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Publication Order of Star Rigger Books

Seas of Ernathe (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Star Rigger's Way (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Panglor (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragons in the Stars (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon Rigger (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eternity's End (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon Space (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

A Star Rigger is a character in Jeffrey A. Carver novel series who pilots spacecraft through a hyperspace realm known as Flux. So who are riggers? Riggers are pilots, and ships can be piloted by a crew consisting of several riggers working as a team or by a single rigger.

Since navigating through Flux requires great imagination, it is a must that all the rigger must be creative people. The novels also describe a state known as “burn out” a condition in which the riggers begin living in their dreamland after spending too much time in the Flux.

Narratives say that some few people become vaguely translucent and appear to have left a part of them in the hyperspace.

All the riggers belong to the RiggerGuild which provides them protection from abuse and also provides them with individual rights. For instance, it is a mandatory for a planet Spacing Authority to provide all the possible help and transportation to a Rigger crew and the passengers in the event of an accident while in the Flux. However, if the RiggerGuild feels that its members are not treated properly, it can call for a general strike which can have adverse effects like paralyzing a planets interstellar economy. Panglor Balef was the first ever known rigger during the twelfth century of space.

The star rigger series is narrated through a set of six novels and series of short books. The fifth book in the series Eternity’s End was nominated for Nebula Award.

Seas of Ernathe

Seas of Ernathe was the first book by Jeffrey A. Carver and also the first full-length of what was later to become his most loved and popular Star Rigger Universe. It takes place during the time when the skills of star rigging have been lost to humanity, and they are only left navigating the flux with mechanized probes.

The only hope for humans regaining the ability to navigate through the flux is a compound found in plankton that thrives well only on planet Ernathe. Unfortunately, the indigenous people on this world have already begun interfering with the activity of the human settlers harvesting operation, and no method of communication has been successful.

Seth Perland must, however, find a way to establish a peaceful dialogue before the two sides enter into a war. He starts a journey to establish a contact with the indigenous people, and while on the mission Lo’ela, a native woman together with her brothers abduct Seth. This gives Seth the perfect opportunity that he required from the beginning. However, getting himself in their way could have devastating effects not only on himself but the entire humanity.

The first novel in the series shining jewel that marks the way into a captivating, intriguing and thought-provoking series that will keep you hooked from the first page to the very last page.

The settings of the novel are quite fascinating, and the readers who love sci-fi stories set in space will find series a must read. The characters in this book are well crafted; the vast distances of the space are populated with creature-like dragons, and this makes the series a kind of space opera.

Dragons in the Stars

In Dragons in the Stars, Jael LeBrae, a beautiful young star rigger, manages to rebel against an abusive ship master and goes ahead to take a challenging route in the flux where the narratives say it is a place where the dragons live.

However, no one believes that dragons live in the mountains, and ready to battle the careless riggers. The dragons later appear during the night in the Flux a situation that forces Jael and engages Jael into a fight to the death.

Help seems to appear when Highwing, a dragon befriends the lonely Rigger, only to later realize that she has been stranded into an ancient battle between the good and the evil and her appearance foretold in an ancient prophecy.

When Jael return to the world of dragon realm, she finds that her friend, Highwing sentenced to death reason due to the act of kindness towards Jael and death declared to Jael if she dared to intervene.

However, with death tag on her head or not, she must intervene to save a friend who once endangered his life to save hers. Once again Carver showcases his superior writing skills by presenting a sci-fiction novel with a simple story and still captivating.

Eternity’s End

Jeffrey A. Carver returns with a new science fiction set against a panoramic backdrop of space piracy, interstellar war, and star-spanning conspiracy. After spending seven years at the hands of an interstellar pirate, Renwald Legroeder, a star rigger finally manages to escape to the Centralist Wolrd. Ready to return to rigging, he finds himself a target of a conspiracy that stretches from the pirate stars beyond to the Centrist Worlds- a plot that not only survived the interstellar wars but also claimed the lives of millions of aliens and humans.

Legroeder’s only hope of escaping the conspiracy is to commence on a death mission that will thrust him back into the core place of the pirates in search of Impris- a legend and long lost ship called Flying Dutchman of Space.

What awaits him at the stronghold lurking danger, cybernetic technology and a woman who could be his salvation or downfall.

Dragon Rigger

The legends of a Flux, a subjective reality in the hyperspace where stray riggers encounter dragons have existed from the beginning of time, and for one, Jael LeBrae finally discovered that the legend is real. She understands that legends are true after she met a dragon named Highwing, in a battle with Tar-skel an evil creature popularly known as Nail of Strength.

This time, Jael finds herself in the battle again, but with a much-reduced number of dragons. The evil one, Tar-Skel is developing and expanding his boundaries beyond the dragon universe, and the fate of the humanity depends on whether Jael outcome on the battle with the Nail of Strength.

Star Rigger Universe is a fantastic turn through the hyperspace in the realm of space opera. It is filled with battles, military campaigns, conspiracies, legends, and dragons. If you are a great fan of novels set in the space, you will love Jeffrey A. Carver series.

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