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Star Kingdom Books In Order

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Publication Order of Star Kingdom Books

By: David Weber, Jane Lindskold
A Beautiful Friendship (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fire Season (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Treecat Wars (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A New Clan (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

David Weber is a published author. This American writer specializes in the genre of fantasy and science fiction.

Weber was born on October 24, 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio. He enjoys putting female characters in the lead of what might be a male role. Honor Harrington is one of his more enduring characters and a popular one as well.

The author derived the alliterative name as part of a character homage to Horatio Hornblower, a C.S. Forester character as well as the last name from a doctor character in Master and Commander. She lives in the universe of the ‘Honorverse’ and her story has spanned through over a dozen books as well as multiple anthologies in the shared universe.

David did end up donating an archive that he had to Northern Illinois University to their department involving rare books and of course special collections. As for this author, the majority of his books can be found online.

David Weber is the creator and author of the Star Kingdom series of fictional novels along with fellow writer Jane Lindskold for a few stories of the series. This series kicked off in 2011 with the release of the first book, which is titled A Beautiful Friendship. In 2012 the sequel came out and is titled Fire Season. Treecat Wars came out the next year.

A Beautiful Friendship is the first book in David Weber’s Star Kingdom series. This debut story is where readers get to meet the character of Stephanie Harrington for the first time. She is someone that lives on a pioneer planet called Sphinx.

Stephanie despises having to be inside the compound of her family on this frontier world. It’s full of wilderness, and everyone knows that the word even contains the word ‘wild’ in it. There are tons of animals there native to the area and the wilderness seems very populated by them. These animals are not only likely dangerous, but could probably shred a person to pieces very easily.

Despite the risks of this frontier world, Stephanie is determined that she is going to keep on going even in the face of a less than desirable situation. She wants to make discoveries of her very own, and in this aspect, she is not going to be disappointed. This young lady has no idea that the largest discovery of her life is coming for her, and it’s going to be a big one.

Stephanie has no idea that she could stumble upon an alien species– and not only that, but one that is intelligent. She might be the first person ever to be able to say that they discovered the treecat species. These creatures are interesting that they seem like large cats. Perhaps you could say that they are a hybrid of a lemur and a bobcat.

They don’t look like your typical bobcat, however. These animals come equipped with a body that has six legs and claws on them that are deadly. The thing that sets these beasts apart from the pack is that they are sentient and telepathic too. That’s something that you certainly don’t see every day. The cats might even have the ability to bond with humans that have that gift.

Stephanie might be one of those people, and she finds that her discovery is exciting but also opening up a whole new world. She has a bond with this treecat, but it’s also starting to bring new levels of danger into the picture with it. It turns out that this discovery may have enemies that want to protect their wealth at any cost.

These individuals are going to collude to ensure that Sphinx is under the control of humans. This could mean exterminating an entire species entirely, but they would not have any qualms about doing that. Stephanie must team up with Lionheart to figure out what they can do about this problem.

The two species may be equally alien at heart, but they have a bigger issue on their hands. Not only are they facing down first contact, but they are doing their best to try and navigate it together. They are going to do their best to survive interactions with another species and try to establish freedom in the future and give everyone the liberty that they deserve.

When it comes to Stephanie, she isn’t certain that she is going to be able to pull this off. Little does she know that it may be her destiny to form a family dynasty that will take the reins on the fight for the freedom of the human race. Humanity may not be alone in the galaxy, but they’re going to do their best to defend it. What will happen in the end? Read this book to find out!

Fire Season is the exciting sequel to the debut novel in the Star Kingdom fictional series of novels by acclaimed author David Weber. If you loved the first fantasy story, then check this second installment out for yourself!

When the forest is on fire, there is a cry coming from an alien mother She is trapped and needs help and is desperate to get it. No human being is able to hear this cry, but there may be hope yet. Stephanie is on Sphinx as a forest ranger when she gets a feeling that something is wrong.

It’s because her treecat is sensing something, and their bond is very close. She knows that something is off even if she does not know what it is. Even if her friend can’t talk to her the way that people would, he is able to get something across.

Karl and Stephanie respond as rangers to the treecat’s feelings. As the world’s fire season is in full swing, there are people that look to take advantage of the planet’s natural cycle. The treecats may be an obstacle to their acquiring more money, power, and land as well.

Can Stephanie work with her friends to keep injustice at bay? She is attempting to hide a huge secret– that the treecats are intelligent and sentient. They deserve rights, but will they get them? Read Fire Season to find out!

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