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Publication Order of Mad Fat Girl Books

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happily Ever Madder (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mad Fat Adventures in Therapy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down and Out in Bugtussle (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephanie McAfee is a bestselling romance author that is best known for writing the “Misadventures of a Mad Fat Girl” series of novels.

The author was brought up in Booneville and graduated with an English degree from the University of Mississippi. She would then attend the University of Alabama where she got her master’s degree.

Thereafter, she worked as a teacher living in Prentiss County, even though she always dreamed of one day becoming a fiction author.

McAfee published “The Diary of a Mad Fat Girl” in 2012 and has since then followed that up with several more titles.

She has made a reputation for herself writing novels filled with drama, angst, and gossip that many women often have to deal with in small-town life.

McAfee’s path to success was not so easy as she got the obligatory rejection letters from traditional literary agents. However, she made use of her well-honed marketing insights to finally make it as an author.

Looking through her mail which had all manner of magazines, she noticed that most had advertisements for Amazon Kindle readers. It was then that she decided to do some research and decided to self-publish her novels after being frustrated for so many years.
She would publish her debut novel “Diary of a Mad Fat Girl” in 2010 and in the first week, she only sold nine copies. Stephanie McAfee only made 45 cents from those nine copies and was so overjoyed to have finally become a published author.

As her book percolated on the likes of Barnes and Noble and on Amazon, word spread among her friends and their friends, and within months, she was on the bestseller list in The New York Times.

It was then that she started getting emails from publishers and agents and things started taking off. Despite it being a lot of work, she is happy to live her literary adventure and would never give it up for anything.

As for her inspiration, Stephanie McAfee has credited Mrs. Carolyn Jackson, her English teacher in the eleventh grade. According to Stephanie, her teacher used to run the classroom similar to an army boot camp and most of the learners were dead scared of her.
Even worse for McAfee is that the teacher used to be in her parents’ Sunday School class and she used to let them know of anything she was doing. After she was grounded several times, she decided to toe the line and worked hard in class.

It was this decision to work hard that soon got her interested in literature. At the end of one school year, she read one of her essays, and the teacher lauded it as an example of excellent descriptive writing. It was from this time on that she would develop her love for writing and reading.
Since she is a stay-at-home mother with a four-year-old, she does not have a set writing schedule. Nonetheless, she tries her best to write whenever she can and has managed to put out several works that have been just as successful.

Stephanie McAfee’s “Diary of a Mad Fat Girl” opens with Graciela Jones mad at Lilly. The latter just canceled their annual trip to Panama City without giving some reasonable explanation.

Graciela is also angry at the abusive husband of her friend Chloe and at Catherine her boss for riding her like she was a rascal scooter. But the person she is most mad with is the love of her life Mason McKenzie who has just proposed one year too late.
She has never been this mad but having Buster Loo her adorable Chiweenie dog join her makes things a little better.

She makes the decision to take down Chloe’s cheating husband. She does this, even as she tries to resolve many other scandals that beset the small town of Bugtussle, Mississippi.

But then she realizes that maybe Mason the love of her life does not deserve a second chance. Stephanie writes with a distinctive and sharp voice.

The author writes a fast-paced and hilarious tale that follows Ace Jones as she navigates small-town prejudices and small-town politics, finds love and stands up for her friends.

“Happily Ever Madder” by Stephanie McAfee opens with Ace having left Bugtussle, the small town in Mississippi. She is heading to Pelican Cove in Florida to enjoy the mojitos under the palm fronds at rhe peach.

She intends to finally set up an art gallery which has long been her dream. She is also intending to start a new life with Mason her fiance and leave her sassy and straight-talking ways behind her.

She desired to be as sweet as sugar but something happens and destroys her well-laid plans. She had to deal with Mrs. Lenore Kennashaw and her crony bunch who are as snarky and snippy as they are mean and plain.

When Ace inadvertently clashes with Mrs. Kennashaw, she finds herself public enemy number one to her crew. They believe they are very rich and smart and often treat everyone else as second-class citizens.

The good thing is that she has managed to make some fabulous new friends in Florida in addition to several from Bugtussle. There is also Buster Loo her faithful Chiweenie and with all that firepower she is hopeful that she can manage to throw weight around.

Stephanie McAfee’s novel “Down and Out” opens with Ace’s relationship with her ex-fiance coming to an end.

She decides to leave Florida and go back to Bugtuddle, Mississippi to live in the little house that had been left behind by deceased grandmother Jones. Even though Chloe and Lilly are thrilled by her arrival back home, things have not been so good.

Ace intended to take back her job at the local high school where she had been teaching art, but Cameron Becker a young beautiful woman is clinging fast to it. While Ace intends to run Cameron out of town, she takes the position of substitute teacher when it is offered.
In addition to her woes finding work, she also has to deal with her friends who keep sending her on blind dates. All she would like is for everyone to stop butting into her romantic life.

Seeking to find inner peace, she starts gardening and soon enough stumbles onto some love letters in her grandmother’s house. With the help of her friends and Buster Loo her dog, she is determined to resolve the mystery of her grandmother’s life.

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