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Publication Order of Stella Knox Books

By: Mary Stone, Stacy O'Hare

Mary Stone creates vivid stories with strong and courageous heroines and villains. She invites readers to enter a world of serial killers and FBI agents. The female characters can handle themselves as they go toe to toe with any male character. Mary has always taken her reader on many exciting adventures to hunt down a group of bad guys that she brings out of her imagination.

Killer Smile is the debut in the Stella Knox series. Stella Knox became an FBI to track down the dirty cops who killed her father’s murder and make them pay. But recently, from Quantico, her first case finds her looking for justice for three different victims. Bodies of three teenage boys were discovered outside of Nashville, TN. There are no figure prints found or DNA, and there is very little to be connected to the crimes except for a smiling face drawn in blood close to two bodies.

But why only two bodies? The case doesn’t make sense, and more questions are unanswered. Are the crimes related in any way? Could it be the work of a single serial killer doing a calculated crime, or might they be looking into the works of three separate murderers?

If there is something that Stella is sure of, someone is threatening the teenagers in the small town of Cherry Farms, and the killer isn’t done yet as she and her team work against the clock to end the nightmare that has clouded the neighborhood. What she wonders is who will be the next victim.

Now that they don’t have reliable information to make the killer’s profile, it’s up to the ground team to save more people from being brutally murdered. Another teen disappears as the team struggles to digest the information. Can they get to him before he ends up dead like the rest?

Who are these killers? Might they be working together, or is one taking advantage of the people’s crimes to evade getting caught? Is it the work of one calculated killer?

The author throws in some twists and turns, adding more suspense so that the story takes a different direction just when you think everything is figured out. It action packed with well-developed characters and amazing descriptions to keep the reader engaged.
It’s refreshing how the author brings many different characters together in a cohesive team.

The Killers never goes out of style, and when Stella thought she had seen it all in the past two years in Nashville, they proved her wrong. While in the Tennessee FBI office and still getting to know her team better, Stella gets a call about a missing woman. Evil has never gone out of style in two weeks she has been at the FBI, she has witnessed more than she ever thought would happen in this community, especially her current case.

Not after long, the bodies of two other women bodies are found in an alleyway, each with one arm, one leg, and all fingers and toes missing. Soon the third woman goes missing, and Shasta daisies skillfully arranged over the bodies and at every crime scene proves to be the work of a serial killer.

Stella discovers that each of the victims are unique, and nothing connects them all. This makes the case look bad for their investigation and their victims. They are of different ages, ethnicities, upbringings, and lives, making her wonder how the killer picked them. Since there is nothing to link the victims, preventing the next murder becomes even harder, and anyone can be next. The clock is still ticking when the fourth person goes missing, and Stella and her team lag.

Will Stella and her team find the missing person before it’s too late? Can they hunt down the killer before more mutilated bodies turn up, or will one of them become part of the mystery?

Once the case is somehow closed and Stella starts planning for other things during her time off, the team gets another call on the next case.

Stella has a theory and follows her instincts to find a killer lurking on the edge of the community, with small bits and pieces finally adding up. Killer Style is a fascinating novel that will have you believe that anyone can be a killer, no matter how innocent and harmless they appear. For readers looking for a compelling story with amazing characters and a plot that unfolds at a steady pace, the Killer Style is your kind of book. Killer Style is a breathtaking and suspenseful book that keeps the reader on a roller coaster ride.

After Special Agent Stella Knox’s friend and FBI tech Mac drop a bombshell concerning Stella’s father’s death, she is curious to follow the lead. However, that is put on the back burner when six people are abducted from a dinner party. Even more worrying is that a two-year-old among those is reported missing.

Showing no sign of struggle and the only figure prints found belonging to the guests, there is no substantial evidence to lead the investigation. Luckily soon, one body is discovered in a drainage ditch on the edge of town, shot in the back at a close range, followed by another.

As Stella and her team try to piece together the limited clues they’ve collected, a madman calls the shots in a sadistic game where even the winner might lose it all. Now it turns to a race to locate the other hostages before they end up getting killed.
Stella Knox and Hagen take a journey to Atlanta to find out about the man she trusted at a young age, only to discover a traumatizing truth. When her uncle was murdered, he carried the secret of who killed her father. Even before they can commence the investigation, they’re called to Chapel Island, Tennessee, where three teenage girls were murdered. The three have in common that they are all popular cheerleaders shot at a close range using a rifle.

All are found dead with a cruel cheer written in blood on the gymnasium wall. The killer appears to have just started his game, so if he isn’t caught fast, more bodies might be found. When yet another victim is discovered, it’s all clear that a missing cheer roster listing every high school group in the has become a killer’s target list. Who could be targeting the cheerleaders of chapel Island and why?

Since Stella and her team can’t keep them all safe, the only hope is for them to catch the killer fast.

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