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Star Force is a military, science fiction book series written by the American author named B. V. Larson. Larson started the space opera Star Force series in December 2010 with the publishing and release of the first novel, Swarm. Star Force is a fast paced, action packed series that is real page turner, filled with nearly non-stop warfare and technology. This series’ characters are likeable and well developed; they are tragic, yet humane. The main character, Kyle Riggs, is the strong protagonist who is introduced as a humble rural type but as the story progresses, he is shown to have an added advantage of technical skill and knowledge. The rest of the characters of this series are a diverse mix of people from different cultures and countries with the United States and its people at the forefront of this space conflict. The main action of this series is that the Star Force Marines of Earth get access to alien technology in order to build a battle fleet to fight the aliens and defeat them or humans will experience extinction. The series makes a lot of use of nanotechnology, which shows its science fact as well as its science fiction, which brings to the reader’s mind of things that could really happen with our progressing state of technological advancement, even without alien involvement.

Swarm is the first installment in the Star Force book series. This book is told in the first person voice of the main character Kyle Riggs, who comes from a rural background but is also a computer science professor at a university. The story starts at the farm where he is abducted by an alien spacecraft in the middle of the night. The aliens on this spacecraft are testing all people that they abduct. They keep the people alive who pass their tests but are killing the ones who are too weak to pass them. Riggs is one who is staying alive by passing the aliens’ tests. It is discovered that there are more than one group of aliens that are out there harassing the people of Earth, and the group who abducted Riggs are the relatively nice ones. It is also discovered that there are no good aliens out there. Being a typical protagonist, Riggs is of above average intellect and not asking to be a leader or a hero, but he is thrusted into those two positions and he is successful at both things, establishing himself as a military genius during the first battle he fights in. Earth is annexed by an alien empire, causing the humans to be recruited to fight in a space war with those aliens. The marines, known as the Star Force Marines are armed with alien technology to build a battle fleet to defeat the aliens or the humans will face extinction.

The second installment of the Star Force book series is called Extinction, which picks up where the first book, Swarm, left off. The alien groups called the Nanos and the Macros, are still major characters of the series, however, there is the introduction of the third alien group called the Worms. The Nanos have a new expedition, so as the Nanos leave Earth to take part in this new purpose, Riggs has the opportunity to keep his promise to the Macros aliens, which is to develop an army of soldiers to fight for them. The Macros leave Earth’s space to return in one year’s time. To make good on his promise, Riggs has to deal with and subdue the US political system and his own troops. After the year’s time, the machines will show up to collect on the promise made to them by Riggs. Also during that time, Star Force acquires new enemies in all directions, which include Earth’s many governments, that want to take possession of the Star Force Nanotechnology for their own use. This installment is about Earth’s participation in a space war between machines and living beings. To guarantee the humans’ triumph and continued existence, they’ve taken up arms with the machines.

The majority of the readers who read this series, love it and can’t wait for the next book to be published and released. Many claim that this science fiction series is one of the best to be written in the military science fiction genre, which include the battling of alien species and the use of advanced technology. The readers love that this series is action packed, fast paced, suspenseful, combat filled and serves well as a science fiction escape from real life. Readers also love the series because it’s a fun, exciting and entertaining space opera. Another thing that impresses the readers of this series is the accurate use of nanotechnology, computer science or any science by B. V. Larson, and how those uses contribute to the possibility of the existence of such advanced technology as presented in the series. Another aspect of this series that is very admired by the readers is the main character, Kyle Riggs. Kyle Riggs is portrayed as a strong but fallible protagonist and hero. Riggs was just a regular, average guy, who was uprooted from his normal, pleasant life and forced into a life or death situation, in which he wouldn’t be just fighting for his own life but he was also fighting for the continued existence of the human species. This main character was well developed, realistic and believable. Readers identified with him and were sympathetic and empathetic to him and the situation he found himself in. This series is excellent for readers who like science fiction that is fast paced, action packed, page turning, and suspenseful, which include various alien species, high tech weapons, and a war of the worlds type space opera. This is a very successful science fiction series, written by an independent author and self publisher, who has written and published quite a few books in this series, and will continue to do so at the delight of this series’ thousands of science fiction fans.

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