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Big Girl Panties (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweet Spot (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Total Package (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Under the Table (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephanie Evanovich originates from a town called Asbury Park in New Jersey; she initially wanted to become actress and attended the New York’s School of Film and Television. Stephanie acted in a few small low budget films and many improvisational troupes and used to write when she was waiting in line for theatre projects. Stephanie is now not only a full time fictional writer but also a mother to two boys as well as a sports lover and black belt in tae kwon do.
When Stephanie’s first book came out it raised negative attention from many especially Janet Evanovich fans, Stephanie was a new author and she not only used the surname of the famous Janet Evanovich but she also used the name of one of Janet’s most popular heroine’s featured in her books, Stephanie Plum. Stephanie received some very adverse responses and bad-tempered comments about this, although it was all just a very big misunderstanding. Stephanie tried to clear up the misperception on her face book page confirming that Janet Evanovich is her aunt; Janet is married to her father’s brother. Stephanie is married but still prefers to write under her maiden surname as many other authors also do, for their own specific reasons.
One of Stephanie’s very popular books is called Big Girl Panties. This book is an extremely gripping romantic comedy. A widow Holly Brennan whose husband passed away was so caught up in grief and melancholy that she gained an enormous amount of weight and stopped looking after her appearance; she was a lonely thirty two year old looking to food for comfort and to fill the gap of loneliness. She crosses paths with a with a pro athlete trainer called Logan Montgomery who offers to train her, Holly makes a life changing decision to take the plunge and change her lifestyle. It all starts with playful mockery and easy light conversation between Holly and Logan and soon ends in a more intense and passionate workouts. Holly’s appearance and emotional state of mind has changed for the better and now more and more men are noticing her and now the relationship between her and Logan is in question. This is a bestseller from Stephanie that has had many positive reviews; it is light, comical, and romantic and also has some very good lessons to teach.
Another amazing book from the author Stephanie Evanovich is the book called The Sweet Spot which is a unique story involving the ever so popular couple from her other book “ Big Girl Panties” The handsome and athletic baseball player Chase walker and his stunning and feisty wife Amanda.
Amanda is the very successful owner of her own restaurant, who built her business from scratch. Amanda is a fantastic cook who loves food and fine dining and is a no fuss curvy girl with natural features.
She notices Chase first when he enters her restaurant and is enticed by his perfect figure and handsome looks, unfortunately she just is not interested in a man in her life at this stage and she is not going to be one of those stick skinny conceited girls that hoards around him and his team mates, Chase does not stand a chance with her.

Chase is a monogamist and he loves a strong independent woman that is successful and can stand her ground, which makes Amanda extremely appealing to him, Chase being a famous baseball player and used to getting exactly what he wants is not about to take no for an answer from Amanda. Soon enough Amanda discovers some very appealing and sexy little secrets about Chase that she just cannot resist and falls for Chase.
The press gets informed about their romantic interest in each other and turns it into a mocking late night show. Amanda is feeling the pressure from Chase’s stardom and does not know if she can go through all of that to be with him.
The Total Package is also a sweet, sassy comical novel written by Stephanie which is a romantic comedy about love turning into a game, when a handsome quarterback needs to find his way around to get into the good graces of a gorgeous and extremely talented media analyst.
Tyson Palmer is a star quarter back and an all-around hunk who is extremely famous for his remarkable moves on the field. Tyson is refused by his head coach Austin Mavericks refuses to let him waste his million dollar arm Tyson decides to completely redeem himself with all his fans and teammates.
Dani, a very successful and popular media analyst writes an extremely negative review on Tyson to improve her own ratings and draw some attention to herself.
What happened was a few years ago Dani and Tyson were in college together where they met and became romantically involved, their relationship was extremely intense and Dani loved Tyson passionately, Tyson left Dani throwing away all the love and passion that they shared and broke her heart to the extent that to this day she still has not forgiven him.
What Tyson does not realise initially is that the gorgeous and talented media analyst with the high ratings who is saying all those negative things about him is actually the adorable and innocent little girl who’s heart he shattered in college, when she was at her most vulnerable.
Both Dani and Tyson are at the epitomes of their careers trying to reach the top and stay there. Both of them know what it is to hit rock bottom and work yourself up to stardom again, with so much at stake will they be able to find common ground without completely obliterating each other and destroying each other’s careers and popularity. Tyson is going to have to pull out all the stops to get Dani to forgive him and even more to win her trust back, and he stands a chance of losing it all if she decides to offshoot him for good.

In conclusion, the Novels by Stephanie Evanovich are fun, whimsical, fascinating and entertaining, a must read for everyone who loves a good, light romantic comedy.

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  1. JGardner: 9 months ago

    Absolutely LOVED!!!! All four books I’ve read.
    Where can I get others!
    Ready for more!

  2. Ed Blum: 3 years ago

    Just wanted to say thanks for giving us four really wonderful, fun books. I’ve just now finished ‘Under The Table’. As a 78 year old widower, you brought back precious, warm moments from my life with the love of my life, now departed, back to mind. Your words caused tears, out-loud laughing, and wonderful memories for me to feel again, and I thank you, very much, for helping me live those tender feelings again.
    Hope there’s another great story around the corner.
    Thanks, Stephanie, your work meant a lot to me.


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