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with Derrick Moore
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About Stephanie Perry Moore
Largely writing inspirational fiction, the American novelist Stephanie Perry Moore is highly regarded for her impressive and illustrious literary career. Producing a lot of Christian fiction over the years, she writes in a manner that engages readers from all backgrounds, regardless of their faith. This is mainly down to the compelling manner she writes in, speaking to an ever increasing audience that continues to grow every day. Working as a motivational speaker has also allowed her to reach an even wider audience, immediately grabbing the reader from the outset.

Many of her books really speak to the reader, coming from a very real place that’s true to Moore as a writer. Working as a community activist in the past too, she’s been able implement her ideas in many different way, seeing hugely beneficial changes. Whether she’s speaking to young readers or old, she always makes sure to remain true to herself and her vision as an author. Saying something that’s both important and powerful, she has created a style that is very much her own, with her singular unique voice.

There’s a strong sense of character to a lot of Moore’s work as well, with well written and nuanced protagonists throughout. Many of those who populate her novels feel fully three-dimensional and well thought out, as they leave a long-lasting impact upon the reader. Writing several highly regarded series too, she’s created a sense of familiarity with many of her leading characters too over the years. This will carry on for a long time, as there’s plenty more novels to come in the near future, as her writing career goes from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States, Stephanie Perry Moore grew up with a keen interest in literature. This would develop in time, as she’d come to hone and refine her own voice as a writer with something of her own to say. Educated in Alabama, she’d continue nurturing her talent as a writer, continually looking for new and interesting ideas to help inspire her.

Attending Auburn University, she would graduate in marketing, along with graduating Georgia Film Academy with a film certificate. This would lead to her working on a number of television projects, before going on to Clayton State University where she undertook a Screenwriter’s program there. Currently living in the area of Atlanta with her husband Derrick Moore the former NFL player, as she carries on writing to this present day.

Writing Career
Releasing her first book back in 1999, Stephanie Perry Moore would make her big literary debut with the novel ‘Flame.’ This would set the standard for much of what was to follow, as it would be a stand-alone title with themes of faith and Christianity. Over time she would begin to publish a number of series, the first of which was called ‘Payton Sky,’ and it would begin with ‘Saved Race’ in 2000.

Following this she would produce various other series, including ‘Laurel Shadrach,’ ‘Carmen Browne,’ ‘Faith Thomas,’ and ‘Morgan Love’ to name just a few. She would also write alongside her husband, as well as publishing a variety of non-fiction titles looking at faith too. Along with winning many awards, she’s also worked in television in the past too, and she has a lot more to come yet.

Surrendered Heart
Initially brought out through the ‘Lift Every Voice’ publishing label, this would first come out on the 1st of January in 2002. Setting up the fifth book in the ongoing ‘Payton Skky’ Young Adult series of books, it would continue on from the previous books. Building upon the world that came before, it further develops many of the characters, along with introducing new elements and details.

This is a straightforward Christian novel that immediately gets to the point wasting no time, which is ideal for those looking for an inspirational message. Moore is honest and succinct, and it’s a powerful look at a coming-of-age story set in a contemporary American high-school. Accessible to everyone both young and old, regardless of their background, it’s a must for fans of the series and of the author.

Coming into the second semester of college Payton is deepening her faith, while building upon her relationship with tad following the death of her grandfather. Going through high-school, she finds herself growing up, and she wants to find herself closer to God, remaining Christian. It is her relationship with Christ that allows her to push through everything, facing the difficulty of adolescence. Will she overcome it all? Can she further build upon her faith in Christ? What will become of her surrendered heart?

Sit on Top
First released through the ‘Darby Creek’ publishing outlet, this would originally come out in 2015 on the 1st of January. It would be the fifth part in the ongoing Young Adult series ‘The Swoop List,’ which was set in an American high-school. Following on from the previous books, it charts a long-running narrative arc about a group of girls friendship throughout their school lives.

Showing the truth about high-school life, this really deals with the reality of the world its principal characters inhabit. Speaking to it younger readers in an honest and open way, Moore opens up a range of different issues, dealing with them directly. This makes for a compelling story and book overall, with plenty of a characters that stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down.

The Swoop List is a list of girls at high-school that have been marked as ‘nasty’ by an anonymous individual, so they must join together in order face the rest of their school. This time round though, it appears that the truth of who actually wrote the list in the first place is coming to light finally. With everything coming to the surface, it appears that chaos might be potentially ensuing, as they struggle to maintain their friendships and bonds. Will they be able to remain friends through it all? Can they overcome the difficulties before them? Who exactly will sit on top?

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