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Stéphanie Buelens is a published Belgian author of fiction.

The author was born in the country of Belgium and received her education in France. Over the course of her life, she has traveled a lot, being fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to over 30 countries.

For the past two decades, she has had two places of residence. She has resided in Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States as well as Paris, France, known for being the city of love.

Stéphanie has worked doing many different jobs. Among the hats she has worn are being a translator, interpreter, an actress, a French media coach, a business consultant, and a language instructor. Today she chooses to reside in Belgium. Her first novel was published in 2020 and is titled An Inconvenient Woman.

An Inconvenient Woman is the first fictional novel to come out from author Stéphanie Buelens. It has received glowing reviews from publications such as the Daily Mail, which called it ‘hard to put down’ and the New York Times, which called it a first mystery that is ‘remarkably polished’. Best selling author James Patterson also lent praise to the work, calling it “beautifully written” to the end. If you have been searching for a great mystery novel to read, then check this book out!

She refuses to back down from the idea that he’s a killer. His take on things is to say that she’s delusional. When it comes to this situation, someone is definitely not telling the truth.

Main character Claire Fontaine finds out the news that her former husband is getting married again. When she learned the news that Simon would be walking down the aisle to pledge his everlasting love and faithfulness to another woman, one with a daughter in her teen years, she’s worried. Her blood actually goes cold and there is a good reason why.

Claire has reason to believe beyond a reason of a doubt that some years ago, Simon committed an unspeakable act. The man that she had married molested her very own daughter. Worse than that, she died under mysterious circumstances not that much time after. Claire thinks that this horrible man is responsible. She was never able to prove it, but she does know one thing for certain. She’s not about to let this man do the same thing again to somebody else’s daughter.

Claire is determined to do whatever it takes to get this guy. Whether it’s being sneaky, harassment, vandalizing things, Claire wants nothing more than to expose him for the monster that he is. But then again, it’s going to take a lot of effort to not get caught. If she is noticed doing these things, she’s going to get in a lot of trouble, and it’s all going to look like she is the jealous deranged ex that just cannot move on from the marriage that fell apart. In Claire’s mind and heart, that is the last thing from the truth.

Then there’s Simon, who’s about to take on a new life and family. He’s well aware of how Claire feels about him and what she thinks happened. But he has no idea where the original delusion came from. He knows that when it comes to the passing of her daughter, it was officially ruled to be a suicide. But even though her daughter killed herself, Claire wasn’t able to detach from that. She had so much blame that she put on herself and carried that guilt as a mother.

Now Simon’s baffled as to what is happening. Could it be that Claire is lashing out against anyone about the death? Is it about him specifically in some way, perhaps for them getting divorced? He is at a loss for answers at the moment, but Simon does know that he needs to take steps to deal with this, address it, and keep the woman that he’s about to marry and her daughter as safe as possible from his ex.

To that end, he decides to hire Sloane Wilson, a former cop that now takes on cases and doesn’t get the law involved in them. He just wants to make sure that Claire is not going to be breathing down his neck and carrying on with these accusations– the type of accusations that could end up costing him his job and his relationship, even if they are not true.

Sloane is doing all that can be done to try and figure out what’s really going on. This includes wading through all of the wreckage that made up the formerly happy marriage of Simon and Claire. The truth is out there somewhere, and Sloane wants to find it. After all, there are two people here. They both think that they are right, but the stories are at odds with each other.

Clearly they both would have reasons to want to hurt the other, but Sloane doesn’t know who’s going after who. Could Claire be right and she’s simply attempting to keep her ex from committing the same crime twice? Has she lost her grip on reality? Is Simon really innocent in all of this, or just manipulating everyone and making the right moves to make it seem like his ex partner is deranged with her emotions?

Sloane’s trying to sort through it all and keep a clear head. She’s making her way to the truth slowly but surely. But if one of them is lying, isn’t it only a matter of time before one of them tries to prevent her from finding out that they’re being less than truthful? Thrilling, dark, and full of twists, Stéphanie Buelens has crafted a psychological suspense story that will have readers reading from start to finish to catch the ride and find out what happens in the end.

If you are looking for a thriller that is going to let you be totally absorbed in the story, this one is it. Pick up a copy of this novel for yourself and read it to catch all of the action and the suspense!

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