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Publication Order of Wedding Planner Mystery Books

Engaged in Death (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Wears White (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gown with the Wind (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marry Christmas Murder (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Veiled in Death (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephanie Blackmoore is a cozy mystery author from Missouri who is best known as the author of the “Wedding Planner Mystery” series. The author was born in Pittsburgh and went to college to study information science and the law. She would later become a librarian in Florida and then an attorney for several years in Pittsburgh before she decided to become an author. Blackmoore made her debut with the novel “Engaged in Death” which was the first of the “Wedding Planner Mystery” series that she first published in 2016. The novel stars Mallory Shepard, a wedding planner who lives and works in Port Quincy, a small Pennsylvanian town. When she is not writing her novels she can be found talking and watching films with her husband who is a film instructor at university.

“Engaged in Death” by Stephanie Blackmoore introduces Mallory who is engaged to be married to Keith. But he allows his mother Helene to control him and their quaint wedding has turned into a platform for his mother to show off. Not wanting to stir up trouble, Mallory goes with the flow and works with Sybil who is Keith’s grandmother. Unfortunately, Sybil drops dead several weeks prior to the wedding and shortly thereafter Mallory gets a brown envelope that has pictures of Keith with some mysterious female. She is heartbroken and calls off the wedding. Her sister soon shows up at the place where she is hiding as she needs to talk to a lawyer who informs her that Sybil had left her a house. Thistle Park needs a lot of work before it can become habitable but Maloory and Rachel are determined to make it into a Wedding Venue as well as a Bed & Breakfast. But they arrive at the property to find the gas company offering a fracking deal which Sybil had always been against when she was alive. They reject the offer only to move in and find a dead body in the backyard.

In “Murder Wears White” by Stephanie Blackmoore, Mallory Shepard is planning to start renovations to Thistle Park the home she inherited, When it is done, it will nicely complement her wedding planner business as a Bed and Breakfast. Whitney Scanlon, her first client, has moved the date of her wedding back since her father has fallen seriously ill. The contractor tells Mallory that the timing will be tight but that he will finish in time to allow her to host the house guests and the wedding. But then the contractor reports that his tools have been used or go missing at critical times, which suggests sabotage. Her sister Rachel Port Quincy Paranormal Society member Hunter Heywood come in to check if there are any supernaturals living at Thistle Park. It does seem that an unknown person is stalking Whitney Scnalon as she gets strange notes, some of which demand she leave and go back to Baltimore. Her wedding dress has also been shredded but her wedding planners tell her to stay put. Things come to a head when her aunt collapses and dies from food poisoning at the wedding dinner.
Stephanie Blackmoore’s “Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue” sess Thistle Park the home that had been left to Mallory and her sister Rachel finished. Mallory and her sister’s business has been going on well in the past few months and most months they have back to back events. In this outing, they are planning the wedding of former teenage star Dakota Craig and her country music star Beau Wright. They have also been given the contract to organize a venue for the Dunlap Women’s Academy Winter Ball. Her mother in law had insisted that she take on the latter and she had no choice. But it is Dakota’s wedding that promises great publicity as it will be part of the “I Do” reality TV show. Her excitement dissipates when she learns Adrienne Larson, the host of the show, is the baby mama of her love interest Garrett. Mallory wonders if the TV show is worth the publicity given that she will have to endure the many changes and cutting comments from Adrienne. The bride’s mother Roxanne is also making things difficult as she insists on what has to be in her daughter’s wedding. There is a big question mark about the viability of the wedding and just as they are wrapping things up at the Dunlap Women’s Academy Winter Ball Ginger the Head Mistress goes missing. Soon after they realize that Dakota’s maid of honor is also nowhere to be found and Mallory finds the dead body of Ginger in her office.

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