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Stephanie Kay is a USA Today bestselling romance, sports, comedy, and humor author. She had always admired good romance and got in touch with the dirty ones at 14 when she told her mother that the novel cover wasn’t a bodice ripper, then there was no intimacy in the story.

Her mother was a mystery reader and never bothered to check if Stephanie was saying the truth. Stephanie’s most valued possession is her kindle more than twenty years later. She spends some time visiting hockey arenas while doing her research and enjoys it.

Break out is the debut in the San Francisco Strikers series. Penny was leaving a peaceful life and knew that her relationship would last long. She was a hardworking accountant applying for a well-deserved promotion. After catching her fiancé red-handed cheating on her before their wedding, Penny decides to call off the wedding and go on what should have been her honeymoon alone.

That’s not how she had planned her life; having to go on vacation meant a honeymoon alone. All she needs is to get far from everything, and it’s during her honeymoon she meets Ethan and spends a whole week with him. She spends time in the Tuscan countryside with an extremely hot man. Attracted to the strange man, Penny only wants fun and nothing more, and Ethan gives it to her.

The two even had no chance to share the second name, and Penny sneaks on him on the morning of the last day with no expectations of ever meeting him after she starts feeling more than she wants to.

Ethan returned home with a grudge against Penny for leaving without notice. He’s a hockey player and has returned home after being traded to the San Francisco Strikers due to some questionable behavior.

He was a party boy with a reputation for the ladies. Returning to his hometown doesn’t fit him well, but when he runs into his Tuscan mystery fling, he’s in for a surprise. He is trying to fix his image, focusing on his game, and never thought of crossing paths with the woman who has been on his mind since the week they spent in Tuscan.

He plans to stay low and focus on the career of his dream, and everything goes according to plan until she meets Penny. However, he never expected her to leave him in bed in Italy with a note.

Later Ethan meets Penny at a bar in her hometown and is confused as to why she left him without a goodbye in Italy after having a great time. At first, she’s surprised when she sees him walk into the bar with her boss and later realizes it’s his uncle. Penny appears to want nothing to do with him as her trust in men is broken. She is

Ethan tries his best to prove to her that the chemistry they had in Italy was more than a fling, but will Penny find it in her heart to open up and give Ethan a chance? Why did Penny leave that way? Can the two overcome their differences and revisit their connection in Tuscan Countryside, or was the connection only planned to last in Italy?

Penny was trying to collect her pieces; that was her initial plan. Around six months ago. Her world changed when she called off her wedding. Penny takes her relationship with Ethan back to Italy as a fling and is surprised to realize later that Ethan is still interested in her.

There was something about Penny: Ethan wasn’t willing to let go and kept pursuing her despite her unwillingness to rekindle their connection in Italy. A lot happened in Italy than they expected, and none is ready to admit it.
Penny’s reluctance was also affected by the fact that she worked for Ethan’s uncle, is being considered for a promotion, and doesn’t want anything to affect her chances.

Skating the Line
Skating the Line is the second installment in the San Francisco Strikers series. Amanda Pearsall planned never to live by believing someone else could bring her happiness. Her mother tried it severally but ended up with miserable results, and this has taught Amanda a lesson.

Amanda believes she can’t get her heart broken if she leaves before it starts loving. Around Six years ago, she left California set to travel the world, having one adventure at a time as she wrote a travel blog. Just eighteen months ago, she went back home for a family emergency and is still stuck there with no plans to leave soon.

The job she found is not doing so well, and is still struggling with getting back to exploring the world until she meets Ben in her hometown. All she wants is to live life on her own rules and terms.

Ben Chester is captain of the San Francisco Strikers, who lives and worships hockey. From age three, when his father put skates on Ben’s feet, Hockey has been part of his life. After all, what would make him happier than being out on the ice and winning for his team?

Ben has a funny nickname but doesn’t pay much attention to the jokes people make about him as long as he plays the game he likes. He has no time to react to the barriers in his way, especially the news from the media.

He had his lesson the previous year to never trust anyone from the press, and once he learns what Amanda does for a living, he wants nothing to do with her. Ben can feel that the two can’t be together no matter how good Amanda feels in his arms.
His last relationship didn’t end well, and he has chosen to stay away from relationships. He hated media and anything associated with it until she met Amanda. They had a misunderstanding after Ben found out she worked for a magazine and thought she was planning on exposing him. Amanda tries convincing him that she isn’t interested in doing an article on him because she only wrote travel blogs.
Can the two learn to trust each other eventually and put their differences aside?

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