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Publication Order of Forged of Steele Books

Solid Soul (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Heat (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond Temptation (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Risky Pleasures (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Irresistible Forces (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quade's Babies (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intimate Seduction (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intima Seduccion (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden Pleasures (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Steele for Christmas (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Private Arrangements (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Possessed by Passion (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guilty Pleasure (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by a Steele (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Claimed by a Steele (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

American Novelist Brenda Jackson is a well-renowned author of a romance novel. Forged of Steele, is a series of American books that brings to light the romantic stories of the various characters from the Steele family. Brenda began her series back in 2006 with the novel Solid Soul. The series is currently ongoing, and she has released ten books so far. Since each novel tells the tales of a different character, you do not have to read the books in the chronology that they were released. All her books have been published by Harlequin Kimani, except the 6th book in the series (Quade’s Babies) that was published by Silhouette Desire.

Solid Soul was first published in 2006 before it was revised and the second edition was reprinted back in May of 2011. It’s the story of how a millionaire Chance Steele, meets an ordinary flower shop owner by the name Kylie Hagan. The book talks about how they came together for the first time united by being single parents and driven by teenage hormones. Though they attempt to refute their feelings, they can’t stop with the imaginations. Eventually, they cannot stay apart for long because of some things that they just couldn’t ignore.

The second book in the series was printed back in August of 2006. It goes by the name; Night Heat. The book is about Sebastian Steele, a man that is said to be ‘the man that every woman dreamt about.’ With all his charm, elegance and immense wealth, you have to wait and see, if the owner of a struggling company Jocelyn Mason would accept his offer to help her revitalize her company. Nevertheless, soon the stars, the butterflies and the sparks set in and it’s clear than ever who was the boss.

Beyond temptation was published in 2007 and is the third book in the series. The book is about Morgan Steele, a corky gentleman who refuses to settle for nothing less than the perfect woman. Soon enough he sets his eyes on a woman who is utterly unmoved by his charm. He sets out on a mission to convince the amazing career woman, Lena Spears, that he’s her Mr. Right. He makes some promises to her regarding the baby and the financial security she desires. He’s totally confident that once he gets her into bed, she’ll never think of living.

Risky pleasures are the fourth, and it was released in 2007 also. There’s a twist in the ordinary running of the stories as the main character Steele, is a woman. Vanessa Steele is the most attractive asset in the Steele Corporation and even though Cameron Cody did fail in his attempt to get everything, he sets out to get what according to him, was the most valuable asset. Cameron sets out on a mission to prove to Vanessa that he’s one of the temptation. Conversely, Vanessa is also quite determined to prove him wrong. As the story unfolds so does the heat of passion.

Published in 2008, Irresistible Forces, is about a week of promiscuity on an attractive Caribbean island. Business tycoon Dominic Saxon is about to have one of the best business proposals he’s ever had. Taylor Steele wants a baby, with no strings attached and no arrangements. She sees Dominic as a suitable candidate with the genes to father her child and besides the man has no intentions of marriage too. She is yet to learn that Dominic is perfect in almost everything. Their vacation was something they had never thought of but now that it’s over, will they be able to walk the walk?

2008 was the year of release of Quade’s Babies. Quade Westmoreland’s single night escapade with Cheyenne had left them both wanting more. The only problem was he never even got learn her last name. A year later, a photo and the desires to get her back had driven him to track her down, and now he has finally found her. He is soon to learn that he’s the father of Cheyenne’s three little babies and that even makes him more determined. Cheyenne seems keen on resisting him, but for how long? Quade is determined more than ever, to do whatever it takes to win her.

In 2009 came Intimate Seduction. Donovan Steele’s current housekeeper is committed to doing all it takes to repel the playboy’s antics. The man whose primary mission is to seduce the woman (Natalie Ford) into one of the nights she’ll never forget, isn’t going to take no for an answer. When she trades the Ivy League for down south to help her ailing aunt with her house cleaning chores, Natalie isn’t sure if she can love the man who’s the legend King of seduction. Now she has to convince Donovan that she’s not out to sabotage his family business, but a very different person. Will she succeed?

Hidden pleasures were published in 2010. Galen Steele is a handsome man and it’s no surprise that no woman would dare say no. However, Brittany Thrasher, though, has her own motives for accepting his proposal. They meet again at an auction where Galen lands the house that Brittany really wanted. He’s out to find out how far she would go to get the house. Consequently, he makes her an offer that he fully expects her to oblige. However, one thing paves the way to another, and the Steele made the man is about to uncover her secrets because he just won’t let her slip away.

A Steele for Christmas from 2011 is about Stacy Carlson a heartbroken woman, who’s just recovering from the wounds of being dumped by her fiancé.
Nevertheless, the Phoenix gift shop owner has some fantasies about her landlord. Eli Steele is a heartbreaker and a vile seducer who never fails to convince. When he decks the hallways and her heart, she’s filled with a passion she’s never felt before. As the roles are reversed, it’s the playboy’s heart that’s on the line now. Will Christmas be pleasure and love filled? He’ll have to work hard.

The most recent book from 2012 is the Private Arrangements. On a high-profile marketing venture, Nikki Cartwright can’t believe that Jonas Steele had actually handpicked her and that really transformed her career for the better. Nikki knows deep inside that she should fall for the Phoenix playboy’s antics if she’s to protect her heart. The only problem she has to face is that actually Jonas has no problem making the professional relationship more personal. Getting Nikki out of his head is not an easy task, and now he has to go get the woman that has been causing him sleepless nights.

An excellent romantic series that could keep you hooked for quite some time.

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