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Stella Gold
Stella Gold is a crime thriller author best known for her debut series, the Zoe Prime Mystery. In this series, the author takes you through the life of Zoe Prime, a young woman with unique abilities thanks to a mental condition. From the writing, it is clear that Gold has done extensive research on the condition and knows what she is talking about. Her captivating writing will keep you glued and frantically searching for the other books in the series. It is clear that Gold will be a force to reckon with in the world of crime fiction if she maintains the quality of her work.

Face of Death
Face of Death comes first in the Zoe Prime series. The book introduces Zoe Prime, a special agent with the FBI. Zoe has a rare mental condition that also gives her a unique talent- her view of the world is only through numbers. These numbers often torment her making it hard for her to relate with people both at work and socially. Also, after all the verbal abuse and alienation Zoe suffered as a child, she is not ready to share her secret with the world, even if it puts her at a disadvantage. She is happy to use her talent but never lets a soul know where it is easier for her to piece details when solving a case.
In this book, Zoe will be following a serial killer, one who is strangling women across the Midwest. What shocks Zoe is that the killings seem random, and for the first time, the pattern is not so apparent. Can a serial killer be random, or is Zoe dealing with a person obsessed with numbers, just like her? In a rush against time, Zoe will be working non-stop to study the killer’s mind and figure out his next steps. It will not be easy as it seems the killer is always a few steps ahead of her. Fortunately, Zoe is a seasoned detective, and for the first time in her career, she has a partner who understands her and lets her be when she is in the zone.

Follow Zoe and her team as they try to stop a diabolical killer from claiming the next victim. As Zoe does her job, she has to hush her demons; otherwise, her secret will be uncovered. She soon discovers that everything is not always what it seems. Patterns can be misleading, but there is always a way to uncover the truth, even with a highly cautious killer. It is incredible how the author handles this rare condition. She goes over the basics without adding details that could slow the pace of the story. Imagine if you were like Zoe and could pick patterns wherever you went.

Face of Death is a brilliantly written, fast-paced crime fiction story. It’s an ideal choice choice if you want a thought-provoking yet short read. The book features lovable characters, a solid plot, and a gripping storyline. All characters are well developed and sound believable. The fact that the story also involves a known condition makes it read like a true story. This, coupled with the outstanding worldbuilding and rising tensions, transforms the novel into a page-turner. The killer’s identity will be revealed towards the end, and the revelation will leave your mouth agape.

Face of Murder
Face of Murder is the second installment in the Zoe Prime series. In this book, Zoe will be dealing with yet another serial killer. Someone is bludgeoning him, victims, to death, leaving the contents of their head scattered on the scene. The first victim was a student at Georgetown, followed by an English professor. While the killer is leaving obvious clues on the scene, it is clear that he is a smart head who does not think that he will be caught. What is it that links these two victims apart from the mathematical equations drawn on the chests? Can Special Agent Zoe unravel this mystery before the killer strikes again? Why is the killer leaving the complex equations on his victims?

Yet again, we get to see Zoe and Shelly in action, and the race to the finish line will be intense. These two are left to solve this case when Shelly tells their colleagues that her partner is exceptionally good at math. However, this is not going to be an easy killer to track. Their first leads do not bear fruits, giving the killer more time to target his next victim. Fortunately, one break leads to another one, and this dynamic duo finally manages to crack the case open. Zoe is still the short-tempered, insecure, and impatient character she was in the first installment. She is still ashamed of her abilities, but she is beginning to soften, especially when dealing with her partner.

As bodies pile up, eyes turn to Zoe, who will be busy trying to solve the complex equation. Her abilityies are becoming more apparent to those around her, and you can only hope that she will also embrace them and be proud of who she is. However, fighting the demons of her childhood that still wants Zoe to believe that her abilities are evil isn’t going to be easy. Zoe wants to connect with others, yet she cannot since this would also mean sharing her secret. Despite her flaws, she remains a great heroine you will keep cheering on to the last chapter.

Face of Murder is an exhilarating thriller with a unique storyline. Since the characters are well fleshed out, you will quickly become invested in them and keep hoping that the bad guy will be caught before committing another crime. You will liking how well this duo works together, even with Zoe’s social awkwardness. It is incredible how Zoe brilliantly analyzes the case and gets into the killer’s head. While this book can be read as a standalone, you will enjoy it more if you first read the first installment in the series.

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