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Stars of Mithra Books In Order

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Publication Order of Stars of Mithra Books

Stars of Mithra is a series of romantic suspense novels written by Nora Roberts. The books follow the exploits of three women whose lives are threatened by three priceless gems.

+The Story

The Stars of Mithra series is a trilogy that tells three tales of romance. While there is plenty of action and suspense at play, the Stars of Mithra series is more romance than anything else.

The books kick things off with Hidden Star. It is there that readers are introduced to Bailey, a beautiful woman that doesn’t know who she is. Bailey and Cade Parris meet when Bailey asks him to help her regain her memories.

Cade is a private investigator. His life has been fraught with turmoil. A child of privilege, Cade struggled to meet the expectations of his family. He even attempted to start a traditional family.

But things did not work out and, despite the raucous raised by his family, Cade eventually settled into private investigative work, having found that the field was where he found true comfort and satisfaction.

Cade has no idea what to make of Bailey when they meet. From what he can tell, she’s in trouble. She’s in possession of a massive diamond and she’s definitely on the run from someone. But for reasons neither of them can answer, Bailey has amnesia.

Cade and Bailey do what they can to put the pieces of her past together. Along the way, they fall in love and struggle to determine whether or not they can make their relationship work in the wake of Bailey’s amnesia.

It is later revealed that Bailey stumbled into a conspiracy revolving around the stars of Mithra, three special gems that are said to grant great power and immortality to whoever wields them.

Bailey’s life began to spiral downward when she encountered the gems and, in an attempt to keep them from the nefarious forces that sought to claim them, sent them off to her two best friends.

Her assumptions that the force hunting the gems would simply disappear back into the shadows once the stones disappeared where quickly proven false, with Bailey realizing that they must now fight for their lives.

Bailey, M.J, and Grace met in college and became friends. The three of them couldn’t be more different from one another. And it was those differences that drew them together.

Each of the Mithra novels explores the lives and trials of Bailey and her friends. Bailey takes center stage in the first book. Her book is as much about her relationship with Cade as it is about escaping the bad guys who want to cause her harm and recover the gem in her possession.

M.J. comes into the picture in the second novel. While Bailey is soft, naïve and unsure of herself, M.J. is a strong independent woman. She grew up around bars and she spends her days running her own bar.

And after a lifetime spent having the final say in her life, M.J. isn’t too keen on letting other people control her. But that is exactly what Jack tries to do. The bounty hunter bursts through M.J’s door believing her to be a criminal that skipped bail.

It doesn’t take them long to realize that someone set Jack up, using him to find M.J. The pair must put their differences aside, learn to trust one another and overcome the anxieties that surround the attraction they feel for one another if they want to survive.

The Stars of Mithra series eventually wraps up with Grace, the third best friend, whose journey begins when she meets a homicide detective by the names of Seth Buchanan.

Like M.J., Grace was sent a diamond by Bailey. But she did not realize just how much danger she was in until a woman was discovered dead in her apartment. Seth thought the woman was Grace. But then Grace showed up alive.

All the Mithra novels feature desperate women who stumble into the lives of men in law enforcement when their existence is threatened because of the gems they possess. The heroes and heroines of each novel fall in love the moment they meet.

The danger the woman faces initially makes an exploration of that love impossible. But as things grow direr, both the hero and heroine realize that they might die before acting on their feelings, and that drives them to take steps to claim the objects of their desire.

All the books play out over a very short period of time. As a result, the plot proceeds at a very rapid pace, with the hero and heroine overcoming their mistrust for one another, accepting their feelings and developing a stable relationship so quickly that it tends to rub a lot of readers the wrong way.

+The Author
Nora Roberts is an American author with dozens of bestselling novels under her belt. She has also written fiction under pen names like Sarah Hardesty. Nora comes from a family of readers.

She picked up the reading habit at a young age, though it wasn’t until she became an adult that the author took to writing as well. Nora imputes her success to her Catholic education which instilled discipline in her.

+Hidden Star
Bailey had no idea who she was. She knew she was in trouble but she couldn’t tell you what she had done wrong. All she knew was that she had a priceless gem in her possession and someone was determined to claim it.

That was where Cade came into the picture. The private investigator knew he loved Bailey from the moment she walked into his life and he understood that he would do everything in his power to restore her memory and protect her from the bad people who hunted her.

+Captive Star
Jake Dakota is a bounty hunter. He thought M.J was a bail jumper so he forced his way into her life, handcuffed her and carried M.J away. But now he knows the truth. Someone tricked him, used him to find M.J. Now the pair has killers on their trail.

M.J doesn’t want to trust Jake. But he already knows that their woes are tied to the massive blue gem her best friend sent her.

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