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Publication Order of Steel Brothers Saga Books

The Steel Brothers Saga is a series of erotic romance novels written by Helen Hardt. The books follow the exploits of the Steel siblings as they fight to attain love and happiness in a cruel world.

+The Story
The Steel Brothers Saga is as loved as it is hated by fans. Some readers cannot stand Helen Hardt’s characters, her stories or even her writing. They think that the Steel Brothers Saga should have ended as a trilogy and that Helen was wrong to extend it beyond the third book.

But for many Hardt fans, the Steel Brothers saga had way too many stories left to tell for it to end after three of four books. They believe that Helen Hardt’s entire collection does her story justice by digging into all the nooks and crannies of the steel family.

The Steel Brothers Saga starts with Jade and Talon’s love story. Jade’s seven-year-long relationship came to a startling end when the man that should have been her husband abandoned her at the altar.

Unable to cope with the embarrassment and the heartache, Jade sought solace on the Colorado Western Slopes. Her best friend had a ranch that she shared with her brothers.

Jade just wanted a moment to heal. But all that met her at the ranch was further turmoil. She knew she loved Talon Steel from the moment they locked eyes. She didn’t know at the time that, of all the Steel brothers, Talon was the most tortured.

All Jade knew was that the man made her feel things she thought had died at the altar. Talon, for his part, thought that Jade was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Yet her beauty was only the icing on the cake. Talon had seen beautiful women. He had slept with them, using them to fill the hole in his heart and then immediately casting them aside.

To the broken fellow, women were just that, tools to be used. But Jade was different. She was sweet and kind and she genuinely sought to understand him. Even as they took those first tentative steps towards a genuine relationship, none of them knew just how calamitous their lives and those of their friends and family would become as a result of their burgeoning love.

Even though Jade and Talon’s relationship consumes the first three novels, they are by no means the only protagonists of the series. Though, their importance might seem elevated because they are the first couple readers of the Steel Brothers Saga meet and their presence continues to loom over the rest of the series.

Jade and Talon’s story is actually the most contentious of all the couples in this series. Talon isn’t just broken as a man. He is barely holding onto his sanity. The alpha male was horribly abused as a child.

That trauma left him scarred. And when Jade meets him, Talon does everything in his power to keep the beautiful girl at arm’s length. His attitude towards her isn’t just hostile. Talon is downright abusive in some cases, and yet that does not stop Jade from working ever so hard to pierce the walls that surround his heart.

According to Helen Hardt, Jade is a strong woman. She knows that Talon is damaged. She understands that his mental ailments could prove detrimental to her physical health.

And yet, no amount of abuse on the part of Talon ever stops her from trying to grow closer to him.

There are readers who believe that Talon’s relationship with Jade is romantic. However, a significant number of the author’s fans feel nothing but hate for Jade and Talon. They have complained that Jade is written as an independent woman but all she does is acquiesce to Talon’s abuse.

Talon, for his part, spends this series using his trauma as an excuse to mistreat Jade. Their relationship is made all the more toxic by the fact that they have nothing in common, with Hardt using copious amounts of sex to cover up the fact that her protagonists never have anything to talk about.

Readers who are put off by Jade’s romance with Talon are unlikely to enjoy the rest of the Steel Brothers Saga series. On the other hand, anyone that takes to the first trilogy of novels with fervor will enjoy every other title that follows

It is worth pointing out the fact that the author makes an effort to keep her couples distinct by varying the personalities of her protagonists. While Talon, the middle brother, is dark, mysterious and abusive, Jonah, the oldest brother, is rich, intelligent and hard-working.

There’s also Ryan, the most handsome and least miserable of the Steel brothers.

The Steel Brothers Saga is written with mature audiences in mind. Hardt describes her characters’ sexual activities in considerable detail.

+The Author
Helen Hardt is a bestselling Amerian author that writes romance. She was only six-years-old when she wrote her first story. The attorney, mother, and martial arts expert has since won numerous accolades for her writing.

Jade never thought she would recover from being left at the altar. But then she fled to her best friend’s ranch, met her brother Talon Steel and everything changed. Talon is gorgeous but he is also haunted.

Something horrific happened to him when he was young. The trauma trained Talon to look at women as tools that he could use and throw away. But Jade is different. He could tell from the moment they kissed.

But Talon isn’t so certain that their love can survive his secrets.

Talon Steel threw Jade Roberts out of his ranch, leaving her stranded at a time when she was most vulnerable.

But Jade is moving on. She still longs for the passion she shared with Talon but she refuses to wallow. Of course, her boss doesn’t really care that she wants nothing to do with the Steel family.

He has charged her with digging up dirt on the Steel boys, and Jade complies even though she knows that her actions will put her on a collision course with Talon.

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  1. Cynthia Holland: 2 years ago

    I can’t ever ever ever get enough of the Steel Brothers series after I read Blaze #21 I started back at #1 till book #22 came out I love this series it has keep me completely captivated for years I think Helen Hardy is AMAZING please don’t stop what u do so well

  2. Linda Neal: 2 years ago

    I laughed and I cried. This series had me spell-
    bound! Excellent. Thank you Helen Hardt for entertaining me!


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