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Stella Gray is one of the emerging voices that has been becoming very popular in the contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and general romance genres.
The author published “The Deal,” her debut novel of the “Zoric Family” series of novels in 2019 and has never looked back since.

The author now has more than eighteen works to her name across at least two series of novels, which makes her quite a very prolific author.

When she is not penning her novels, she can usually be found reading, hiking, knitting, and sometimes cuddling with her greyhound.

“The Deal” by Stella Gray introduces Victoria the eldest kid of a senator.

She had lived a very isolated existence and on her 18th birthday, all she desires is for her father to take her to college to study linguistics but the man has other plans.
At her birthday party, he announces that he has the best birthday present that he will be revealing at the end of the party.

Victoria cannot wait for her present until she meets the filthy rich, dark, and tall Stefan Zoric. The senator wants Stefan and Victoria to get married.

Upon the big reveal, Victoria is furious, particularly when he says that every smart man wants eye candy to be used as a trophy wife which is all she is.

On his part, all Stefan Zoric ever wanted was to take over and be the CEO of the international modeling division of his father’s company.

But first things first, he will have to earn the trust of his father by doing just one thing. His father wants him to get married to a senator’s daughter who he says is innocent and pure.
It seems to be a simple enough task as all she demands is that he pays for her linguistics degree. But what Victoria does not know is that she just made a deal with the devil.

Stella Gray’s work “The Secret” continues to follow the life and times of Tori and Stefan. The two have experienced a lot of challenges in their arranged/sham marriage.
While she was never for the marriage, she always finds herself powerless when Stefan commands. She usually gives up her all including her mind and body to Stefan.

Soon enough, it becomes evident that Stefan has many secrets. Tori had gone to his office and overheard her man talking about some dark secret of the Zoric family.
At a crossroads, she turns to her father only to find that he was never the man he imagined he was.

He tells her in no uncertain times that she needs to go back to her husband and tells Stefan that he needs to better take care of his wife.
She finds herself in a difficult situation but there is no getting out of it.

The one thing that she is certain about is that her passion for her husband is still as strong despite the secrets she learned.
Since he believed that his wife Tori was in danger and he may just lose her forever, he makes the decision of coming clean.

But the biggest complication may come from Zoric who holds the darkest secret. He finally gives Stefan the one thing he desired ever since he turned 18.

“The Choice” by Stella Gray sees Tori and Stefan having finally managed to get it together.

Their arranged marriage for convenience had been arranged by Stefan’s CEO’s father and the senator who is Tori’s father.
The CEO wanted to merge his family with that of the senator so he could hide some dirty secrets.

Meanwhile, Stefan has been working hard to get his father to trust him so that he can leave the modeling agency to him.

Stefan believed that once he got married to Tori, everything would fall into place until his father declares that he is not letting go of the company any time soon.
Konstantin has come to believe that Tori is a liability and now wants Stefan to divorce her at any cost including his own son’s happiness.

The eighteen-year-old Tori decides to leave her husband as she thinks it is for the best. But Stefan will not let her go that easy and fights for his marriage.
He intends to make his father pay for causing him to do some despicable things.

Coming with lots of turns and twists, it makes for an exhilarating story as Stefan steps up his game to deal with Konstatin his father who is one of the toughest bastards you will ever meet.

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  1. Kathy Blackshear: 2 months ago

    Both Series (Zoric Family and Bellanti Brothers) are my absolute favorite books ever! I love them. Please continue writing and get some more out there. I’m dying to read some more of them. The stories are fantastic and thrilling, full of twists, turns, cliffhangers and lots of great sex too. I love the characters and I can’t wait to read more.


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