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About Stephen Kelly

The historical writer Stephen Kelly is an American author who draws from many of the greats when it comes to creating his own unique brand of mystery novel. Creating large and inventive worlds, he really gets to the heart of his subject matter, allowing his material to ultimately speak for itself. Keeping the reader invested in the action, he allows them to feel as if if they’re a part of it too, really bringing them into the story. This is especially the case with his ‘Inspector Lamb’ series of novels, as they follow the eponymous detective as he goes about his cases and investigations. This has become a highly sought after franchise over the years too, giving him a worldwide following of readers from all manner of different backgrounds.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Baltimore in the United States, the future author to be Stephen Kelly always had a penchant for writing, as well as being a voracious reader. This would evolve throughout the years, giving him the foundation that he needed to build his writing career in the following years to come. Being a major fan of detective and crime fiction, he would completely immerse himself within the world, giving him an insight quite unlike any other. He would also bring much of his love of history in to his work too, creating a rich and varied style that was entirely unique, whilst also being realistic in its accuracy too.

Studying at the John Hopkin’s Writing Seminars he would gain a Masters, as well as teaching at Towson University, based in Baltimore too. He has also written at various publications prior to publishing his own novels too, working as a newspaper reporter, something which gave him an insight in to writing for a large audience. Teaching writing and journalism, he has passed his love of the craft on to others too, as he has spoken at various universities and establishments. Now living in Columbia, Maryland, with his wife, he continues to write to this present day, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career

Starting out writing fiction full-time Stephen Kelly would have his first novel publish back in 2015, with the first in his series of ‘Inspector Lamb’ titles. This would pave the way for more to come, as he would establish both the premise and the world, with it being a historical mystery franchise. Giving it a period setting, he would go about setting the novels in a landscape just prior to World War II taking place, as it would be set in England. Largely taking place in Hampshire, Kelly would manage to bring to life the location, as well as the character of Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb as well.

Prior to this he has also written for numerous publications, including The Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Magazine, The Washington Post, the Howard County Times, and The Columbia Flier. Working as not only a newspaper reporter, but an editor and columnist as well, he would find himself a large audience to write for. This would grow over time, as he would also come to impart his craft to others, teaching himself at a number of prestigious institutes. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, he continues to put out work at a regular and ever consistent pace.

The Language of the Dead

Setting up the first title in the Inspector Kelly series of books, this was originally brought out on the 8th of April in 2015. Establishing both the premise and the tone, it manages to capture the essence of what’s to come in the subsequent books to follow. Initially released through the Pegasus Books publishing label, this would also be the debut novels for Stephen Kelly as a full-time writer. Writing what is ostensibly as piece of historical fiction, he also goes about establishing the period setting of the series as well.

With everything seemingly quiet in a small English Hampshire village, it would appear that everything is peaceful, that is until Will Blackwell is brutally murdered. Meanwhile German bombers are arriving almost daily in an attempt to crush England, as the killing itself seems to be similar to a ritualistic killing. Not only that, but local legend says that during his childhood Blackwell made a deal with a devilish black dog that bargained for his soul. Then two other murders take place, as a young woman carrying the illegitimate child of a well known and respected fighter pilot is killed, along with a local drunkard who’s found dead in the local mill. With the German’s constantly attacking as well, it’s up to Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb to solve the case and bring about justice for the village’s inhabitants. Just who is committing these ghastly murders? Are they possibly linked to the occult? Can Lamb speak the language of the dead?

The Wages of Desire

Released through the Pegasus Books publishing label once again, this would first come out in 2016 on the 4th of July. Providing another case file for the eponymous Inspector Detective Thomas Lamb, it would mark the second title in his ongoing series of books. It would also pave the way for more books to follow, with the series and world now finding itself fully in its stride.

Once again taking place in the Hampshire village of Winstead, this story is set in 1941 during the Second World War. Called up to solve a murder case, Detective Inspector Thomas Lamb must investigate the death of a woman who, formerly a conscientious objector, had been tasked with building a prisoner-of-war camp at a nearby farm. Whilst it initially appears that she has no immediate connection to the village of Winstead, Lamb has other ideas as he begins to look closer. With the workers finding the remains of a child in the farmhouse’s foundations, along with a homeless man turning up dead, Lamb believes they may all be connected to the tragic suicide of a woman in the village twenty years prior. Are there dark secrets lurking in the past for the inhabitants of Winstead? Who is behind these more recent killings? What are the wages of desire?

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