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Stephanie Brother Books In Order

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Publication Order of Beast Brothers Books

Beast Brothers (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Beast Brothers 2 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Beast Brothers 3 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Beast Brothers 4 (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Beast Brothers Wild (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Beast Brothers Forbidden (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Beyond Huge Books

Huge Dare (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge Deal (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Billionaire Books

Billion Dollar Daddy (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Billionaire's Secret (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billion Dollar Stranger (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billion Dollar Secret (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction Books

Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction: Part One (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction: Part Two (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction: Part Three (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction: Part Four (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction: Part Five (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Billionaire Stepbrother Books

Billionaire Stepbrother Enemy (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Billionaire Stepbrother's Homecoming (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Cops and Bad Boys Books

Lawless (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Arrested (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Dirty Players Books

Dirty Players (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Running Back's Baby (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Fashionable Friends Books

The Reunion (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Ranch (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Ruckus (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Forbidden Medicine Books

Forbidden Prescription (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Forbidden Prescription 2 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Forbidden Prescription 3 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Forbidden Prescription 4 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Forbidden Prescription 5 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Forbidden Prescription 6 (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
My Forbidden Doctor (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
My Christmas Doctor (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Four Books

Four Play (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Kicks (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Real (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Keeps (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Steps (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Good (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Fun (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Always (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Four After Dark Books

Four Nights (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Fantasies (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Enemies (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Four Tattoos (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Trick or Treat (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Friends and Family Books

Speed Date (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Due Date (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Blind Date (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby Books

Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby 2 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby 3 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby 4 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby 5 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Huge Books

Huge (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge X2 (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge X3 (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge X4 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge 3D (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge Steps (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
10 Men (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge X10 (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge Players (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge F-Buddies (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Team Players (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Huge House Hates (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Mafia Devils Books

Mafia Savages (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Mafia Bosses (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Mandarin Connection Books

Haunted (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Fraud (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Boned (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Boned 2 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Boned 3 (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Completely Boned (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stinger (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Thumper (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Bodyguards (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Multiple Love Books

Big 3 (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hot 4 (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Hard 5 (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deep 6 (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Steel 7 (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Inked 8 (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Cloud 9 (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
10 Inches (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Roommates Books

Stripteased (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Jock Blocked (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stunt Doubled (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Mated (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wood Worked (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Snow Balled (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Battery Operated (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Power Drilled (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Grand Slammed (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Screaming Eagles MC Books

Taken by the Bikers (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Secret Baby for the Bikers (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Bound to the Bikers (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Sold to the Bikers (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Good Girl for the Bikers (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wanted by the Bikers (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Bride for the Bikers (2024)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of The Single Brothers Books

Single Daddy (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Fake Daddy (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Accidental Daddy (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Cowboy Daddy (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
SEAL Daddy (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Dirty Daddy (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of The Step Contract Books

My Stepbrother, the Billionaire, & the Bargain (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Stepbrother Caught in the Act Books

Stepbrother Caught in the Act (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Stepbrother Tormentor Books

Stepbrother Tormentor Part 1 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stepbrother Tormentor Part 2 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of A Taboo Romance with a Billionaire Books

A Taboo Romance with a Billionaire Part 1 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
A Taboo Romance with a Billionaire Part 2 (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Triplets Books

Triplet Time (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Triplet Tattoos (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Triplet Tease (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Triplet Trouble (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Donkey (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Sparked (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Swollen (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Big D (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Donkey Doubled (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Obsession (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Corporate Assets (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Mr. O.M.G (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Playing Doctor (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Stepbrother Beloved (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stepbrother Frat (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stepbrother: Alpha Billionaire (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stepbrother Roommate (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Knox (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Speed (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Max (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Perfect (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Taste (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Club Sin: Chicago Books

Room Six: Breathlessly Devoted to Them (By: Ember Davis) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Ten: Praise Times Three (By: Kameron Claire) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Fourteen: Making Her Beg (By: Amanda Keen) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Twenty-Four: Theirs to Humiliate, Theirs to Pleasure (By: Darcy Rose) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Twenty: She's A Switch (By: Jenna Thalia) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Twenty-Two: Hide and Seek (By: Mila Crawford) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Eight: Breeding for Three (By: Penelope Wylde) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Twenty-Eight: Their Willing Victim (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Room Thirty: The Ties That Bind (By: Mae Harden) (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Stephanie Brother
Stephanie Brother, an international bestseller, writes high heat love stories with just a hint of the forbidden. Since 2015, she has been bringing to life flawed, handsome heroes that know how to treat their women.

