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The White Peacock (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Live, Juliette! (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rocks Don't Cry (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rhapsody in Red (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Always and Evermore (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Stephanie Andrassy is a Canadian published author.

When it comes to things that she loves, Stephanie is the first to admit that she has a strong passion for coffee, calling herself a ‘coffeeholic’. She is the author of the stand alone fantasy romance story Noble Lies, published in 2012. She is also known for writing the Home series, a paranormal romance series of fictional stories that starts out with The White Peacock, a short story. If you’re a big fan of the supernatural then you will love this series!

Stephanie attended the University of Guelph and graduated with her B.A. She is living in Canada along with her family in the southern Ontario area. She has always been a big reader and will pick up anything from fantasy to drama to romance, suspense, women’s literature, or non-fiction. She has been engaged with writing ever since she was younger and admits that when it comes to writing, it’s been a “lifelong love affair”.

When it comes to her readers, she has been honored and thrilled to hear from them and receive their positive responses. When it comes to writing, she says that she doesn’t think of herself in terms of being a genre writer or fantasy writer, despite the fact that some of her books can definitely be placed into the fantasy genre. She says when it comes to stories, there are many directions that they can take and involve everything from drama to romance.

Stephanie says that she has some non-fantasy contemporary romances running through her head that are waiting for her to give them attention. As one of them has already been written, the other remains waiting. She does say that the one that she did compose needs more work before it meets the world, while the other must percolate.

Before writing, the author worked for many years in the field of social housing. She is a mother and has three children. They all love spending time with each other and their dog, a Wheaten Terrier. She loves being a mom and loves seeing stories unfold, as well as continuing to love coffee.

Stephanie Andrassy is the creator and the author of the Home series of fictional novels. This series kicked off with the release of the short story, The White Peacock, which precedes the whole series. In 2013, the official first novel in the series was published and it is titled Just Live, Juliette!. The second novel came out the same year and is titled Rocks Don’t Cry. The third novel is titled Rhapsody in Red and the fourth novel is Always and Evermore.

The White Peacock is a short story that the series was built in. Just Live, Juliette! is the first novel in the Home series by Stephanie Andrassy. This book encompasses many classic themes, from friendship to love, death, and then the afterlife.

When six friends talked with each other, they all agreed that they were going to play a game. The game was very high stakes, as they all apparently had agreed and chosen to die, all before the time that they turned thirty years old. The only thing about it is that they have no idea why they agreed to do that in the first place. The reason why? They all planned to do it before they were even born.

This story starts with the main character of Juliette, a young woman. When it comes to life, you may never be quite certain what the next morning has waiting for you. This is even more true when you’ve had a number of drinks when you were out the night before at a bar and met what may have been the most perfect man in the world.

Following the greatest sex that she has ever had in a night, Juliette has no idea what to expect the next morning. The only thing is that rather than being overjoyed, Juliette may find that she is pushing up daisies instead. In truth, this is the last thing that she ever saw coming. Because when she wakes up the next day, it’s to a world that seems the same but may be different.

This is a place where everything seems familiar but in the end nothing may end up being what it appears to be. Here you may just find that what gets you a source of endless love is being able to find out how you can just live. Will Juliette be transformed by this new place that she finds herself in, or will she find out that everything is pretty much the same as normal and this was just a passing phase? Read this original book to find out!

Rocks Don’t Cry is the exciting second book in the Home series written by talented author Stephanie Andrassy. The premise remains the same as the first book. Six pals all made the choice to play a game that involved them passing on and all before they marked their thirtieth birthdays. The only trouble is that they all have amnesia about it and that is likely due to the fact that this game ended up being planned before any of them were born.

So it’s going to be tricky to try and figure out what to do next. The last story left readers with the exploits of main character Juliette. Here, the series continues in an engaging second installment.

This time the story focuses on the character of Melissa. Ever since time started, some things have been timeless. People have made guesses and wondered about the truths of the world. When it comes to romance, going through a break up has always been difficult.

Melissa knew deep down that there was going to come a time where she was going to have to end up facing all of the secrets that she had. She always would put that off, never wanting to do it that day. But that day has finally come. If she wants to go with her heart, she’s going to have to look at some difficult truths. Will she benefit off of doing so, or is it already too late? Read this book to find out!

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