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Darling Rose Gold / The Recovery of Rose Gold (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Might Hurt (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hitchcock Hotel (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Stephanie Wrobel is a published American author of fiction.

She spent her time as a kid growing up in the city of Chicago in the suburbs. She says of her childhood that she can recall going to the library in the summer every two weeks and bringing her backpack along. Inevitably she would pick out some books and fill the backpack up to the top with them. She says that some of her early favorites were the Nancy Drew books, the Thoroughbred series, and the popular Baby-Sitters Club series.

Not just a reader of books, Wrobel recounts that she wrote her fair share of stories too. One of her early stories focused on a girl getting lost at the zoo, which ended happily. Her mother helped her type it up and even added computer graphics to it. She says that at the age of around 8 or 9 years old, she went through a phase where she was really into horses. Even though she was technically in the 90th percentile when it comes to height, she thought that she could find a career as a jockey one day. She wrote a book about horses that reached an impressive hundred pages, but ultimately did not go anywhere.

The author admits that the hours that she put into creative writing did decline as she got older. She would write for fun when she was younger, and still wanted to do it, but knew that the difference between a hobby and doing it professionally was a big difference. Wrobel says that when it comes to being an author, it just did not appear to be a practical choice for her career and even unrealistic.

So it was that she pursued strategic communication for her bachelor’s degree. Once she graduated, she put that to use. Wrobel was a copywriter, then moved on to being an associate creative director in Chicago working for various advertising agencies. She would write and work to produce spots on television and radio, ads in print, digital campaigns and billboards for major brands and companies like Capital One and McDonald’s.

With a serious boyfriend, the author moved to the city of London in 2014. The original purpose for this was so that her boyfriend could go to business school. It was just a year later when Wrobel found herself in between jobs doing freelance copy writing and found herself in the middle of a rut. So she decided to try studying creative writing at graduate schools and give her passion a chance. Now she says that it’s been the best decision that she’s made.

She then decided to transplant herself, moving from London to Boston in 2016. This was so she could go to grad school at Emerson College. Before this she says that she would not write much before giving up the idea after only a few chapters for the book were completed. Wrobel credits the writing program at her college for helping her to take her writing seriously. She had some success, with the Bellevue Literary Review publishing her short story, and also some rejection– Wrobel racked up well over 200 rejections for other submitted stories.

When the program had ended, she wrote her graduate thesis, which would also be her first novel. The book would become her first published novel, Darling Rose Gold. The story centered around Patty and Rose Gold Watts, a mother and her daughter. Shortly after graduating, the author returned to London in 2018 to be with her former boyfriend, now husband, and her dog. They plan to stay overseas for some time and do not have any recent plans to come back to the United States to live.

The author still loves reading and enjoys picking up books in a number of genres, from suspense to historical, contemporary, and historical. She also enjoys traveling and has visited several countries in the world to date. She likes to read on her couch while having some of the Americone Dream variety of Ben & Jerry’s.

Darling Rose Gold is a modern fictional novel from Stephanie Wrobel. If you are interested in stories that are thrillers and full of twists and turns, check this book out!

The main character in this story is Rose Gold Watts. She’s a young lady that spent much of the early years of her life thinking that she was really ill. For 18 years Rose thought that she was sick. Why wouldn’t she?

It looked like she was having an allergic reaction to just about anything. She was in a wheelchair. There was the feeding tube, then the surgeries, all the time at the hospital. Fundraisers from the well meaning neighbors with hearts of gold and people always offering their sympathy. Even with all the surgeries and tests and seeing the endless doctors, no one was able to figure out what was going on with this patient.

That would be because her mother was a liar. Patty has been away for some time, now, however. She spent five years in prison. Now she has gotten out but has no residence to crash at. Even though they have their history, she asks Rose if she will allow her to stay with her. Her daughter says yes. Everyone who finds out in the community can’t believe it. Could the two be putting past differences aside and mending things for good?

To be fair, Rose is now a young woman and not the manipulated girl that she used to be. Still, it’s all too easy to be suspicious of her mother’s intent. While Patty says that she’d like to patch things up, she just as easily could be setting herself up to settle the score. Especially since her daughter testified against her– after being the one to turn Patty in.

Patty has every reason to seek revenge, but then again, so does Rose. No longer small and weak, Rose Gold has grown up and will be a contender for her mother to deal with. She’s been looking forward to this moment. What will happen in this edgy dark thriller? Pick up Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel to find out!

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