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Publication Order of Steamy Coffee Collection Books

The Steamy Coffee Collection book series is a wonderful series of contemporary romance, new adult, erotica, adult fiction, and erotic romance stories. It is penned by a renowned novelist named Whitney G. The series began in 2016 and Whitney published the first three titles within a period of two years. This erotic series features different primary characters in different books, who help to take the series forward by indulging in passionate romances and sensuous relationships.

Some of the essential characters that Whitney created for this series include Mya London, Michael Leighton, Natalie Madison, Garrett Ashton, Penelope Lauren, Ryan Dalton, and several others. All the novels are set in New York City. Whitney Garcia has shown how people from different sections of the society and different fields of career get involved in passionate affairs and then do whatever they can to make their lover theirs forever. Whitney’s depiction of the characters and the storylines were very much appreciated by the audience. They also liked the settings of the stories and the way Whitney has shown people from different professional fields dealing with their problems and trying to overcome them with hard work and dedication.

A wonderful novel of the Steamy Coffee Collection series written by author Whitney G. is entitled ‘Dirty Doctor’. It was released in 2017 by the WGW Books publication. This novel consists of the central characters in the form of Garrett Ashton and Natalie Madison. It takes place in New York City, where Garrett Ashton works as a doctor. He has a weakness for women and often indulges in online flirtation, where he meets unknown ladies and tries to set himself up with them. The online flirtation stops when he meets the new intern at the hospital, Natalie Madison. Natalie joins Garrett’s hospital as a resident doctor and immediately gets blown away by the charm and handsome look of her new boss.

Garrett thinks that being a doctor in a metro city is not an easy task. He has his own private practice and is never too happy with his staff, whose incompetent nature and frequent insisting to fill in while they go and enjoy with their partners, makes him think that he has landed himself in the wrong profession. In the last 6 months, Garrett has performed too many examinations, reconstructive surgeries, and offered consultations. But, he does not find this work exciting because his main interest lies in being a therapist and not in general medicine. The only good thing that happened with him in recent times is the arrival of more competent staff in the form of Natalie Madison. Things take a surprising turn when Garrett comes to know that his new doctor is the same woman who he was flirting with and dating online.

The two were supposed to go on a dinner date and meet each other personally for the first time. But, Natalie stood him up saying that she cannot meet him anymore. Garrett wants answers from Natalie about why she backed out even after agreeing to move their online relation into a real-world one. He has never been able to forget the filthy fantasies that she discussed with him nor he has deleted their dirty messages. Garrett Ashton intends to confront Natalie Madison and have a one-on-one talk with her. He doesn’t want to keep acting like a professional and not ask anything about their online involvement. If she thinks that he will not seek answers from her and pretend as if nothing has happened, then she is waiting for something nasty to happen to her.

Another interesting installment of this series is known as ‘Cocky Client’. It was also published by the WGW Books publication in 2017. The lead characters depicted in this book include Penelope Lauren and Ryan Dalton. Initially, Ryan Dalton is introduced as a real estate mogul and the CEO of his company. He is also a manwhore and likes to indulge in one-night stands with women he meets online and offline. His company requires him to hire publicists to help in its publicity. But, because of Ryan’s manwhore nature, no publicist lasts for long. However, things begin to change when he meets his new publicist, a struggling owner of a PR firm named Penelope Lauren.

With just one meeting with her, Ryan begins to hope that they will have a lot to share in the future. The two have already indulged in a one-night stand and neither of them has been able to forget the night that they enjoyed the most. It comes as a shock to Penelope to find out that her new boss is the same man with whom she had enjoyed a fuckfest last night. After their passionate love-making marathon, Penelope woke up 5 hours late. She had enjoyed every minute of being with the cockiest, most arrogant, and the sexiest man she had ever met. When Penelope found a note left behind by Ryan saying that he knew she was not experienced and that she wore cotton panties as opposed to her claims of using lingerie or silk robes, she was amused and wanted to have more from him. Before meeting Ryan, two of Penelope’s top PR clients had left her company for their number one competitor.

While she headed to sign her next client, the one for whom her company had already decided to pay the highest amount ever in their history, she was already having a bad start to her day. But, all the disappointments went away when Penelope saw that her next client was none another than the sexy man with whom she had slept the night before. It was the best signing session of her career as it allowed her to meet Ryan again, with whom she wanted to have more nights of passions and romance. As Ryan stepped into her office with his typical panty-wetting smile and introduced himself as her new client, it made it the best day of her life. Penelope hoped to indulge with the new cocky client more in the coming days, both personally and professionally. This novel’s narration is told in two POVs, that is, from both the characters. The author has depicted many hilarious situations where the primary characters find themselves indulged in. Other important aspects that make this book include petty behavior, dirty sex, razor-sharp bantering, etc. Overall, the novel is fast-paced and hilarious. It has everything to provide a good read and a value for money.

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