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Stephanie DeCarolis
Stephanie DeCarolis is an attorney based in New York who, upon growing tired of only writing legal briefs, decided to pursue her real passion for creative writing. She is a graduate of St. John’s University School of Law and Binghamton University.

She lives with her husband, their two beautiful daughters, and an incredibly spoiled cat. When she is not busy writing, she can typically be found crafting, baking brownies, reading somebody else’s book, or taking pictures. In her work as a child and family photographer, where she specializes in that special time from baby belly to baby’s very first birthday.

Stephanie’s debut novel, called “The Guilty Husband”, was released in the year 2021 and was published by HarperCollins HQ Stories. It has hit the top of bestseller lists all over Amazon, including number one in Noir Mysteries and Thrillers. The novel was originally titled “Perfect Little Lies”. Her work is from the thriller, suspense, and mystery genres.

She finds it so surreal that an idea that began its life inside of her head is now a tangible item that is going to sit on store shelves all around the world. And she loves that so many people have enjoyed the finished novel, too.

“The Guilty Husband” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2021. It just takes a single lie to ruin a marriage. The perfect husband. Vince Taylor has got everything that he could ever dream of. He owns a rather beautiful home, is the CEO of this tech firm he founded (which is located in New York City), and is married to a tremendous woman named Nicole. She is the one woman that stole his heart the very instant that he first laid eyes on her. And together they have built the perfect life.

A guilty secret. However when a stunning young intern working at Vince’s company, who is named Layla, is discovered dead in Central Park without any witnesses, every eye suddenly swings right to him. As he quickly becomes the prime and obvious suspect in the case. The media quickly convicts him, and he has a secret which threatens to rip their perfect world apart. It turns out that Vince was having an affair with Layla, and he wants to do whatever he has to in order to cover his tracks. Because he has been telling lies to cover up the fact that he has been cheating on Nicole.

At first he is reluctant to admit to his affair, worried that his relationship with his wife will be ruined. However once it is obvious that he has no choice in the matter, he confesses, but just to keep his reputation safe. He insists that he did not kill Layla. However if he did not kill her, then who did? Do you even believe him? When the cops learn about Vince lying about their relationship, they are certain that they have found her murderer. If Vince stayed silent about the affair, then just what else could he be guilty of?

Vince quickly pays the price for this infidelity as his life crumbles down all around him, his reputation lies in tatters, and he reaches a state that he cannot even trust the people closest to him. About the only person he can trust at this point is his childhood friend, who is also working as his attorney. If his life was so perfect, then why would he risk it all to have an affair with Layla, who was the seductive young office intern?

The novel is narrated by detective Allie and the guilty husband Vince, with the occasional chapter from Layla’s perspective. It is told in two different timelines after and before the incident that turned Vince’s life upside down, ruining all that he had carefully built, and worked so hard to achieve where he has gotten in the present tense.

Stephanie delivers a novel that is a total suspense filled thrill ride with a gripping story line and some fantastic characters that you feel emotionally attached to when you begin reading. These vivid characters were wholly grim, others are believable, some you can’t help but feel for, and a few are deceptive. Each and every one of them are just so incredibly relatable in some way. She definitely knows how to capture the attention of the reader quickly in the novel, with its short chapters that keep you wanting to read further.

This is a totally un-set-downable thriller novel that makes you stay up much later than you otherwise would to learn what happens, and it is sure to keep you gripped from the first page until that last jaw dropping last twist. The book jumps from one moment and on to the next and it ties you in with each of these characters perfectly. Stephanie does a fantastic job of keeping the timelines together and still be able to keep up with each of the facts in real time.

The twists and turns of the plot are incredibly captivating and it keeps you on the edge of your seat and readers were surprised the entire way. Even readers that are great at guessing the killer had a tough time of doing so this time around, as this novel is filled with red herrings, turns, and twists throughout. The novel is laid out excellently, with snappy and short chapters narrated by different characters in the novel.

Stephanie drops the reader right into a very detailed world, and it feels like you are actually there and looking over everybody’s shoulders. She also does a tremendous job of writing the cops in the novel as actual real humans and not just chumps in a suit with guns.

Readers instantly became fans of Stephanie’s and hope to check out more of her novels in the future. She has a fantastic and unique writing style, and readers cannot recommend reading this book enough and insist that it is a must read. It is especially recommended for fans of novels such as “My Perfect Wife”, “The Perfect Couple”, and “The Undoing”.

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  1. CONNIE E.: 3 years ago

    Dear Ms. DeCarolis…I hope you are working on your next novel. I read back to back books, and just finished “THE GUILTY HUSBAND”. This is a winner! I’ve been reading for more years than I care to admit, and this book will stay with me forever. Very few others have. Congratulations!


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