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Stefan Le Roy
Stefan Le Roy was born in the United Kingdom. He put 30 years of time in the publishing industry and has even gotten to run one of Europe’s most prominent independent publishing agencies.

He took his French mom’s maiden name to use as a pseudonym in order for him to be able to hide the shame and regret should his writing wind up being absolutely dreadful. But wouldn’t you know, it is ‘fantastique’, to quote Maman Le Roy. He is just absolutely grateful that she is not all alone in her praise of his work.

“The Man Who Murdered His Stag”, Stefan’s debut novel, was an Amazon Bestseller upon its release, hitting number one on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Assassination Thrillers list and number 2 in the Humorous Dark Comedy list.

“The Man Who Murdered His Stag” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2022. Prepare yourself for a wild adventure in this incredibly different crime novel, with a title that is pure unadulterated English word play. This is the hilarious UK mystery that you have been searching for. Here is a novel that is perfect for fans of witty British mysteries, engaging crime stories, and intriguing twists, in a lighthearted detective story that is sure to tick all of the boxes and deliver everything you could want in a novel.

Tom Marshall was everything those that truly love life hope to never become, way back in 2003. He was a man of compulsive risk management and guarded existence. Naturally, all of his life choices had come at a pretty hefty price: boredom. However all of this changes on this deadly weekend with seven strangers on this narrowboat.

Tom’s efforts to put together this stag weekend before he is set to get married leads to some rather wild adventures and some mayhem. What he has put together are this muddled crew of misfits, all of whom are strangers, and all of whom signed up just for a stag do. But instead, they wind up stumbling into a lot more trouble than they had bargained for.

Unwittingly, he quickly finds himself in possession of an incredibly precious object; one that is so valuable that unscrupulous characters within the criminal fraternity, as well as London’s Metropolitan Police Service, are willing to kill people for it. This object came to him because one of the guys that answered his call on social media is a bloke just released from prison that stole the richest diamond in the world, which is known as the pink lady. Tom’s highly unwelcome and new existence now depend on not risk management and keeping himself guarded but rather now it depends on him staying alive. That and what he should do with such a precious object.

He assembled this unlikely crew in the first place because his fiancee is having her hen do in Prague and persuades him to have a stag do. However he does not really have any friends other than the people that he works with, so he hires this barge on the Norfolk Broads and invites people off social media, just some blokes to come along, after his work friends all bailed. For a modest fee these strangers agreed to come along.

This incredibly English novel is guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish. What are you even waiting for, anyway? Pick up a copy of your own now and find the perfect blend of intrigue and humor!

It is a rip roaring ride of comedy, intrigue, and crime, making for a read that is like if you combined “Midsomer Murders” with “Snatch”. Stefan Le Roy delivers a British crime caper with a relentless pace and some old school charm. Readers found this one to be deplorably funny, utterly original, and was a completely flawless read. Stefan tells this story beautifully and with great skill and keeps the plot bubbling along like a brook in springtime, or possibly a ‘canal’ during the summer? Readers found they couldn’t tear themselves away from this novel, as they just had to know how Tom and the crew extricated themselves from everything that was going on in this one.

Fans of the novel found this to have believable and varied characters, with a fulfilling ending. The author’s ability to keep you invested with an aspect of luck and an imagination of reality is rather impressive. Readers loved this one and laughed the entire way through it, which is quite impressive, seeing as how they were also in suspense too. This is a fantastic story with some terrific characters, and some were sad that it had to ever end. Even though you know who it is that has done it, you do not have a single clue of what they are going to do next and this goes for pretty much every single character in the book.

Some were unsure about this one being good when they first started reading it, and came close to not continuing, but are glad they did. However they ended up liking it quite a bit, finding it to be a delightful albeit quirky read.

The story is just as implausible as the ending however that does not matter in the slightest, since the whole entire thing is a most enjoyable read. Le Roy carefully crafts a convoluted tale with just a hint of both credibility and humor. This is such a wacky and fun story with so many twists in it.

For many readers, the true hilarity of the novel begins once Tom’s stag do starts. This bungling crew lurched from one laugh-out-loud and ridiculous disaster to the next. It is from that point onward that this becomes a page turner of a novel, since how can they possibly get out of this predicament?

Some found that this would make a great TV series, and cannot wait to see what Le Roy comes up with in his next novel, and find him to be a writer to watch with his coming novels. This British Crime Mystery Novel has page turning intrigue, lighthearted humor.

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