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Publication Order of Starcaster Books

By: J.N. Chaney, Terry Maggert

“Starcaster” series is a set of novels by J.N. Chaney & Terry Maggert. Chaney is a GameLit and Science fiction author that has made a name collaborating with several others in all manner of genres. Chaney is a trained author with a Creative Writing master’s degree and ninety works of fiction to his name. As a young man, he joined the United States Air Force and after more than a decade in the military, he retired to become a full-time author. He published “The Amber Project,” the debut novel of the “Variant Saga” series in 2015 and since then has become one of the most prolific authors averaging about fifteen titles every year. JN Chaney fancies himself quite the gaming nerd and is a huge fan of the “Super Mario Bros” games. When he is not gaming or penning his bestselling titles, he can be found trawling online fiction forums looking for new material for his works. He also loves to read, catch up on his favorite TV series and movies on Netflix. He also likes to joke that he is building a super weapon to fight an inevitable alien invasion. While he has made his home in Avon Park Florida, he does move around a lot and may be found almost anywhere in the US or Europe.

Terry Maggert is a science fiction author that just like his fellow author is one of the most prolific writers in the genre. Maggert published “The Forest Bull” the first of the “Fearless” series of novels in 2013 and since then has gone on to publish more than thirty novels over several series of novels. He has collaborated with JN Chaney in the writing of “Starcaster” and the “Messenger” series of novels. Maggert has also made contributions to several short story collections over the years. He has said that he has always been fascinated with dragons ever since he was a child growing up in Florida. He currently lives in Tennessee but also moves around a lot subject to the availability of coffee, upheaval, or insurrection. When he is not at home writing his novels, he will often be on the road attending book events whenever he may find them or be invited.

The “Starcaster” series of novels by JN Chaney and Terry Maggert is set in a future time where humanity has spread out across the many galaxies. While they have been very successful in colonizing the universe they are now being hunted by an alien race with telekinetic/psychic powers. A few of the humans have the powers that the aliens have and the military has been training them to defend humanity. These few humans with magical powers are referred to as “Starcasters.” The alien race is full of arrogant brutes that have destroyed several human planets that had always been at peace with their neighbors. One of the planets had been the home of Thorn Stella. He teams up with Kira Wixcombe another orphaned refugee and together they seek revenge on the aliens. They had been together at the orphanage and from their time together learned that they had paranormal abilities they learned had become dormant in humans for hundreds of years. Some are pyrotechnic, others are telepathic and some have telekinesis.

In “Starcaster,” the first novel of the “Starcaster” series of novels introduces Kira, a refugee who is friends with Thorn the lead of the novel. While Thorn was stuck on a muddy hellish planet, Kira had joined the navy and it was while she was working in the military that she had learned where he was. She believes that Thorn will be a great member of the Corp and intends to recruit him. The Earth’s navy drifts across the galaxy even as the ships of the alien Nyctus races swarm over the planets burning each system they come across. With so many enemy ships, it seems that the extinction of the human race is inevitable. But a boy is left behind in one of the forgotten worlds. The boy is hugely talented and has power, unlike anything anyone else in the universe ever had. The boy is made into a mage and trained to fight and lead. He works with a team of renegade warriors and together they have developed far more superior arms than what they had on Earth. With such weapons, they have a good chance of defeating the enemies coming after humanity. To add to the weapons they developed, they have supernatural powers that were once the stuff of legend and this has given them an edge over the aliens. Each of the Starcasters has the talent that they bring to the table except for the super-powered Thorn that has several. Alongside Kira Wixcombe his childhood companion they must confront a huge threat coming out of the distant darkness with a lust for revenge and the power of magic.

“Hex Division” the second novel of the “Starcaster” series of novels by Terry Maggert and JN Chaney sees war on the cards even as the Orbital Navy is coming off its first big victory against the aliens. The Thorn Stellers led Starcasters cannot be trusted, even with their magical powers. It seems paranormal powers are not enough to replace naval might and the edge of steel leaving humanity at a crossroads. As Kira and Thorn settle into their new roles in the navy, their magic continually tries to burst out. When Thorn learns that he may have some untapped powers, he asks for Mol Wyant’s help to harness it. What they come up with may change the rules of the galaxy as these are powers that have never been seen before in the universe. Thorn will team up with Mol, Kira, and a salty captain and together push warfare into a deadly and wild phenomenon that their enemies could never have predicted. Thorn carves a path to victory by employing magic and challenging the physical laws of the universe. But with such powers, can his friends and crew trust him?

“Crimson Sun” the third novel of the “Starcaster” series of novels follows the events of the destruction of the idyllic planet of Nebo. The Nyctus who are known for not liking to lose any war have been once again moving to change the tide of the war. They have been making huge fleets and getting back into human space. They are even ready to lose their expensive ships as long as they destroy as many human planets as they can in their endeavor. The aliens also seem to have some critical intel that could only have been given to them by a human crew. Humans have only ever lost one ship and the crew and what happened to the ship remains a mystery. The ship that went missing had been one of the first ships ever built by humans. She has been gone for hundreds of years and now Thorn has been charged with finding it if they are to have any hope of victory. Kira and Thorn are back again which means things are going to get interesting once again.

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