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Little Lost Souls / See Them Run (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Stacy Green
Stacy Green is a mystery author with a deep love for crime fiction and thrillers. She is best known for the Delta Crossroads trilogy and the Lucy Kendal series. Green started as a journalist but later chose to stay home when she became a mother. As a stay-at-home mum, she rediscovered her love for the written word and started working on a few novels. She now has an impressive collection of published works and plans to keep publishing captivating thrillers for her fans. Green currently lives in Iowa with her husband, daughter, and their three fur babies.

Tin God
Tin God comes first in the Delta Crossroads Trilogy. The book introduces Jaymee Ballard, a 25-year-old who has suffered terribly at the hands of people she thought cared for her. Jaymee got pregnant when she was barely eighteen, and her religious family shunned her. Broke and alone, the young girl seeks refuge in a home for girls. Unfortunately, she is forced to give up her baby for adoption, and this leaves a festering scar that will not let her rest for the next few years. Jaymee wants her baby back and will move heaven and earth to get her. She had already done her research and uncovered that the adoption was illegal.
Jaymee shares her hope of finding her daughter with her boss and friend, Lana. She nearly gives up when Lana is murdered, but her hope shoots up again when her current boss, Rebecca, promises to support her. When Rebecca also dies under mysterious circumstances, Jaymee is shaken. Nick Samuel’s life turns upside down when he gets that note about his wife’s murder. He had been heartbroken when Lana died but losing Rebecca under similar circumstances pushes him to the edge. He is convinced that there is a connection between Jaymee’s search for her daughter and the merciless killings. With nothing more to lose, Nick joins Jaymee in her search, and they hope they can uncover the truth before the daughter also disappears.

There are enough suspects in this story, so it is hard to figure out who killed Lana and Rebecca. It could be anyone from Jaymee’s cruel father to the pastor who treated her like garbage for getting pregnant. As Jaymee and Nick search for the link between her daughter and the killings, a relationship starts to develop. Their quest takes them throughout Mississippi, where they meet twisted characters living double lives with enough secrets to hide. The twists and turns will sneak on you when you least expect and help keep the fast pace going. Will Jaymee find her daughter and the person behind the killings?

Tin God is an exhilarating story that is beautifully composed and narrated. It is a perfect read for anyone looking for a well-crafted, fast-moving, and descriptive psychological thriller. The story peaks at just the right places, and the perfect tempo makes it even more intriguing. Jaymee is both fire and ice, and from her experiences, it is easy to see why she is a little rough around the edges. The author pays attention to details creating a good mystery that will keep you glued from the start. The hot Mississippi settings add to the story, and the odd characters are just the icing on the cake. There is an element of romance here, but it comes in just the correct dose. This story will leave you feeling a little out of balance and eager to read the next installment in the series.

All Good Deeds
All Good Deeds comes first in the Lucy Kendall series. The book stars Lucy Kendall, a former Child Protective Services (CPS) worker who has decided to bring the justice she believes has been elusive for many. Now, as a Private Investigator, Lucy follows seasoned criminals hoping to put them behind bars for good. When a child goes missing, and Lucy discovers that a known predator is linked to the disappearance, she forces her way into this case. She is determined to find this girl and ensure that the predator pays for his crime this time around. The search for this child will draw Lucy into an evil web that goes beyond her wildest imaginations.

Lucy appears a bit deranged, but she is likable. While the story highlights serious issues such as child abuse, it is great that it is not too graphic. There are multiple murders here, but the focus is on the psychological suspense. Will the missing child be found before it is too late? What challenges do the characters encounter during their search? Who can be trusted, and why? With the captivating storyline and well-fleshed characters, it is hard not to get emotionally invested and keep cheering them as the story progresses. Despite their terrible flaws, it is easy to identify with the lead characters and understand their choices.

The author does an excellent job with this police procedural. From her analysis of how sociopaths, pedophiles, and child abuse victims act and think, it is clear that she has done her research. The pace remains steady throughout the story, and the whiff of romance brings just the right amount of sunshine into this story. You will enjoy meeting Lucy and following her as she serves justice the best way she knows how. Sure, she can be complicated with her dark edges and all, but she is also a caring woman with a very soft spot for children. Your heart will break with Lucy’s when her world begins to crumble and celebrate when events occur in her favor.

All Good Deeds is a captivating read. Do not let the subject or the flawed cast mislead you into thinking that you will not enjoy the book. If you are suspense, thrillers, or mystery fan, you will find the book irresistible. Everything from the character-building is done right, and the story unfolds at a steady pace. There are a few twists as the story unfolds, and it is hard to tell who can be trusted. It is also notable that the author has expertly handled child abuse, so there are minimal triggers for the readers.

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