and young adult stories. She is particularly famous for writing her debut book called The Spaces Between Us. Her work has featured in various publications, including Massachusetts Review and Keen Sentinel. Tolman has also worked as a teacher of the English language in the early years of her career. An early excerpt from her first novel helped her to win a grant for fiction from the New Hampshire State Council of Arts. Author Tolman hails from New Hampshire and lives there even today. The years of experience from her former career inspired her to come up with her first book. During the time Tolman worked as a teacher, she drew on her observations of the social dynamics of high school, which helped her to create a fictional young adult story. This story motivated Tolman to begin her successful writing career. It is set in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, where she was employed in a private school as an English teacher.

Author Tolman believes that after a certain amount of time has passed, people tend to look back in their life and understand how various other people and places have influenced the stories that they tell. When she was about to complete the first draft of her book, Tolman took a look at it and realized that it was highly inspired by her best friend from high school, Teresa. Later, she dedicated the book to her. During junior high school, Tolman and Teresa used to get into minor troubles together. They used to get attracted to places that they were not supposed to be. One of her most favorite places that Tolman often visited with Teresa was a railroad bridge near the Mohawk River. They used to go to the abandoned bridge and smoke cigarettes stolen from Teresa’s older brother.

On hot days, the two friends used to go swimming in the creek. Later, when Tolman was made to join a different school, she saw self-confidence shattered in the absence of a best friend. Her condition became so bad that she turned into an introvert girl. On the other hand, Teresa became totally opposite of her, indulging in real troubles and facing real consequences. Following their separation, Teresa and Tolman saw each other only once and then went on to forget each other as time passed. When Tolman started teaching, she felt the need to write a story about two girls. This is when she remembered her best friend again and decided to write a story based on their friendship, struggles, indulgences, and life as a whole. In her book, Tolman has described a story about 2 girls who are vulnerable and still act on their behalf with their adolescent judgments.

The girls become victims of pain, violence, and ignorance, but they don’t let any of these factors affect them. With whatever resources they have, they strive to remain together and hold on to their dreams. As the book went on to become a worldwide success, it overwhelmed Tolman with joy. It made her believe that her decision on shifting over to a career in the field of writing & publishing was the right one. Now, Tolman is at work on her next novel and is hopeful of releasing it soon. She has become confident about her writing and wants to write a number of books in the coming years. Tolman has even started giving more time to hone her writing skills and work on new ideas at the same time. She always tries to find time from her busy schedule and dedicate it to her writing interests. Mostly, Tolman can be found hanging around with her family members and spending a relaxing time with them. In her spare time, Tolman likes to take up reading and watching movies to get new ideas for writing her future novels.

The debut novel written by author Stacia Tolman is entitled ‘The Spaces Between Us’. It was released by Henry Holt & Company publication in 2019. Author Tolman has set this book in New Hampshire and has mentioned a story involving 2 best friends who are outcast. They show desperation to overcome their struggles, pass senior year, and run away from their rural hometown. The two best friends depicted in the story include Melody Grimshaw and Serena Velasco. Initially, it is depicted that Serena and Melody want to move out of their shrinking town desperately. So far, they have managed to elude their home’s bleakness and their high school’s banality.

Both Melody and Serena have been coasting until now and decide that it is high time now to make a move toward achieving their dream. Riding on her rebellious nature, Serena Velasco starts fixating on communism with the hope of getting a rise out of the blue-collar factory town. When her teacher of Western Civ catches on, Serena is given an independent study of upward mobility and class by her. In the meantime, Melody Grimshaw keeps herself busy in setting her own goals and trying to achieve them. She wishes to become a cheerleader and make it into the squad of cheerleaders of her school. Melody also wants to find a stable job and dismantle the hopeless reputation of her family. As time goes by, she goes on to learn that sometimes the biggest of obstacles are the ones that one does not see coming.

Melody Grimshaw’s struggle to achieve success becomes a test for survival and Serena Velasco’s independent study goes on to become too real. And as their lives and friendship’s future are on the line, the girls sense that the stakes were not so high ever before. This book provides an interesting read with wonderful characters and an exciting storyline. Author Tolman has done a wonderful job of showcasing the real struggles of small-town high school girls with big dreams. It was liked and appreciated by a large number of readers across the globe. Many prominent critics spoke highly about this novel and helped it to become much more successful. Author Tolman appreciated all the love and praise received by her book and expressed her gratitude. She also expressed the desire to keep writing exciting books in the coming years and keep getting the love and support of her fans from across the world.

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