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Stefani Deoul is an award-winning young adult and women’s fiction author best known for “Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure” series and her debut novel “The Carousel.” Stefani is a woman who wears many hats and she has been a writer for several publications including “Letters from Camp Rehoboth,” “Outdoor Delaware” and “Curve Magazine.” She has also been involved in writing short fiction and scripts for television and film. Deoul has also worked as a television producer where she worked on TV series such as “Missing,” “Haven,” “Dresden Files,” “Brave New Girl,” and “The Dead Zone.” “On A LARP” the debut novel of her first series has been the winner of several awards including the IPPY Award for Multicultural Fiction, and the Young Adult Fiction Book of the Year by the Delaware Press Association. Her debut novel “The Carousel” made the finals for the Gay and Lesbian Fiction Independent Publishing Award, Book of the Year by the Delaware Press Association and the Women Book of the Year by the National Federation Press. Apart from working as a producer of “Haven” for the SyFy Network where she spent five seasons, she has also worked as an actor starring as an uncredited and off camera dispatcher.

Stefani has been writing for as long as she can remember and would make up stories in her head as she dreamt of new adventures for her interesting characters. She started as a television and film producer before she decided to become a professional author. While she had been involved in all manner of writing from screenwriting to the editing of scripts, writing a novel had been a constant desire. However, it was not until there was a strike and she could not find work that she sat down and began writing a novel. It took Deoul only thirty days to finish the first draft of her manuscript. It was quite a challenge as novel writing is an internal process as compared to producing. Nonetheless, since she loves to read and has been reading all manner of literature for years, she found her groove very early on. She prefers the young adult genre which she finds compelling and vibrant. The bestselling “Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventures” was inspired by his reading of several mystery series as an author. Some of the influences on the work include “Nancy Drew,” “Happy Hollister,” and the “Hardy Boys.” She also gets inspiration from the likes of “Scooby-Doo.” She combines the experiences she got from the different genres and entertainment media and the writes contemporary and diverse young adult novels that have wowed her fans.

Stefani Deoul’s “On A LARP” is the beautiful story of Sidonie “Sid” Rubin. She is a teenager with life threatening observation skills and a conscience and is now about to get into some interesting adventure. She had made a passing comment about a recent murder during a trip they had taken to the precinct but things had turned interesting when they decided to some investigating on an exciting case. They team up with her friends to become the Live Action Role Play (LARPS) law enforcement experts. Partly from ego at showing herself right and from frustration at not being invited, Sidonie is determined to show her sleuthing skills to everyone. She believes the murdered woman was out for the evening when she had been murdered in some form of steam-punk cosplay. Sid teams up with her motley crew composed of Jimmy her quick brained best friend, Imani the gorgeous UN brat, Vikram the surprise package, and Ari the sex goddess. They spend hours investigating the dead woman and start their trawling online where they hope to find the elusive clue to her death. Since they are teenagers, once they stumble on something promising they do not let go. The clue points them to the library in New York and in an attempt to apprehend the killer, Sid jumps off a balcony in a death-defying feat.

“Zero Sum Game” by Stefani Deoul continues the story of Sid and her crew of investigators. The close-knit group of friends had fallen out on their last adventure. They have now been grounded for interfering with police business though they had done some pretty amazing work which their patents thought too risky. The friends now have to spend the time grounded until one of them finds a way to escape. Vikram had entered them into a prestigious Robotics contest and their parents can do nothing but let them participate. But they are soon back in the doldrums when Vik learns that he has been the victim of a hacker. Vik is one of the best players in Contagion, an online game and had amassed a huge arsenal of bonuses, tools, and trophies. Now all of the hard work he had put in over the years had been stolen. Sid is angry and will not let this slide and intends to investigate the crime against his friend. However, when the friends learn of the thief’s motive, they realize that this is something much bigger than Vik’s bragging rights online.

Stefani Deoul’s “Say Her Name” is the story of Sid Rubin, a Brainiac lesbian that fell in love only to have to deal with an unprecedented snowball fight. She had been distracted while the fight was in progress and took a full hit on the face that had knocked her into Imani and then careened her into a thicket and down a hill. She had suffered no severe injuries but while she is dusting herself off, she sees the ice cracking and then a fingertip appear through the small fissure. Sid, Vikram, Ari, and Jimmy are soon deep into a rescue operation. Soon the finger is a hand and then they discover that it is the body of a young girl. A little more digging and they find that there are more unclaimed and identified skeletons of young girls numbering seven. The mystery now takes them across states, time and even continents as they try to find out who the girls were and why they were killed. They are also looking into their genetic genealogy which is something that Sid is an expert in. But there is a complication as Ava who is Sid’s newest girlfriend has different plans. Sid discovers that she will need to trace her roots before trying to untangle someone else’s.

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