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Stefan Malmström
Stefan Malmström is a mystery author best known for his debut novel Kult. At the age of seventeen, Stefan was manipulated into Scientology, which led him to end his sports career. It took the young author seven years to get off the cult, and he joined the university for a journalism degree at 25. Stefan has been a journalist for many years and has written scripts for many TV productions in Sweden.

This talented writer began to write Kult in 2017, and his main aim is to show how easy it is to manipulate human beings to commit heinous crimes. This novel is the first of a three-book series on cults and their effects. When he is not writing, the Sweden-based author gives lectures in cultism and also enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Kult introduces the reader to the world of Scientology and goes deep into the processes involved in indoctrinating its members. While this is a fictitious story, the author borrows a lot from his experience as a Scientology member. He highlights significant events that happened in this cult in the 1990s, which explains how many people found themselves in it. Away from Scientology, the story covers the life of Luke, his friend Victor, and a serial killer who seems keen to eliminate former members of the Scientology cult.

This book opens on a shocking and compelling note. Luke Bergmann goes to his friend’s house in Karlskrona only to be greeted by the sight of his dead friend and his dying daughter beside him. Luke calls the police, but after a quick investigation, they conclude that this is a murder-suicide case. According to the police, a father killed his daughter and then killed himself. Luke thinks otherwise. He and the dead Victor were best of friends, and Luke knew that his friend would never hurt his lovely daughter. Luke starts an investigation on his own, and after collecting some evidence, he is able to convince the police that his friend’s death could be connected to the murders that are being witnessed in Sweden.

Luke is a reformed criminal who is still dealing with his violent past. The last thing he wants is to get in trouble again, but he is not the kind of man who lets his friend’s death go unpunished. He makes efforts to involve the police, but when he thinks they are not doing enough, he takes matters in his own hands. How far will Luke go to prove his point? At what point will the police believe Luke and start investigating this case.

As bodies begin to pile up, Luke is convinced that there is a serial killer on the loose. His investigations take him several decades back when he and Victor were involved in an evil cult. Do Victor and Agnes’s deaths have anything to do with the events that happened in the 1990s? Luke’s search will reveal dark secrets and threaten to bring the demons he has struggled to bury to the surface. How does he react when it is clear that he is dealing with a serial killer? Will he result in his violent ways or let the justice system handle Victor’s killer?

Luke’s investigation will lead him right to the killer, where he will have to fight for his life. Will Luke survive all this and come out unscathed? Will the determined friend have enough evidence to prove that Victor was not a killer but a victim of an evil cult? Through short and snappy chapters, the author takes the reader through Luke’s investigation. Since this is a multi-dimensional story, the chapters also cover Luke’s early life and the mistakes he had made to get to his current position.

Luke is a likable character, and as he reveals his past, it becomes easy to understand where he is coming from. Many other characters in this story are both flawed and likable. Aside from characterization, the author has done a great job with the plot. He effortlessly moves back and forth between the 90s and the present. His writing style also perfectly matches this story, and his attention to detail makes all of it read like something that happened. The pacing in this story is relentless, and the unique cult-based storyline gives it quite an edge. Have you always wondered what it takes to join a cult? Read this story for a detailed account on the same.

Through this story, the author gives an account of his hellish life inside a terrifying organization. Stefan reveals how he ended up in this organization, the things he went through, and his journey to freedom. As expected, the story is dark and disturbing, and the fact that a considerable portion of it is based on events that actually happened makes it even scarier. One can only hope that the author found writing his story liberating. While the author only highlights one cult, this book will make you think of the many others that continue to operate in plain sight. If the harrowing events discussed in this story happen in these other cults, then the world is a darker place than we all imagined.

While Scientology is not discussed in any positive light here, it is easy to see how people go so entangled in it as well as other cults. Through psychological manipulation, leaders in these cults recruit new members who often have a hard time leaving. It takes years for those who see the manipulation to get out of them while others never recover from their harrowing experiences.

Kult is a gripping and dark thriller that will appeal to anyone fascinated by real-life cults. The story is chilling yet addictive, thanks to the vivid descriptions by the author. There will be many unforeseen twists in this story, so do not be too sure that you can tell how this story will end. Join Luke on this chilling story that will take you through an intense emotional rollercoaster. There is no doubt that the author is talented, and his flawless narration will draw you in from the start. Curious about Luke’s discoveries, get this book to learn about all these and more.

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