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Steel and Fire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Steel and Fire Books

Steel and Fire is a series of fantasy books written by a bestselling American author of post-apocalyptic, young adult and adult fantasy books Jordan Rivet. Rivet is also popularly known for her Seabound Chronicles a series of novels set after an apocalypse on a cruise ship and Empire of Talents series about a young girl who can transform her appearance. The author began Steel and Fire series in 2016 when Duel of Fire the first book in the series was published.

Duel of Fire

A Knight’s Tale meets Throne of Glass in this daring fantasy story full of swordplay, magic, and romance. The first book in the series introduces us to Dara Ruminor a young and severe duelist in the Vertigon, a kingdom of misty peaks and dramatic cliffs where strange Fire magic run through the rocks like blood. The lone kingdom has for years been peaceful with swords only being used for sports and the famous athletes living the life of a king as long as the citizens love them.

The 18-year old Dara Ruminor needs to find a rich patron to engage him in a professional duel or else she spends a lifetime working in her parent’s shop. However, her efforts are soon disrupted when her trainer requests her to train with the Prince, a charming young man whose passion isn’t sporting. However, the lovely prince’s life might be in mortal danger and soon our heroine, Dara will come to learn that the secluded Vertigon kingdom is not as calm and peaceful as she thought.

As life threats emerge from the darkness, Dara will have to raise the sword she once used as a sporting tool to protect the young prince.

Jordan Rivet’s debut book in Steel and Fire series is a young adult fantasy book with a familiar premise: a young woman living in a beautiful mountain kingdom who seeks validation somewhere since she can’t live up to her folk’s expectations only to find herself entangled and investigating a mysterious scheme to overthrow the king. No, it doesn’t feature a singing princess like Frozen, or a kid who builds droids and pod races like The Phantom Menace but this shouldn’t make you give up on the story as it features lots of fascinating characters, and scenic setting.

The author’s world building and merging prose is beautiful. Her description of how the Vertigon kingdom is strategically located and how the bridges connect the three tops helps create a visual image in the reader’s mind.

The main character is Dara hopes to become the talk of the town by winning the famous Vertigon Cup and she believes by doing so it would attract a sponsor who could get her out of the family business. She believes that the family business is like a personal failure for she is born without the talent of taping into the magical fire of the mountain like her father. Seeking to find her purpose in life somewhere else, she focuses on becoming a duelist, but the person in her way is Prince Siv, a handsome young man who drives her crazy in many different ways. His dialogue is both witty and snappy, and the chemistry between them oozes through the pages. There are plenty of memorable supporting characters including two princesses, the hipster vine and Dara’s fencing buddies. However, it’s her coach who brings Siv and Dara together as fencing buddies and sets the story in motion by pointing out some evil threat against the kingdom.

King of Mist

In the second book in Steel and Fire series, Dara takes a new job offer as a Castle Guard for the Vertigon Kingdom very seriously. She does not allow her feelings for prince Siv to get in her way of atoning her folk’s action regardless of how hard it is to keep her distance from them.

However, Dara is keeping secrets from the king, a secret that revolves around a newly found ability that’s way hard to hide. When Siv assumes the role of a king in Vertigon kingdom, he is condemned to the strategic marriages, council meetings and the maneuverings of greedy noblemen. While there are no sharp or pointy objects involved, a swordsman makes him want to escape from his duties and responsibilities at every opportunity.

However, the peace Vertigon kingdom has always enjoyed is over and the kingdom’s enemies conspire to end Siv’s reign way before it begins. As their foes plots grow more complex, Siv and Dara will have to get help from what seems to be an unlikely source. However, if Dara’s secrets are revealed, she will have even more significant problems- and her lover might never trust her again.

Night of Flame

As the Lantern Maker continues to terrorize the entire world with his Fireworker army, Dara is struggling to master her new abilities to bring an end to Lantern Maker’s menace. However she does not know whether she will be able to succeed all by herself- considering that the Lantern Maker is her father- but she is soon running out of time, and the destruction is getting worse. All in all, she will have to make one final choice in the end- that would either save or leave the world in pieces.

On the other hand, we find Siv assembling a fighting squad to take back his kingdom from the enemies. His sister assists him in some unexpected form, but the new help might not be as reliable as he thinks. Both Dara and Siv find themselves is drawn into a battle they weren’t prepared for and trusted those who cannot be trusted could ultimately cost them the war.

Back in Vertigon kingdom, Queen Sora discovers a new threat, and even if Dara and Siv manage to make it back to the kingdom, they would probably be too late to save it. As they struggle to overcome the forces of ambition, violence, and power, they find themselves drawn into a much bigger final conflict that would determine the fate of every kingdom on the continent and the only way to restore peace throughout the land is through war.

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