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Publication Order of Fabian Risk Books

Victim Without A Face (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ninth Grave (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eighteen Below (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Motive X (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
X Ways to Die (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Nail (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ninth Grave is a prequel to the series.

Stefan Ahnhem is a Swedish author of fiction. Born December 24, 1966, he is the author of the bestselling series, the Fabian Risk series. He is not only a writer but a screenwriter that has worked in television and film in everything from original concepts, comedy, thriller, and adaptations. He also worked on the Kurt Wallander series by Henning Mankell. He is also on the board for the Swedish Writers Guild.

Stefan says that as a kid he never dreamed of being a writer due to what was a form of dyslexia affecting how he learned to read and write. He said that he had trouble with putting letters in the order to form words and would have to go to special sessions with a teacher outside of the classroom while the other kids were learning Swedish he would be playing with colorful blocks made of wood with letters. But he has been passionate about storytelling ever since he can remember.

Ahnhem says that he was probably more creative for being an only child, spending hours by himself that would be filled up entirely by his imagination. He would pretend that regular objects were fantastical, like a rocking chair becoming a spaceship that could take him to all reaches of the universe. His teacher’s world map would not be a geographical cartography tool but a secret treasure map where he could find some treasure.

The author says that he started with his imagination to entertain himself, but the stories kept on coming and never really stopped. When Stefan finally became an adult and grew up, he realized that he did not want to pursue math and physics and ditched this pursuit to finally choose writing, his true calling. He currently resides in Stockholm.

He is the author of the Fabian Risk series, which has three books in it so far. The debut novel is titled Victim without a Face and was released in 2015. It is set in the thriller genre and is a novel entirely about revenge. The second book is titled The Ninth Grave and the third is Eighteen Below. In this fictional mystery series, we are introduced to Fabian Risk for the first time. He is a criminal investigator and the guy that you call when you have a brutal murder on your hands. Readers follow RIsk through this page-turning series that will have you hooked on every word!

Victim without a Face is the first book in the Fabian Risk series by bestselling author Stefan Ahnhem. Fabian is a criminal investigator for a living, and he has left the city of Stockholm with his family in order to start fresh somewhere else. Fabian’s hometown of Helsingborg seems like the perfect place to settle down and get used to family living.

Fabian is starting a new job working in the homicide department. Before he starts, however, he’s planned himself a nice vacation to try and relax. Six weeks with the family and a chance to make memories. But they’re not in their new home nary but a few hours before he gets the phone call. Someone’s been murdered. It would be bad enough already as it’s so brutal, but the victim is actually someone that Fabian knew.

His former classmate Jorgen Palsson has been murdered. Worse still, both of his hands were missing from his body. The indecency of this murder is horrific, but the entire thing is starting to sound like a nightmare come to life as more bodies of more classmates are discovered. What could be more terrifying, heartwrenching, or enraging?

There seems to be a pattern emerging. If all of his classmates are in danger, it’s possible that the whole class could be wiped out and that could be the goal of a singular deranged killed. Fabian Risk is racing against the clock to find the killer before the killer finds him and the class as well. Can he do it? Pick up Victim Without a Face by Stefan Ahnhem to find out!

The Ninth Grave is the second book in the Fabian Risk series by distinctive author Stefan Ahnhem! If you like the first novel in the series then you are going to be excited for this sequel from one of the best writers in the thriller genre that could tentatively be called ‘Nordic Noir’ fiction.

Fabian Risk is back again, and the criminal investigator is already involved in what could be a case. One letter reaches the recipient over a year after it is penned– setting off a domino reaction that could see dozens if not hundreds of bodies piled up by the time it is through. What could have done this? It turns out that one Israeli doctor may be to blame.

The suspect not only is rich but has diplomatic connections as well as criminal activity ties. This means that he is untouchable in many ways. But when the Minister of Justice in Sweden disappears, Fabian is contacted and asked to investigate by Herman Edelman (despite warnings not to).

Danish Detective Dunja begins leading the investigation into a murder. The woman was married to a Danish actor who has also gone missing. The trail takes her to Sweden, where victims that are horribly disfigured begin appearing. When the investigation is shut down, Risk and Dunja team up to find out what the truth really is and who is killing these people. But Risk has reason to believe that even he is not being told the whole truth by Edelman– and starts to suspect that the police force may be monitored.

Dunja and Fabian begin to slowly put the pieces together. But as connections emerge out of the past, the ninth grave has yet to be found– and there may be teams of people working together to make sure that the truth will never come out. Can the two investigators find the killer, or are they in way over their head? Pick up The Ninth Grave by Stefan Ahnhem and find out what happens in this exciting novel that has captured the imaginations of countless readers.

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