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Stephanie Garber is an American author of fiction. She is probably best known for her exciting and highly fantasy-based fictional series of novels, the Caraval Series.

Stephanie says that she loves Disneyland so much because it is actually the one place that she feels like the fantastical stories and characters that she enjoys writing about so much could actually come off of the page and to life.

Gerber enjoys penning fantasy books for young adults. When she is not busy doing that, she teaches students creative writing in northern California at a private college. She likes to make games out of assignments as well as take her students occasionally on field trips that may or may not involve going to book signings of authors. Why not making writing fun?

Stephanie Garber is the author of the popular Caraval series, a fantasy series intended for young adults (although anyone can read it!). The first novel in the series has the same name– Caraval. It was released in 2017. The second novel is titled Legendary. It came out in 2018.

The series features the main characters of Scarlett and Tella Dragna, who live a sad existence with their father on the island. They dream about getting away, and when they get an invitation to participate in a strange but one-of-a-kind show, they jump at the chance. But this festival may be more than it appears to be, and before they know it the girls are caught up in the mysterious and intoxicating world of Caraval.

Not only have the Caraval novels done well, but buyers are interested in the film rights to her novels too. 20th Century Fox picked up the film option for Caraval and no doubt there will be a bevy of interest in any books that Garber pens in the time to come.

In her debut fantasy novel Caraval, Garber takes readers on a whirlwind ride through a fantasy world. Readers will love the novel that others are calling enchanting, mysterious, decadent, intoxicating, inventive, delightful, and darkly magical.

Scarlett Dragna is the main character in this story. She has never actually set foot off of the small island where she lives. Scarlett lives on the tiny island with her sister Tella and their father, who is powerful and cruel.

Her father has arranged Scarlett’s marriage and now Scarlett thinks that her dreams might be done for. Scarlett wants nothing more than to see Caraval. It is a performance that happens once a year very far away and the audience participates in it as well. Now it seems that she will have to put any ambitions of going there aside in preparation for an arranged marriage she never wanted in the first place.

She’s never been invited in the past, but amazingly enough, this is her year. Scarlett cannot believe it when the invitation that she had been dreaming of receiving for so long arrived for her. It is too good to be true. Tella is determined to help her sister capitalize on her great fortune and helps to get her to the show with the aid of a sailor.

But when they get to the show, Tella has quickly been whisked away. She has been abducted by Legend, the mastermind organizer of the show. This season’s show is designed to be a game: find Tella first out of everyone there and you will be crowned the winner of Caraval.

Scarlett is assured that anything that happens during the festival is part of what is an elaborately planned performance. But she cannot help but worry as she goes further into a game that is more complex and engaging than it first appears. With love, magic, heartbreak, and illusion all coming into play, Scarlett is part of a game that seems like it will never end.

Be wary of getting swept away in this crazy game! Scarlett does not know whether the game is real life or not anymore, but she knows that she has to find her before the game’s five nights are done. Otherwise, she may find out that this isn’t a game and her sister might be gone forever. Is it all part of the show or will her sister really disappear? Read this exciting first novel from Stephanie Garber to find out!

Legendary is the second novel in this engaging fantasy series from Stephanie Garber! Her imagination knows no bounds as she brings readers another slice of this innovative and colorful fantasy installment. Her limitless imagination brings readers back to the world where anything is possible and immerses them in a reality that is unlike any other they’ve ever known.

Tella is back and has somehow survived being caught up and the featured act in a show that is so magical and rare, it is held but once a year. Caraval is a magical world, but it’s also not quite real life. But the sisters Scarlett and Tella have another ally as they have the benefit of having their sister Donatella with them.

Donatella not only escaped from the clutches of their father but saved Scarlett from the arranged marriage their father had set up. They should all be happy, but Tella can’t. She isn’t free yet because she made a deal with a mysterious criminal and now has a debt to repay. What does Tella owe him? The criminal wants from her the one thing that no one has ever been capable of giving to him– the true name of Master Legend.

They only have once chance to find out who Legend really is and what his name is, and that is to once more go into the show and win Caraval. Tella decides to volunteer for the show once more and compete fro the prize. The competition has always been fierce, but this year it may require more guts and sacrifice than ever before.

If Tella wins, she will triumph. But if she loses and cannot deliver the true name of Legend, she may lose more than she is ready to let go of. With obstacles at every turn, Tella must do her best to win– and destroy the show and Legend for good. What will happen? Pick up Legendary by Stephanie Garber to find out!

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