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Stephanie Land is an author from the United States who writes about important topics like social justice and what it’s like to be a parent managing below the poverty line. Her stories are real and show what life is like for people who are struggling. She has a special way of making everything she writes about come alive, making her readers feel like they are right there with the people in her stories. This makes her writing not just interesting, but also a fun read.

What makes Stephanie’s writing stand out is how she makes readers understand and care about the people she writes about. She uses her own experiences with tough times to tell stories that are true and touching. She has a gift for showing the beauty and strength in difficult situations, which draws people into her work. Her stories are not just stories; they feel like windows into people’s lives.

Lastly, Stephanie is really good at being honest in her writing. She tells it like it is, which makes her stories feel real. Her ability to mix truth with storytelling makes her books not just entertaining but also very authentic. This honesty is what keeps readers coming back for more. Stephanie Land’s books are a mix of fun, truth, and deep understanding, making her a unique voice for people facing hard times.

Early and Personal Life

Born in September 1978, Stephanie Land’s early life took her from Washington to Anchorage, Alaska, in a middle-class family. Her journey took a sharp turn at 16 following a car accident that led to PTSD. These challenges deepened with financial struggles as she stepped into adulthood, becoming a single mother in her late twenties, living below the poverty line, which later inspired her writings on poverty and public policy.

While raising her first child and working maid jobs to make ends meet, Land lived in various precarious situations, including homeless shelters and low-income housing, capturing these experiences vividly in her writing. Her perseverance led her to the University of Montana, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and creative writing by 2014. During her studies, she began sharing her stories through blog posts, local publications, and later on larger platforms like HuffPost and Vox, marking the start of her professional writing career.

Today, Land enjoys a stable family life with her husband, Tim Faust, their four children from previous relationships, and their three dogs in Montana. Her writing career has flourished, with her experiences of overcoming adversity, debunking stigmas around receiving government help, and portraying the realities of poverty resonating with readers worldwide. Through her straightforward and impactful writing, Land continues to inspire and engage her audience.

Writing Career

Stephanie Land made a significant entrance into the literary scene with her first book, ‘Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive,’ which quickly became a New York Times bestseller. The book, rooted in Land’s personal struggles with poverty and dependence on government support, gained notable recognition, including being featured on Barack Obama’s 2019 ‘Summer Reading List.’ Its success led to a Netflix limited series adaptation, which reached 67 million households in four weeks, making it one of the platform’s top shows in 2021 and boosting visibility for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Land’s follow-up, ‘Class: A Memoir of Motherhood, Hunger, and Higher Education,’ released in November 2023, was named Good Morning America’s Book of the Month. It offers an intimate look at Land’s experiences during her senior year of college and her daughter’s kindergarten year. Beyond her books, Land’s writings have appeared in various outlets, and she actively engages audiences as a speaker at colleges and national advocacy organizations, continuing to build her impact and voice as an author.


Stephanie Land’s memoir was published on January 22, 2019, by Hachette Books. The book, which includes a foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich, was recognized as a Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Memoir & Autobiography in 2019.

At 28, Stephanie Land found her dreams of attending university and becoming a writer halted by an unexpected pregnancy, leading her to housekeeping to survive. Balancing work and online classes, she aimed to give her daughter a better life, all while starting to write vigorously.

‘Maid’ delves into the experiences of serving upper-middle-class America, where Stephanie felt like “a nameless ghost” among her clients, learning about their lives while finding hope in hers.

Through her journalism, she amplifies the stories of those working in service roles and striving for the American Dream against the backdrop of poverty, sharing not just her journey, but the collective struggle of many.

Readers will find themselves deeply moved by Stephanie Land’s poignant memoir full of resilience and determination. Land’s vivid storytelling brings to light the often invisible lives of those working in service roles, offering insights into both her personal journey and the broader struggles faced by many Americans.

This inspiring narrative not only showcases Land’s tireless pursuit of her dreams but also highlights the collective aspiration for a better life amidst adversity.


Stephanie Land’s memoir, ‘Class,’ was released on November 7, 2023, marking the second significant entry in her literary career. It was published by Atria/One Signal Publishers, and it follows Land’s successful detailing of her life experiences, continuing to engage and inspire readers.

Stephanie Land’s journey from the author of ‘Maid,’ celebrated by President Obama as one of 2019’s best books and adapted into a vastly popular Netflix series, to her ongoing struggle and triumph, portrays an unwavering pursuit of a better life amidst poverty and abuse. ‘Maid’ not only introduced readers to the life of a housecleaner but also showcased a woman’s relentless chase of her dreams.

In her follow-up, ‘Class,’ Land details the challenges of completing college and venturing into writing, navigating financial hurdles, educational barriers, and societal judgments while raising a child in poverty. ‘Class’ offers a poignant exploration of motherhood, ambition, and the right to pursue one’s dreams, critically examining the value assigned to different forms of work and education in America, all through Land’s honest and compelling narrative.

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