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Stan Parish
Stan Parish is a mystery author and a former editor-in-chief at The Wall Street Journal. Parish is also known for his young adult novel Down the Shore and his latest publication, Love and Theft. While he has only two books to his name, Parish’s writing has appeared in Esquire, The New York Times, and Surface, among other publications. His style is unique, and he has a natural flair for telling a good story. The talented author also has a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, an art he enjoys indulging in his free time. Parish currently lives in Los Angeles.
Love and Theft
Love and Theft tells the story of Alex Cassidy and Diane Alison. Alex is 41-years-old, a divorced father with one daughter, highly successful, and a professional thief. After years of organizing heists in jewelry shops, banks, and casinos, Alex has been thinking that it is a good time to retire and settle down. Diane is in the same position. She has also been raising her son alone for far too long. Now at the age of 46, she feels that a partner would be a good idea since her boy is all grown up. Her catering business has been doing so well, and Diane is able to relax and enjoy the rewards of her hard work.

When Alex meets Diane, Sparks fly, and both cannot get enough of each other. What these two do not realize is that they had met before, but in very dangerous circumstances. When a trip to Mexico turns tragic, Alex and Diane’s children, Paola and Tom, are put into danger, and both parents are pushed to act. Because of what happens in Mexico, Alex is forced to pull off one last international heist to save his family. Turns out, getting out of his chosen career was going to be harder than getting into it. Alex is shocked to realize that Diane is not who she seems. This woman had dark secrets she has been keeping from the world, and it is clear that Alex has just met his match.

This is a thrilling story featuring a charismatic thief and a woman with enough dark secrets of her own. The tale is suspenseful, entertaining, and littered with unexpected twists at every turn. Some of the themes highlighted here include the importance of family, friendship, and love. It is amazing what sacrifices these two are willing to make for their children. The story also highlights how looks can be deceiving while revealing how far people would go for the sake of love. Which of Diane’s secrets does Alex uncover? Can their relationship survive these revelations? Read this book to the end for these answers and more. Many surprises await you, and the good thing is that you will enjoy every moment of the story.

Love and Theft reads like a blockbuster action movie. The story will have you at the edge of your seat the entire time as more drama and action unfolds. Since it is fast-paced and filled with action, the book is a perfect choice if you are looking to get out of a reading slump. The author has done an excellent job with the descriptions, so the heists, locations, and the action sound so real. Curious to see how Alex and Diane’s lives unfold? Get a hold of this book and join these two characters on a thrilling adventure.

Down the Shore
Down the Shore is an intriguing story of growing up, messing up, friendship, and reinvention. Tom Alison has everything a boy his age could ask for. He is handsome, smart, and if everything goes according to plan, he will join one of the Ivy League universities after graduating from his prestigious boarding school. After that, a lucrative job on Wall Street awaits him, alongside the people he had been watching growing up with a working-class single mom. However, the life Tom’s mother has been trying hard to avoid catches up with this young man when he is caught selling drugs.

Tom’s mother whisks her son to Jersey Shore, where she hopes that he will catch up with his roots and possibly change his life for the better. However, he ends up reconnecting with a crew that knows nothing but surfing and partying. It is at one of these parties that Tom meets Clare Savage, a son to a disgraced financier. The two boys spend their summer together and, in fall, proceed to the same university.

St. Andrews University is an institution in Scotland that offers an excellent education for Americans looking for a second chance. The school is also quite popular with the ruling class in Britain. Here Tom and Clare discover forces that are greedier and more ambitious than what they left in America. Soon enough, they are caught up in a maelstrom of drugs, sex, and status.

This is an outstanding coming of age story of two boys, both broken by circumstances beyond their control. The author perfectly captures the lives of teenagers struggling to meet society’s demands while trying to hide their wounds. While Tom and Clare believe that moving to Scotland will help them forget about their problems, whatever happens there proves that it is impossible to run away from our troubles. There is no way to separate an individual from their family, past, and friends. The descriptions of behavior, mood, and the physical environment are so well done it will feel like you are right there with the characters, watching them as they make one bad decision after another.

Down the Shore tells the story of Tom and Clare and the events that shape their lives. The author takes us on a journey through their lives, and it is fascinating watching these boys grow up and seeing some of the choices they make. While Tom and Clare may come off as immature, their actions are characteristics of most teenagers in their situation. Some readers have gone through similar episodes, and those who are still going through it get to see the consequences of their chosen lifestyle through Tom and Clare. This book is perfect if you are looking for a highly entertaining summer read.

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