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In the Shadow of Gotham (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Publication Order of Eve Rossi Books

Stefanie Pintoff is an award winning author from America, who is for writing mystery, thriller, and historical fiction novels. She is particularly popular for writing the Simon Ziele trilogy series and the Eve Rossi series. Most of the books penned by author Pintoff are set in the New York City at the time of the early 1900’s. Pintoff’s character named Simon Ziele is quite famous. He is depicted as a police detective. Simon loses his fiance is a deadly accident on a steamship and becomes very disheartened. His love-loss compels him to investigate the case in order to find out the one responsible for his fiance’s death. Another popular character created by author Pintoff is known as Alistair Sinclair. She is described by Pintoff as an egotistical and talented criminologist. The works of author Pintoff are known for historical details and intricate plots. Pintoff lays a greater focus on the criminal science of the early days. One of Pintoff’s books, In the Shadow of Gotham, was the winner of MWA/Minotaur Award for being the Best Debut Crime Novel. In 2010, author Pintoff received the Edgar Award and the Washington Irving Book prize in the following year for the same book. This book along with another one called Secret of the White Rose were based on the 1904 disaster called General Slocum. In all, author Pintoff has penned 5 books in her writing career so far. In addition to winning a few prestigious awards, she was nominated for awards such as Anthony, Barry, Macavity, and Agatha. When author Pintoff won St Martin’s Minotaur/MWA in 2008, she became the first author to win this award.

Prior to the beginning of her career in the writing field, author Pintoff earned her J.D from the Columbia Law School, as well as a PhD from the University of New York in English Literature. During her graduation years, Pintoff carried out a lot of research work on detective fiction and criminology. Apart from being an author, Pintoff is also a former teacher and an attorney. As of now, she has decided to work as a full time writer, thereby saying goodbye to her former professions. Pintoff is happily married and resides along with her husband, her lovely daughter, and a pet dog in Westchester County, Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York. Currently, author Pintoff is at work on the development of the next thriller novel of her career. The Simon Ziele series is comprised of 3 books, which were released between the years 2009 and 2011. This is a historical mystery series featuring Simon Ziele as the chief protagonist in all the three books. Author Pintoff has depicted old New York’s dark side meeting early criminal science. When Simon Ziele spent some time in the police department of New York City on the post of police detective, he seemed destined for a great career. But, because of the death of the sudden death of his fiance, he loses interest in the service. In order to escape the recurring memories of his fiance’s death, Simon leaves the city and moves to Dobson, New York. However, Simon gets pulled back every now and then by unsolvable cases and brutal murders. While investigating all those cases, he also comes across an important clue about the culprit behind the General Slocum’s disaster that cause the death of his beloved fiance.

The first book in the series written by Stefanie Pintoff is entitled ‘In the Shadow of Gotham’. It was released by Minotaur Books in the year 2009. Author Pintoff has set the plot of this book in Dobson, New York, at the time of 1905. At the start of the story, it is shown that along with Ziele’s fiance, a thousand more perished in the ferry disaster in which a fire burned down the boat in the East River waters. As Simon Ziele reels from the tragedy of his great loss even after many months of the incident, the department decides to transfer him to the northern region so that he could escape the memories and the city. But, all his hopes of a quiet life in the quiet little country get shattered when Simon comes across his career’s most shocking case of homicide. A young girl named Sarah Wngate gets murdered brutally in her bedroom in a quiet and calm winter afternoon. After only a day into the investigation, Simon is contacted by a noted criminologist from Columbia University named Alistair Sinclair. She claims that the facts related to Sarah’s murder bear a shocking resemblance to the deranged mutterings of one of her patients, Michael Fromley. Michael is known to have a history of brutal fantasies and violent behavior. Sarah Wingate, who did not have anything common with any of his former targets, was a sweet young lady and a notable student of mathematics. The investigators wonder whether Michael Fromley is really the brutal murderer or someone is trying to mimic him? Simon Ziele knows that he must find out the reality as soon as possible. He is assisted in this process by the self-interested and brilliant Alistair Sinclair. The book appears to be an atmospheric and taut, original story of a man in search of a deadly killer and who is haunted by the demons of his own. It also marks the beginning of an excellent new talent in the form of author Pintoff.

The next book in the series is called ‘A Curtain Falls’. This book was also set in New York and was released in 2010 by the Minotaur Books. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that Simon and his former partner named Declan Mulvaney went in different directions after the 1904 ferry disaster. As Simon was sent to Dobson, Mulvaney agreed to take charge of the most crime ridden region’s precint in the city. Before their separation, both the men were headed for something big in their careers. Declan Mulvaney learns about a puzzling crime that forces him to take help from someone he trusts blindly, instead of the wide range of resources and detectives available at his disposal. A chorus lady is discovered dead on the stage of Broadway. At the time of discovery, the victim was dressed in the costume of the leading lady, however, there were no indications of violence, bruises, or any cuts on her body. The coroner seems convinced that it is a suicide case, but Muvaney doesn’t look convinced at all because the case was similar to another one that happened a few weeks before. He thinks that 2 suicides cannot take place in the same manner without someone else’s hand in it. Declan Mulvaney seems to be in a bit of dilemma as he thinks that announcing the presence of a serial killer would cause panic in the theater world and among the city’s residents as well. Once again, Simon Ziele and his team are shown scouring the dark streets of New York in this evocative and moody tale.

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