For readers that enjoy stories involving multiple lovers, including stepbrothers, twins, triplets, and their friends, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to men and books, Stephanie really believes that it’s the more, the merrier.

She spends most of her day drinking coffee, typing, and interacting with her fans.

Stephanie’s books have been translated into Spanish, German, and French, and she has hit the Amazon bestseller list in seven countries.

“Huge” is the first novel in the “Huge” series and was released in 2015. Jenna didn’t mean to see it. It’s Harrison’s fault for leaving his door open as he was changing. She’s seen her stepbrother’s ripped and gorgeous body before, and has been half in love with him since he moved into her house. He is sexy and cocky and when he calls her princess she wants to just punch him right in the mouth.

However she’s never seen a dick that large, and now that she has she is unable to think of much else. Jenna wants him, however crossing the line could really risk the happiness of their new home. Harrison would never make the first move, so she guesses that she going to have to find a way. And the masked Halloween party at his best friend’s house seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby” is the first novel in the “Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby” series and was released in 2015. She loved him, even though he was a jerk. That was the first problem. The second? He was also her stepbrother.

Dante Hix, an alpha male. A billionaire at the age of 21. A God. It’d been three years already and she still hadn’t gotten over him, so what the hell was she thinking by going back again now? If she had any sense at all, she wouldn’t have, however if she had any money she wouldn’t have needed to. Broke, and with bills piling up, there was just one way left for her to turn. She was forced to go see him.

And when she did, she knew instantly. It was going to happen again. He asked her to dance for him, but it really could’ve been anything. Stupid Sash didn’t realize quite what that meant. All that time later and she was still doing the same. Her clothes down on the floor, his body pressed up against hers, and her hand on her belly. A wish. If she gave him what he wanted, he couldn’t ever run away.

“Forbidden Prescription” is the first novel in the “Forbidden Medicine” series and was released in 2016. Doctor, can you write me up a prescription for you, twice a day? Off limits.

Things between James and Isabella are complicated enough already. He is the guiding force, meant to help her get through her intern year at the hospital. He isn’t supposed to want to drag her into the nearest storage closet and take her. The attending/intern relationship is off limits, and to make things worse, now, he is not just her mentor, but he’s about to also become her stepbrother.

Are they going to be able to fight their attraction, or are they going to give in and fill this Forbidden Prescription?

“Beast Brothers” is the first novel in the “Beast Brothers” series and was released in 2016. They call them the Beast Brothers. Off the field, they are hard and huge, and have a reputation for fucking like animals. And on the field, they are brutes.

Megan vowed never to get involved with another football player, however when her car gets hit and the drivers in the other car just happen to be the sexiest twin beasts in the entire NFL, what is a girl to do? Resistance is futile once you find yourself in the back of a taxi with four hand that want to touch you in all of the best places and two pairs of hungry eyes that want to look under your clothes.

She realizes that it is stupid to break her resolution in just hours. It gets even worse though. As she was living out of state with her douche cheater ex, her father went and got himself a fiancee. If that wasn’t bad enough, her stepmom-to-be is the woman that spawned the Beasts. Her wildest sexual experience to date has been with her enormous soon-to-be-stepbrothers, and it could ruin everybody’s lives.

Megan knows that she should not give in to them again, however if Beauty could not resist one gigantic beast in the fairy tale, what hope does she have against two?

“Single Daddy” is the first novel in the “Single Brothers” series and was released in 2017. A failing dad, a falling star, and a heap of post-sex embarrassment. What could possibly go right?

Noah is not dad material. Everybody that knows him says that. Running a ranch and having a taste of women has been his life for the past few years, and he prefers it that way. It’s nice and easy. Things begin to get complex when a baby’s on his doorstep, as a result of a one-night stand. Kylie, his stepsister, comes for a visit and decides that she wants to come back into Noah’s life. His life is no more simple yet still quite complicated. She needs his help, and it just so happens that he may need hers more.

Kylie’s manager, her label, and even her makeup artist are ready to drop her. She’s lost her mojo and she needs to write a song, lose some weight, and quit hiding under the goth makeup and baggy clothes. She panics because singing is all that she’s ever wanted to do.

Her mom suggests that she goes and stay with the one guy that she has been avoiding for the past three years now: Noah, the guy that once lived next door to her. Staying at his ranch could be the one break that she needs right now.

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